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Best Rod for Daiwa BG 5000 (2022)

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Daiwa BG 5000

Daiwa BG 5000 Saltwater Spinning Reel

The Daiwa BG 5000 Spinning Reel can be described as nothing other than an absolute workhorse. This reel is meant for battling seriously strong fish, not puny bluegills. Depending on your preferred pound test, it can easily hold between 155 and 200 yards of line, which is one of the highest line capacities in the industry.

Some critics say the reel is too heavy for their spinning rods, but they likely haven't saltwater reels as large as this one before. With an oversized Digigear System, black anodized machined aluminum housing, air rotor, waterproof drag, and anti-reverse system, this is a beastly piece of equipment.

Rod Qualities for BG 5000

Since there are multiple saltwater fishing applications for this reel, we'll cover two products with different lengths and specifications. The best rod for the BG 5000 will be strong, suitable for long casts, and have well-matched high-quality components.

For comparison, the rods we review would also be suitable for the Penn Spinfisher VI 6500. Daiwa's reels are known to run large, which is one reason they're so desirable. You get a bigger, stronger, more capable product of the same reel size classification.

One-Piece or Two-Piece?

The piece count for your rod depends on the length and style of rod you decide on. Surf fishing anglers who need long 10 to 12-foot rods can't realistically transport 1-piece rods to and from the beach. For any size longer than 8 feet, 2-piece rods are pretty much the only option.

This isn't usually an issue for anglers who fish from a boat or don't need long casts to reach deeper waters. When fishing from a boat, you generally don't need a rod any longer than 7 feet 6 inches to get the job done. These rods should always be purchased with 1-piece designs because the lack of a joint will make the rod perform better and more durable.

Anglers deciding on 2-piece rods should make sure they get a high-quality product with a reinforced connection. There's nothing that ruins a day of fishing more than your rod snapping in half. Trust us because we speak from experience; it's worth the extra money.


Okuma Rockaway - Best Surf Fishing Rod

Okuma Rockaway Lightweight Carbon Surf Fishing Spinning Rod
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There's nothing better for surf fishing with the Daiwa BG 5000 than the 10' Medium-Heavy Okuma Rockaway Carbon Surf Rod. With smooth guides, well-balanced flexibility, and high strength components, it's a match made in heaven for the reel.

The BG 5000's larger spool combined with these rod qualities makes for extremely long casts. Casts of 80 yards are nearly effortless, and with practice, they can be even further than this. The blank made from carbon fiber can handle anything from massive bull sharks in Florida to big Stripers and Halibut on the West Coast.

One weakness that you'll encounter is the rod's sensitivity. This is not a finesse combination and doesn't have the sensitivity to indicate smaller bites. If you want the casting distance but plan to target smaller species, the Okuma Rockaway Medium or Okuma Rockaway Medium-Light will be better suited for your needs.


Ugly Stik Tiger Elite - Most Versatile Rod

Ugly Stik Tiger Elite High-Strength Spinning Fishing Rod
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The far shorter, much more technical Ugly Stik Tiger Elite is nearly a polar opposite of the previously discussed 10' surf fishing rod. This setup is better for jigging, boat fishing, or other shorter casting applications.

A shorter rod is far more practical for many situations, but a different rod profile is essential. The Ugly Stik Tiger Elite in the heavy action model is heavy and stiff to balance well with the Daiwa BG 5000. This is a super-strong rod that's much more manageable than alternative models.

Ugly Stik is one of the most well-known brands in the fishing world. They make rods suitable for everything from tiny perch to monster bluefin tuna. You'll love how well this high-quality rod pairs with your big game BG 5000 saltwater reel.


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