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Best Swimbait Rods 2022 - (Our Top 6)

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

best swimbait rods

Most serious anglers that frequently fish swimbaits will invest in specialized equipment. Owning one of the best swimbait rods helps you get the most out of your lures and the power to land big fish. For all types of rods, check out our guide to the best bass fishing rods.

Since swimbaits are far heavier than other lures, you'll want a rod with Heavy or Extra Heavy power. These rods have come a long way in just a few short years. There used to be few rods that covered all swimbait fishing situations.

We've fished rods that can handle giant largemouth, striped bass, and pike. Not all swimbait equipment is created equal, so you must know what to look for. Let's begin our angler's guide, where we discuss the six best swimbait rods of the year.

Best Rods for Swimbaits


G. Loomis E6X Swimbait Rod - Best Rod Overall

5 Stars | 4 Angler Reviews | $220 - $340

G. Loomis E6X Swimbait Fishing Rod

The best all-around rod is undoubtedly the G. Loomis E6X Swimbait Rod. This high-end product is capable of fishing swimbaits of all sizes in every situation. We've battled monster 15lb largemouth bass on the west coast and 65lb stripers on the west coast with the E6X.

G. Loomis has proprietary technology that allows them to disperse their rod material better than other brands. Using more material at weaker points and less everywhere else, G.Loomis made the E6X stronger and lighter than competing products.

Since the E6X is rated for 2oz to 6oz lures, there almost nothing it can't handle. You can fish lightweight 5" hollow body swimbaits as well as monster full-sized trout baits. Overall, the performance, balance, and strength make the E6X very enjoyable to use.


Dobyns 806 Champion Series - Best Long Handle Design

4.5 Stars | 10 Angler Reviews | $260

Dobyns 806 Champion Series Swimbait Rod

If you're looking for a longer rod that can cast larger lures, the Dobyns 806 Champion Series Swimbait Rod is a great option. Measuring 8'6" in length with Heavy power and Fast action ratings, Dobyns designed this model specifically for swimbaits. We've had no problems casting baits between 2oz and 8oz.

This rod has a long handle design, which many anglers love. It's both practical and gives you more leverage to cast larger baits. The fast tip helps you launch 6oz to 8oz baits farther than most other rods.

You can fish this rod all day without wearing yourself out. It handles better than 95% of the rods on the market and effortlessly casts large swimbaits. If you're new to swimbait fishing, it's tough to fish heavier lures on an unbalanced rod. Having the right equipment is essential to prevent awkward casts.


Speed Demon Pro - Best Swimbait Rod for Largemouth

4.6 Stars | 686 Angler Reviews | $100 - $120

KastKing Speed Demon Pro Bass Fishing Rod

KastKing's Speed Demon Pro Mag Swimbait Rod is the ultimate swimbait rod for largemouth bass. This model has true tournament performance and is built entirely from carbon fiber. While it's perfect for freshwater bass species and pike fishing, striped bass anglers should consider other options.

Measuring 8' in length with Extra-Heavy power, the Speed Demon Pro means business. KastKing claims they've increased the rod's lifting strength by 30% and refined their guide design for increased casting distance.

This series includes 15 technique-specific rod models, each designed for a different type of bass lure. Many credit the Speed Demon Pro as being the best specialized-series ever made. A few years ago, you would have to spend two to three times as much for technique-specific bass rods of this quality.


Okuma Guide Select Swimbait Rod - Best for Large Baits

4.5 Stars | 47 Angler Reviews | $119 - $332

Okuma Guide Select Rod Swimbait Fishing Rod

Japanese products frequently boast the best build-quality. This is certainly true for the Okuma Guide Select Swimbait Rod, which is a work of art. Two models are available in this series, and one stands out as being uniquely powerful. The Guide Select Swimbait Rod with a 5oz to 14oz lure ratings can effortlessly cast the largest lures.

This rod handles big saltwater gamefish species with ease. Both models are 7'11" long, giving you the power to quickly bring fish to the boat. Okuma's moderate tip is perfect for swimbait fishing because it helps anglers drive treble hooks into a fish's mouth.

The strength of the backbone is ideal for powerful hooksets. Since the blank is tightly-fused with decent sensitivity, you'll get more feedback from your lure than one would expect. Overall, you can't go wrong with a high-quality Okuma rod.


Lew's Custom Pro Ledge - Best Discount

Lew's Custom Pro Ledge Swimbait Rod

The Lew's Custom Pro Ledge is the most affordable swimbait rod with decent quality. Currently, Lews is having a sale and has discounted this model by over $60. A year or two ago, this was the most popular swimbait rod. Now, you can pick it up for a very reasonable price.

This model is 7'6" long and is uniquely designed for swimbait fishing. It's best for your lighter swimbaits and when targeting smaller fish species such as freshwater bass. We love the Soft Touch Skeletal Reel Seat made from graphite and the premium Zirconium guide inserts. These features make the Custom Pro Ledge ultra-sensitive.

You'll have no problem retaining control over your lures. Lews specifically tuned the rod's blank for fishing ledges and off-shore structures. In these situations, Lews knows you need heightened control and the ability to feel what's happing under the water.


TICA Striper Collector - Best Swimbait Rod for Stripers

4.3 Stars | 61 Angler Reviews | $70 - $80

TICA Striper Collector Striped Bass Swimbait Fishing Rod

The best swimbait rod for striped bass fishing is the TICA Striper Collector. This series includes rods between 7' and 10' in lengths and is an amazing value for the price. You'll have no problems fishing swimbaits, and other large striper lures on this advanced spinning rod. Both the one-piece and two-piece models are strong enough to withstand any fight.

TICA uses titanium oxide materials in their main guides and a Fuji O-ring guide for the tip. We love the comfortable, full-sized cork handle that helps you enjoy an extended day out on the water.

While this rod works well for both saltwater and freshwater applications, its extra-strong design is meant for saltwater and river species. You'll want to make sure you're using the TICA Striper Collector with a spinning reel, not a baitcaster. For more information about baits, check out our guide to the best striped bass lures.


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