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Best Striper Fishing Reels 2022 [Buyer's Guide]

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

best striper fishing reels

Striped bass are one of the most popular game fish to target. Whether you're fishing for saltwater fish along the coast or targeting freshwater striper species, you must be prepared with the right equipment.

This guide discusses the eight best striper fishing reels of 2022 and outlines each product's qualities. For other gear discussions, check out our guide to the best striper fishing rods.

Spinning, casting, jigging, and trolling are a handful of the most popular ways to fish for stripers. We discuss reels for all technique-specific applications and include recommendations in every price range.

From +$500 professional equipment to beginner options that cost well under $100, we're confident there's something for everyone. However, you'll need something heftier than a cheap bass fishing reel, regardless of the stripers you're targeting.

Brand Discussion

While there are plenty of decent-quality fishing reel manufacturers, you'll notice there's one brand we discuss the most. Accurate is a legendary brand in the striper fishing community, and many anglers don't even consider other models.

We discuss multiple brands and models with varying price tags. New members of our community should know we never write biased reviews, and Accurate reels are only featured multiple times because they're the best-of-the-best.

Best Reels for Striped Bass Fishing


Accurate Valiant Reel - Best High-End Reel

5 Stars | <5 Angler Reviews

Accurate Valiant Striper Fishing Reel

The Accurate Valiant Reel might be expensive, but it's well worth the money to passionate striped bass fishermen. This is our go-to model for live bait fishing, which we almost always fish on a soft-tip rod.

Twin-Drag System

This model features a "twin-drag" system and is the only reel in the world with the technology. It functions similarly to the brake calipers on your car, where two clamps apply pressure evenly to the spool.

The crazy amount of power isn't the only selling point for Accurate's "twin-drag" system. Experienced anglers who frequently target striped bass know how important a consistent drag can be.

Reduced Variance

Even on light drag settings, such as one or two pounds, the Valiant reel doesn't suffer from variance. Your rod won't bounce up and down when fighting larger fish, which is all too common in cheaper reels.

You'll appreciate the Valiant's low gear ratio when fishing with bait. Higher gear ratios sacrifice power, which is less than ideal for large presentations and landing goliath striped bass.


Accurate Boss Fury 400X - Best Value Striper Reel

4.9 Stars | 10 Angler Reviews

Accurate Boss Fury 400X Fishing Reel

If you call yourself a striped bass angler, the Accurate Boss Fury 400X is a must-have. Whether you fish freshwater or saltwater, the Fury has you covered in nearly every possible situation.

There are two types of striper fishermen, the ones that use accurate reels and the ones that don't. You simply cannot find the same level of quality from any other brand.

Fury 400X vs. Valient

This reel isn't as expensive as top-tier Accurate models because it doesn't offer the exclusive "twin drag" system the brand is known for. However, it's made from the exact same materials and offers more than enough performance for 95% of striper anglers.

Like the Valient model, the Fury 400X is carved or machined from a solid block of aluminum, eliminating the weak points other reels suffer from.

Unique Qualities

The gigantic drag system offers top-tier performance. Even though it's not the famous "twin-drag" system, there's certainly nothing to complain about.

With a loud clicker and incredibly affordable price tag, this is the best option for first-time Accurate reel buyers. From fishing gizzard shads and razor shads to drifting eels, we've never been let down by the Accurate lineup.


Accurate Tern 400XL - Best Jigging Reel

5 Stars | 6 Angler Reviews

Accurate Tern 400XL Striper Reel

Our favorite Jigging Reel is the Accurate Tern 400XL Model. With a built-in star drag system, it gives you exceptional control over your presentation. The narrow profile helps you quickly send your bait to the bottom.

Star Drag System

We found the Accurate build quality we expected from the 400XL reel. The star drag system is lightweight, easy to handle, and offers more power than traditional designs. You'll have the strength to battle stripers of all sizes, from freshwater tanks to saltwater behemoths.

It's also important you consider the handle as it determined the amount of leverage you can expect. This model has an extended handle, helping you get fish to the boat faster, which is crucial when pulling a fish all the way up from the seafloor.


Abu Garcia Revo Beast X - Best Casting Reel

4.7 Stars | 35 Angler Reviews

Abu Garcia Revo Beast X Baitcaster

If you're after a high-strength baitcaster for stripers, the Abu Garcia Revo Beast X is a phenomenal option. While it's mostly used as a bass reel and as a pike fishing reel, the Beast X is so solid that stripers don't stand a chance against it.

Unique Qualities

Baitcasting setups are fun to use and highly effective when fishing large plugs, topwaters, swimbaits, and many other dynamic baits. When you're casting for fish in both saltwater and freshwater environments, the Beast X provides power, accuracy, and the durability that's needed.

The level-line pays out in reverse, keeping it straight on your spool, so you don't have to worry about getting "crossed-up." There's nothing more frustrating than losing a fish because your reel jams.

Casting Rod Pairing

We've paired this reel with many topwater rods and have even fished it on crankbait rods with surprisingly positive results.

If you're the type of angler that gets excited and frequently sets the hook too early on big surface blowups, crankbait rods will naturally give the fish more time to swallow your bait. However, topwater rods such as "frog rod" models will give you more power for fighting larger fish.


Daiwa BG - Best Spinning Reel for Striped Bass

4.7 Stars | 1,794 Angler Reviews

Daiwa BG Spinning Fishing Reel

You won't find a better spinning product for stripers than