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8 Best Umbrella Rigs for Stripers 2022

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Fishing Umbrella Rigs

Striped Bass Caught on Umbrella Rig

The Umbrella Rig is one of the best setups for striper fishing. They can be fished either shallow or deep and perfectly imitate a school of baitfish. You can cover the entire water column by changing the weights and jigs you use.

Umbrella Rigs are ideal for catching species such as Striped Bass, Spotted Bass, Hybrids, and even Largemouth Bass. They're even known to catch Mackeral, Redfish, Snook, Redfish, and many other saltwater species. If you're targeting a species that feeds on schooling baitfish, an Umbrella Rig is just what you need.

Castable vs. Trolling Rigs

When it comes to Striper fishing, there are two types of rigs; Castable Umbrella Rigs and Trolling Umbrella Rigs. As their names suggest, one is better suited for trolling behind a boat at low speeds, while the other is meant for targeting fish by casting into schooling baitfish.

Both rig types can be used in either freshwater or saltwater, and they catch stripers left and right. The larger presentation of an Umbrella Rig is far more enticing than a single lure such as a swimbait. We're here to help guide you through your Umbrella Rig purchase to make sure you find the setup that best suits your needs.


Mann's Alabama Umbrella Rig

Mann's Alabama Umbrella Rig
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The Mann's Alabama Umbrella Rig is the original castable rig. It was designed to be used in lakes and for targeting multiple species of bass. These rigs work well for imitating schools of baitfish and consistently catch loads of fish. They don't have the strength to handle larger saltwater striped bass, but they're perfect for freshwater stripers.


Fishing Vault Alabama Umbrella Rig

Fishing Vault Alabama Umbrella Rig
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The Fishing Vault Alabama Umbrella Rig is a well-constructed bait that catches both freshwater and saltwater striped bass. It can be used with a baitcasting rod, but our team prefers to troll it behind a boat. The five hooks at the rear can be rigged with small swimbaits to offer great action. Since this product has a 5-arm design, an additional spinner is added to create more reflection and get even more attention.


Dymoece 5 Arms Alabama Rigs

Dymoece 5 Arms Alabama Rigs for Freshwater Striped Bass
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The Dymoece 5 Arm Alabama Rig has a lighter wireframe, making it ideal for finesse applications. The thinner profile makes it better for fish in clear water situations where stripers are better at discerning artificial baits.

Since the arms are thinner, the stainless steel is heat-treated to keep them durable. This technique is also used with the swivels, which add convenience. You can attach any lure combination of your choice to the rear of this affordable umbrella rig.

It's always reassuring when a company has a warranty policy and confidence in its product quality. Dymoece offers a 1-month hassle-free return of this rig.


Matzuo Mz Umbrella Rig With Eels

Matzuo Mz Umbrella Rig With Eels for Saltwater Stripers
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Matzuo America is the company behind the legendary Mz Umbrella Rig With Eels. In the past, anglers have had difficulty getting their hands on products made by Matzuo America because of limited production. Now, they've combined their innovative approach with a cost-effective model to deliver high-quality striper gear at reasonable prices.

This umbrella rig is the most durable system currently available. All arms are made from thick, reinforced steel that can withstand the force of massive striped bass. It's a great rig for targeting larger, more aggressive saltwater stripers.


Yum Yumbrella Ultralight Flash Mob

Yum Yumbrella Ultralight Flash Mob for Freshwater Casting
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If you're looking for enhanced reflection, the Yum Yumbrella Ultralight Flash Mob is a great choice. Yum Lures is a reputable manufacturer that's had years to refine and improve their designs. The multiple spinners hanging from the top of the rig perfectly imitate wounded, darting baitfish.

The value of this package is incredible. As a kit, it's complete with jigheads, soft plastics, and the Alabama Rig itself. It's recommended that you use the pearl white curtail grubs instead of your own soft plastics because they enhance the presentation's visuals.


iLure 5 Arms Umbrella Rig Kit

iLure 5 Arms Umbrella Rig Kit Bundle
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This is another freshwater umbrella rig. The iLure 5 Arms Umbrella Rig appendages are ideal for bass under 10lbs and catch Striped Bass, Spotted Bass, Largemouth Bass, and many other species. Versatility is the main reason why this is a popular umbrella rig. Since it works for so many fish species, it can be fished with success year-round.


Blue Water Candy Rig

Blue Water Candy Rig for Saltwater Trolling
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Another option that provides premium strength is the Blue Water Candy Rig. The wires are extra strong, making them ideal for saltwater fishing. The main hook is placed on the central leader trailing the rig. Since it's fully customizable, you can use your tackle with the desired line strength of your choice. For this reason, this umbrella rig gives angles the most confidence when fishing for hard-fighting stripers in the ocean.


Live Target BaitBall Spinner Umbrella Rig

Live Target BaitBall Spinner Umbrella Rig
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One of the more unique designs on this list is the Live Target Baitball Spinner Umbrella Rig. Mimicking a frightened school of baitfish, this lure features a group of swimbait teasers directly above the "target" soft swimbait.

The action created has a "funneling effect" that brings fish right into the largest swimbait on the bottom of the rig. As a general rule, fish will always strike the largest baitfish farthest away from the school's center. This is likely why the Live Target Baitball is so effective.

This rig is also the best on the market for casting. A reinforced design makes it applicable to both freshwater and saltwater situations. While it's different than your traditional umbrella rig or Alabama rig, it certainly catches a ton of fish. This is a must-have for striped bass anglers.


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