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Best Pike Fishing Reels 2022 - [Buyer's Guide]

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Pike Fishing Reel Guide

best northern pike baitcaster fishing reel

When it comes to the best pike fishing reels, you want something durable and able to control large baits. A flimsy $50 bass fishing reel just won't cut it and will frequently break when it's fighting a strong northern pike.

The gear ratio is up to the angler's choice, but it's best to find a reel with a higher ratio. This will help you get pike back to the boat faster, without them breaking you off.

There are many options for pike fishermen. The more expensive reels will be stronger and smoother to operate; however, cheaper options can also be effective. We'll break down the top products on the market to help you make the most educated decision you can.

For more equipment information, check out our guide to the best pike fishing rods and best musky fishing reels. We're dedicated to helping anglers build the best fishing setups.


KastKing Kapstan Elite 300 - Best Overall Pike Reel

4.7 Stars | 265 Angler Reviews

KastKing Kapstan Elite Series 300 Pike Fishing Reel

Our favorite pike reel is the KastKing Kapstan Elite Series 300. This reel was designed to be used in professional tournaments but doesn't have a high-end price tag. Many anglers will use this reel to cast larger baits when they want to cast farther, ideal for pike fishing.

Its recommended use is for targeting Muskie, Pike, Salmon, or Steelhead trout. We've seen KastKing's innovation in the new triple disk braking system. You'll have no problem stopping a 30 inch northern dead in its tracks.

Overall, this reel is ideal for casting massive baits and battling huge northern pike.


Shimano Curado K - Highest Customer Ratings

4.8 Stars | 372 Angler Reviews

Black Shimano Curado K Baitcast Reel

The Shimano Curado K baitcasting reel is a minimalistic reel that prioritizes strength above all else. This is just what you need when targeting larger, more aggressive species such as pike.

Shimano has introduced its newest MicroModule Gearing technology to make the action smoother. This gear system also provides more rigidity and strength.

The Shimano Curado K has many applications and can be used for almost all species. A sophisticated braking system is also incorporated, which makes it suitable for professional-level use.


Daiwa Tatula Elite - Most Versatile Pike Reel

4.7 Stars | 33 Angler Reviews

Black Daiwa Tatula Elite Pike Fishing Reel

While bass fishermen usually use the Daiwa Tatula Elite, it's also an exceptional baitcaster for pike. The professional-grade materials that Daiwa uses mean it can withstand pulls from huge northern pike.

Either the 7:1:1 or 8:1:1 gear ratios are recommended because they'll help you reel the fish faster into the boat.

You'll still be able to have a slow retrieve to keep your bait looking realistic, but you'll be able to catch more fish. Pike will frequently use their sharp teeth to cut through the line, so the quicker the fish is out of the water, the lower your chances are of getting broken off.


13 Fishing Concept C - Coolest Design

4.5 Stars | 141 Angler Reviews

White 13 Fishing Concept C Baitcasting Reel Pike

The 13 Fishing Concept C has an elegant design and top-notch performance. The braking stands out, as its 6-way centrifugal system has proven to be incredibly effective.

Since this reel sits lower on the rod, many anglers find it's more comfortable to fish with all day. This has also been shown to reduce the strain on an angler's forearm after a full day of casting.

The cork handles are satisfying to use, and overall the Concept C is a solid reel and a joy to fish with.


Megabass FX68R - Best High-End Reel

Black Megabass FX68R Baitcasting Pike Reel

The Megabass FX68R is a premium Japanese baitcasting reel. While it's expensive, you get an exceptionally high-quality product. This baitcaster has an amazing feel with an incredibly smooth retrieve.

The FX68R casts a mile and is extremely satisfying to fish with. When you're fishing for pike oftentimes, you'll wait a long time in between bites. This can make pike fishing tiring after a while, but not with the Megabass FX68R.

You'll find that your casts become effortless, and overall it makes the fishing experience far more enjoyable. See our guide to the best bass fishing reels 2022 for more information.


Revo Toro Rocket - Strongest Pike Fishing Reel

4.6 Stars | 204 Angler Reviews

Red Revo Toro Low Profile Rocket Baitcaster Reel Pike Fishing

The Revo Toro Low Profile Rocket is a premium reel designed to battle almost any fish. The reel features a Duragear Heavy Duty gear system that increases an angler's fighting power and extends the entire reel system's life.

This product also introduces the InfiniMax braking system to make this reel suitable for any situation. A great breaking system also helps a ton when you're handing large lures or bigger fish. We all want to avoid injury as much as possible.

Another factor that makes this reel special is its titanium-coated line guide. This will reduce the friction created during use and really extend the life of your gear. It goes without saying that with this premium design, you'll also be getting really smooth action.

Fishing is always more enjoyable when your reeling motion is nearly effortless.


Concept A3 - Best Low Profile Reel

4.5 Stars | 84 Angler Reviews

Black Concept A3 13 Fishing Baitcasting Pike Reel

The Concept A3 from 13 fishing is an outstanding piece of equipment. It's not as expensive as other reels on this list and has a much cooler design. This reel has over 30lbs of braking power, making it almost as strong as the Toro Rocket.

We absolutely love this reel for pike fishing because of how durable and resilient it is. The A3 is truly a beast with seven corrosion-resistant ball-bearings that can handle everything.

If you decide to try this real out, rest assured knowing that nothing will get in its way, and you can basically forget about having to do reel maintenance ever again.


Revo Toro HS Beast - Best New Pike Reel

4.5 Stars | 96 Angler Reviews

Navy blue Abu Garcia Revo Toro HS Beast Baitcast Pike Fishing Reel

The Abu Garcia Revo Toro HS Beast features a world-class drag system. The active-response Power Stack Carbon Matrix can be adjusted extremely easily. It's also capable of withstanding fish of any size, even the largest northern pike.

The infiniMax breaking technology helps anglers cast heavy lures without as much effort.

We love the grip on the handles the most. Their large EVA nobs help give you a lot more torque and reeling power when it's needed. The Revo HS Beast has seven stainless steel HPCR Bearings around one roller bearing. This combination makes it exceptionally smooth. It's available in both 4:9:1 and 6:2:1 gear ratios.


Daiwa Lexa 300 & 400 HD

4.4 Stars | 22 Angler Reviews

Black Daiwa Lexa 300 and 400 HD Baitcaster

The new Daiwa Lexa 300 and 400 HD reel series are for serious anglers. The "HD" in the name stands for Heavy Duty and is uniquely purposed for pike and muskie anglers.

If you're looking for a northern pike reel that's also effective for saltwater fishing, this is a great option. The reel is entirely corrosion-resistant and has multiple different model options.

You're able to choose between the 300 & 400 designs, as well as gear ratios of 7:1:1 and Xtra Hyper Speed 8:1:1.


Gunki BCR 400 HD

Gunki BCR 400 HD Baitcast Fishing Reel

The Gunki BCR 400 HD is a classic style baitcasting reel that's perfect for pike fishing. Many anglers are looking for a quality reel that they don't have to spend too much money on. This pike reel is a great value for the money.

While it's extremely cheap, it's also of great quality.

The low gear ratio it offers makes it perfect for fishing colder waters or fishing lures with a much slower retrieve. This is usually an effective strategy for catching monster northern pike.


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