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5 Best Carolina Rig Rods of 2022

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Specialized Carolina Rig Rods

best carolina rig rod

Investing in specialized bass fishing rods is one of the best ways to become a better angler. Different rods are suited for different types of fishing and different styles of baits. This guide reviews the best Carolina Rig rods of the year and discusses each's benefits and drawbacks.

Our team at Bass Tackle Lures is committed to providing anglers with professional bass fishing advice. We believe staying informed about gear innovations is one of the most important aspects of the sport.

These reviews are never biased, and our company turns down offers from brands to "talk highly" about their products. Check out our review of the top bass fishing rods of the year.

First and foremost, we respect our angler community. This guide discusses baitcasting rods that perform exceptionally well with Carolina Rig setups. We've put many products to the test and have compiled the five rods that performed the best in our trials.

Rod Length and Action

In general, the best rod length for Carolina Rig fishing is 7'3" to 7'6". While this does vary based on other build-factors, all the rods we discuss are within this range.

The best rod action is between Medium-Heavy and Heavy. You can use one of each in different situations. However, one rod is all that you really need. We make action recommendations by analyzing blanks, backbone strength, casting distances, and more.


1. Duckett Micro Magic Procast

4.7 Stars | 21 Angler Reviews | $150 - $170

Duckett Micro Magic Procast Carolina Rig Rod

The Duckett Micro Magic Procast is super sensitive and extremely light. This is a tournament-quality product that won't disappoint. You can cast Carolina Rigs a mile on the Micro Magic Procast, and the accuracy is far better than competing products.

We recommend the 7'6" model with a Medium-Heavy action rating. This longer style allows for the most extended casts possible, helping you cover larger bodies of water. The action rating allows you to get the most sensitivity out of this high-end product.

The common expression, "you get what you pay for," is applicable here. Sensi-touch blanks and a high-tech design make this a phenomenal option for competitive anglers.


2. Dobyns Champion 766 Flip

Dobyns Champion Series 766 Flip Bass Fishing Rod

The Dobyns Champion Series 766 Flip is another top-of-the-line product. It's very well balanced, light, and responsive. We recommend the 7'6" length and Heavy action (Flip) model for flipping Carolina Rigs.

Even though it has a Heavy action rating, this rod retains great sensitivity. You don't always find both of these qualities in the same rod. This is a great option for heavy cover when you need the added strength to pull fish from thick weeds.

This high-end fishing rod is frequently compared to the Duckett Casting Rod. While we like the Champion Series 766 better, it comes down to angler preference. The Duckett is more versatile, so if you're looking for a multi-lure rod, it's a great option.


3. Abu Garcia Villain 2.0

4.9 Stars | 42 Angler Reviews

Abu Garcia Villain 2.0 Carolina Rig Fishing Rod

The Abu Garcia Villian 2.0 will become one of the best rods in your arsenal. It has an extremely comfortable and sensitive reel seat. With smooth guides and an elegant finish, the Villian 2.0 is a great value for the money.

Our team has owned and tested rods from every major manufacturer, and Abu Garcia managed to surprise us. This product costs less than half what other high-end specialized rods cost. It's a great Carolina Rig rod from Abu Garcia, especially with the second-generation upgrades.

This fishing rod looks like it costs 5x as much as it actually does. It has the best appearance and performance for the price. You won't find a better deal anywhere else.


4. St Croix Bass X Rod

4.7 Stars | 156 Angler Reviews | $100 - $120

St Croix Bass X Casting Fishing Rod for Carolina Rigs

An inexpensive and high-quality Carolina Rig rod is the St Croix Bass X Rod. This legendary bass fishing brand does a phenomenal job keeping its quality high in products with mid-range price tags.

We recommend the 7'4" rod length with Medium-Heavy and Medium-Fast action. It's a step up from the Mojo Bass, with increased sensitivity, better casting distance, and more accuracy. The spit-grip premium-grade cork handle allows for ideal transfers of vibration and strike indication.

St Croix has mastered performance and customer service. The Bass X comes with a 5-year warranty, so there's no risk in trying it out. This is a brand that stands by its products and shows confidence through extended warranties.


5. Okuma Serrano Technique Specific 731H

4.7 Stars | 4 Angler Reviews | $100 - $130

Okuma Serrano Technique Specific Carolina Rig Bass Fishing Rod

If you've recently begun investing in technique-specific rods, the Okuma Serrano Technique Specific 731H is the perfect starting point. Okuma offers the best value for the money with this entire line of affordable specialized rods.

The 7'3" Heavy action build is Okuma's signature rod for standard Carolina Rigs. You can also use this same rod for Flipping, Punching, Swimbait fishing, and casting larger rubber worms.

Anglers that want the most fined-tuned arsenal will like the 7'1" Medium-Heavy and 6'10" Medium-Heavy models as well. Both of these models are designed for light Carolina Rigs if finesse fishing is your preferred style.

Okuma is known to surprise the world with incredible rod series. This is one of those collections. There's now a way for anglers on a budget to get into scenario-specific bass fishing.


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