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Best Rod for Daiwa BG 6500 (2022)

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Daiwa BG 6500

Daiwa BG 6500 Spinning Reel

The second-largest reel size in this popular saltwater reel line is the Daiwa BG 6500 Spinning Reel. Only angles who intend to target larger fish species should consider this product. This is one of the most impressive saltwater spinning reels ever made.

The reel is extremely smooth, and the drag works very well. Daiwa's reel sizes tend to run larger than usual, so you could think of it as a middle ground between typical 6500 and 8000 reel sizes.

Unique Qualities

A differentiating feature between similar products is the BG 6500's larger spool diameter, allowing for much longer casts and line capacity.

To our knowledge, no corrosion issues have been reported. Overall, this is a top of the line product that doesn't come with a price tag of several hundred dollars.

One additional thing to know is that all 4500+ reel sizes come with a football-style riveted handle knob. This allows for extra grip and better leverage on the BG 6500.

BG 6500 Rod Pairing

Our team has experimented with many different rods for this reel. Many of your longer medium to heavy action setups will suffice, but most rods don't have the ideal balance. The best rods for the BG 6500 will be 7 to 8 feet long and designed to handle larger species.

We review two models from Penn and Ugly Stik that have the perfect qualities to be fished with this reel. Both are high-strength, exceptionally durable for their action ratings, and are undoubtedly the best rod options for this reel in the 6500 size.


Penn Carnage II - 7'6" Medium-Heavy

Penn Carnage II Spinning Rod
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Penn is a popular rod manufacturer that designs stiff, durable products well-suited for large saltwater reels. Their model with the right qualities for the BG 6500 is the 7'6" Medium-Heavy Penn Carnage II.

This rod has a shorter and stiffer design than your typical freshwater spinning rod. It's also made to handle the pulling force of larger, stronger fish species. It casts extremely well for its length and has a great balance for this reel model.

The blank has mild flex in the center to allow for more leverage and make it easier to haul fish to the boat. It's high-quality and an overall top-tier boat fishing spinning rod. We recommend pairing this setup with a 65lb fishing line for the most versatile and best performance.


Ugly Stik GX2 - 7' Medium Action 2pc

4.6 Stars | 2,685 Ratings | <$50

Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod
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A more versatile rod suitable for shore fishing and boat fishing is the 7' Medium Action Ugly Stik GX2 2-piece model. The GX2 series is one of the most popular collections of saltwater spinning rods the world has ever seen.

The handle is comfortable, the rod has a satisfying balance, and you can sense the quality and angler-first design when holding it. It has a strong yet balanced blank for long casts and rugged durability. A combination of both graphite and fiberglass is used in its construction for the best of both worlds.

Every angler owning the BG 6500 has loved this setup. It's affordable and heightens the already brilliant qualities of the spinning reel. Last but not certainly not least, Ugly Stik includes an impressive 7-year warranty with the purchase of any GX2. It's always a good sign to see brands have confidence in their own products by offering extended warranties.


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