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Best Frog Rods of 2022 [Buyer's Guide]

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Bass Fishing Rods for Topwater Frogs

best frog rods

The ideal topwater frog rod is much longer and far more powerful than your typical bass rod. They're used for fishing heavier lures in summertime, grassy conditions. Investing in one of the best frog rods will set you apart from your competition and help you improve as an angler.

It's super important that a topwater frog rod has a longer casting distance. When you can cover entire lily pad fields and duckweed mats, you'll have better chances of finding fish.

You'll also want a rod with a strong backbone. Increasing your hook-up ratio starts with your hooksets, which become more difficult the farther your casts. A sturdy rod will also help you drag fish through thick weeds.

This guide discusses the five best frog rods of the year and the qualities of each item. At the bottom of this review, we've included a buyer's guide to help you make a personalized decision. For more information, check out our guide to the best bass rods of 2022.


KastKing Royale Select - Best Frog Rod Overall

KastKing Royale Select Topwater Frog Rod

The KastKing Royale Select is the best overall rod for topwater frog fishing. We recommend the 7'3" Heavy power model because it's the most versatile, covering all frog situations. For a Heavy power bass rod, the Royale Select is incredibly technical and well-balanced.

This design has the ideal length and ratings for frog fishing. You'll get the ability to cast long distances and the precision to make accurate casts along the shoreline.

The blank is constructed from a carbon fiber matrix, which is ultra-strong and usually only found in expensive, high-end products. With Fuji O-ring Line Guides, a lightweight build, and a competitive look, it's hard to visually distinguish the Royale Select from other $100 - $200 products.

We found the Royale Select to be on par with frog rods that cost hundreds of dollars more. It casts like a dream and is dependable for a variety of topwater situations. There's no doubt it's the best frog rod on the market.


Okuma Serrano - Best Specialized Rod Series

4.8 Stars | 100+ Angler Reviews | $95 - $120

Okuma Serrano Specialized Rod Series

Every experienced angler knows about the Okuma Serrano rods. This is a legendary series of technique-specific bass rods that includes everything from swimbait gear to finesse equipment. Their topwater poles are exceptional, which is why the Okuma Serrano Frog Rod ranks a close second on our list.

When Okuma released the Serrano Series, they changed the entire fishing industry. No one had seen a highly-specialized carbon fiber rod series with a tame price tag before. For the first time in history, novice anglers could compete with the pros and fine-tune their skill sets.

This frog rod model's full name is the SRN-C-761XH, and you can find it through the button above. Measuring 7'6" in length with Extra-Heavy power, this rod is ideal for thick weeds, ultra-long casts, and powerful hooksets.

While it performs best with topwater frogs, this Serrano model is also rated for Heavy Flipping Baits, Punching Baits, and even Swimbaits.

Okuma uses multi-directional carbon fiber that increases the Serrano's lifting power by 400%. This is incredibly useful for topwater frog fishing, especially when you have to drag a fish through 100 feet of thick vegetation.

If you're willing to shell out $100 on a frog fishing rod, you should strongly consider the Okuma Serrano.


Dobyns Fury Series - Well-Rounded Frog Rod

4.5 Stars | 99 Angler Reviews | $120

Dobyns Fury Topwater Frog Rod Bass Fishing

While this item is slightly more expensive, the Dobyns Fury Series 735C Rod is a good value for the money. This model is 7'3" and was specifically for frogging. If you're willing to bite the bullet and raise your budget, you certainly can't go wrong with Dobyns.

Rated for Flippin', Pitchin', and fishing small swimbaits, you'll also get the benefit of versatility. We found it nearly effortless to pull baits through dense weeds, and it casts baits a mile. The rod's design makes it easy to pull 5-10lb largemouth bass out from heavy cover.

If you're trying to break your PR this summer, the Dobyns Fury Series is what you need. Other less-expensive rods increase the time it takes to get fish back to the boat. This raises the chances that those big fish you're after will get away, and we all know the pain of losing a biggin'.


Piscifun Torrent - Best Budget Frog Rod

4.6 Stars | 705 Angler Reviews

Piscifun Torrent Topwater Frog Rod

The Piscifun Torrent is the best budget frog rod since you can find it for around $50 on Amazon. It's an incredible value for the price and is ideal for beginners learning technical styles and making accurate casts. We recommend the 7'2" Heavy Power model for all topwater frog fishing applications.

Anglers that have recently started bass fishing don't need expensive equipment. If you haven't perfected your technique, you won't get any benefits from a high-end rod. The Piscifun Torrent is a highly versatile option that will throw multiple types of bass lures.

Piscifun designed this model for lures weighing between 3/16oz and 2oz. This means the Torrent is rated for most types of beginner bass fishing lures. You can use between 15lb and 65lb test lines, which is an extensive range.

Since there are seven models, there's something available for every technique. If you're starting a collection of technique-specific rods and don't want to spend thousands of dollars, it's worth considering the Torrent.


KastKing Speed Demon Pro - Most Technical Frog Rod

4.6 Stars | 686 Angler Reviews

KastKing Speed Demon Pro Bass Rod

One of our favorite rods ever made is the KastKing Speed Demon Pro. This is an exceptional product with a refined about of precision and performance. If you're looking for a technical rod for frog fishing this summer, the Speed Demon Pro 7'2" Heavy model is incredible.

Many anglers want two rods at hand when they're out on the water. One rod should be longer with an Extra-Heavy rating, and one should be shorter for precise casts and flipping. The Speed Demon would be ideal for the ladder.

Since KastKing uses carbon fiber blanks, you'll get 30% more lifting power than the average frog rod. Don't underestimate how much force it takes to drag a 5lb bass through 50ft of much.

We know you'll love this specialized rod series as much as we do. While they have a great frog rod model, there are other options available as well. If you're building out a collection of technique-specific equipment, it's worthwhile trying out the Speed Demon Pro.


Frog Rod Buyer's Guide

Now that we've discussed the best frog rods on the market, let's discuss your buyer's criteria. There are many different types of bass rods, and each has unique benefits and drawbacks.

Some rods will throw nearly all types of lures with low-performance, and some will throw a handful of baits with high-performance. There are also differences between beginner bass rods and professional bass rods.

We'll condense our main points and outline the best qualities of frog rods. We know every angler is different and has unique equipment needs.

Versatile Froggin' Rods

There are plenty of versatile frog rod options. You don't need an entire collection of rods to hammer the fish this summer. We've discussed multiple rods that are more versatile than others.

The average angler doesn't need to break the bank on a set of multiple frog rods. A do-it-all rod will be between 7'0" and 7'4" and have a Heavy or Extra-Heavy power rating. When you're deciding between power types, it comes down to personal preference.

Rods for Longer Casts

If you're a serious angler looking for multiple frog rod setups, you'll want rods for two unique situations. One of your rods should be suited for target-fishing, and one should be specialized for "long bomb" casts.

You'll want a rod for longer casts when around weed flats, lily pads, and duckweed. The more water you're able to cover, the greater the chances you'll find decent-sized fish.

A good example of this setup is a 7'4" length and Heavy power rating. It's important to step up to Extra-Heavy power with longer rods to get good hooksets. When you're bait's farther away from you, it takes a stronger rod with more leverage to drive the hooks around the lure and into the fish's mouth.

Rods for Technical Flipping

The other type of situation-specific frog rod is a technical flipping stick. When you're making shorter casts, a mid-length model with Heavy or even Medium-Heavy will help your precision.

It's good practice to fish in shallow waters for isolated targets. This technique has landed plenty of trophy-sized fish and has won anglers thousands of dollars in competitions. We recommend picking up a baitcasting reel with an 8.1:1 gear ratio and using a 40lb braided line, especially for skipping along the bank.


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