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Best Rod for Daiwa BG 8000 (2022)

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Daiwa BG 8000

Daiwa BG 8000 Saltwater Spinning Reel

The largest size of this series is the Daiwa BG 8000 Spinning Reel. It's well-suited for monster fish or for having the highest line capacity possible. Daiwa has always exceeded in design, attention to detail, and in setting high standards for quality consistent production. This certainly stays true for the BG spinning reel series.

This 8000 size runs big and is only a lad larger than the popular 6500 Penn Spinfisher VI. When comparing the two, the Penn reel has a stronger drag rating but lower line capacity. Looking at the product descriptions, it appears they have the same line capacity, but this isn't the case.

Upgraded Reel Qualities

You can hold line all the way to the edges of the BG 8000's spool. This is a unique feature, and it's one of the only reels that you can spool completely full. As a result, this refined design allows for a much higher line capacity than one would expect.

In the new BG 8000 model, the handle isn't made out of wood like in previous years. Daiwa learned from the feedback they got and now uses a more modern handle design.

If you hear anglers critiquing the handle's design, it's likely because they have an older model of the reel. The well-shaped knob gives you a ton of grip and eliminates the Daiwa BG Series' only negative quality.

The Okuma Azores has similar properties to this reel. See this guide from Tackle Critic comparing the Daiwa BG and Okuma Azores spinning reels.

Rod Pairing the BG 8000

Since there are different types of anglers with unique preferences, there really isn't one perfect rod for this reel. The best rods for the Daiwa BG 8000 are high-strength, constructed from premium materials, and include a broad range of lengths.

We'll cover three options from Daiwa, Ugly Stik, and Okuma that are worth considering. One is designed specifically for the BG 8000, one is more versatile, and one is ideal for surf fishing applications.

The BG 8000 is great because it eliminates the need for multiple reels when creating your setups. This reel can be fished on all three of the following rods and leave anglers prepared for all possible saltwater fishing situations.


Daiwa BG Big Game - Best Daiwa Rod

4.6 Stars | 8 Customer Reviews

Daiwa BG Big Game Trolling Rod
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Daiwa decided they needed to create a trolling rod that anglers could easily transport and travel with after creating multiple heavy-duty saltwater reel models. The Daiwa BG Big Game Rods were born and became the perfect rods with specialized qualities that match the BG 8000.

They're high-strength, extremely sturdy, and provide phenomenal performance in trolling situations. Two sizes are offered, the 20-30lb Big Game model and the 30-50lb model. Our recommendation is to combine the heavier of the two, the 30-50lb spec, with the heavy BG 8000 reel.

This is a 3-part rod that makes transportation, travel, and storage hassle-free. 7 guides are featured for increased strength, and it comes in a well-padded case for your traveling or shipping needs. There's little to no chance that this rod will ever be damaged when not in use.

As with most of Daiwa's products, this is a reasonably priced rod. Competing models could easily set you back hundreds of dollars and don't have nearly as good of a balance between strength and performance.


Ugly Stik Tiger - Best 3rd Party Rod

4.7 Stars | 39 Customer Reviews

Ugly Stik Tiger Casting Rod
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The Original Ugly Stik Tiger Casting Rod is the most versatile rod for the Daiwa BG 8000. It's well-built and features a straight and simple handle design. While it doesn't have the most elegant appearance, the Tiger Casting Rod wasn't designed to be displayed on your wall. Ugly Stik rods are meant to be functional and strong, not pretty.

This rod measures 7 feet in length and splits into two pieces for easy transportation. A two-piece rod isn't usually recommended for this heavy-duty fishing style, but Ugly Stik has a solution to this problem. The Ugly Stik Tiger has reinforced connectors to ensure the pieces stay tightly fused. Performance-wise, this makes it nearly indistinguishable from a one-piece design.

With a load of additional features and an impressive average rating of 4.7 stars on Amazon, this rod won't disappoint. This setup combination is one of the best our team has used, even with our years of combined industry experience.


Okuma Longitude - Best Surf Fishing Rod

Okuma Longitude Graphite Surf Fishing Rod
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There's nothing better for surf fishermen and anglers who need long-distance casting than the Okuma Longitude Graphite Surf Rod. This beast of a fishing rod is durable with a nice amount of sensitivity as well. Blanks are constructed using graphite composite technology, and guides are built to be braid compatible.

The double-footed stainless steel guides never fail to keep your line running straight, and the rod will withstand the harshest fishing conditions.

A combination of the 12 foot Heavy/Spin Okuma Surf Rod and the Daiwa BG 8000 casts a mile. With enough practice, this is easily the longest casting surf fishing setup ever created.


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