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7 Best Buzzbait Rods of 2022

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Specialized Buzzbait Rods

best buzzbait rod

In this guide, we discuss the best Buzzbait rods of the year. Owning specialized rods for different fishing situations is one of the best ways to improve your bass fishing skills. We break down rod qualities and explain the benefits Buzzbait rods have to offer.

Some fishing rods work well for multiple types of lures. Many specialized frog rods, jig rods, worm rods, and creature bait rods will perform well with Buzzbaits. There are a handful of important factors to consider when selecting a bass fishing rod.

Buzzbait Rod Action

The ideal rod action for Buzzbait fishing is between Medium-Heavy and Heavy. Stronger rods will allow for firm hook sets and increased performance. Buzzbaits are heavy lures that will give off the best vibrations when fished on the correct equipment.

Buzzbait Rod Length

Your rod should be between 6'6" and 7'3" long. Rods at each end of this range will have different benefits for unique situations. In general, find a balance between optimal casting distance and hook-set leverage.

The shorter your rod, the more accurate it will be. When you're flipping close to the boat and around docks or weed lines, precision casting is important. For these situations, rods under 7' are best.

When you're coving open waters or making longer casts, fishing Buzzbaits on a longer rod is a good idea. Any length between 7' and 7'3" is ideal; however, this does change slightly depending on the brand.


Berkley Cherrywood HD

4.4 Stars | 913 Angler Reviews | $25 - $60

Berkley Cherrywood HD Buzzbait Rod

Berkley recently released the 7' Medium-Heavy Cherrywood HD model. This is a fantastic pole for Buzzbait fishing and won't cost you an arm and a leg. If you've recently started your collection of specialized rods, the Cherrywood HD is the most affordable option.

You won't believe the quality you can get for under $30. The guides are well constructed, the handle is comfortable, and the casting distance is excellent. This rod is strong enough to pull bass out of thick weeds and the correct length for long casts.

This Buzzbait rod's one flaw is that it's not perfectly balanced. You may notice that it's a bit top-heavy compared to more expensive units. In our opinion, this is a minor trade-off for the price, as perfectly balanced rods cost at least 5x as much.


St Croix Bass X Casting Rod

4.7 Stars | 156 Angler Reviews | $100 - $120

St Croix Bass X Bass Fishing Casting Rod

The St Croix Bass X Casting Rod is well-suited for Buzzbait fishing. In particular, the 6'6" Medium-Heavy model is perfect for technical flipping and pitching. This rod is stiff for strong hooksets, and the compact design helps you make accurate casts.

St Croix offers high-quality rods for a great price. They're one of the most respected rod manufacturers and offer multi-year extended warranties. This may not be the best option for longer casts, but it's as precise as Buzzbait rods get.


G. Loomis E6X Bass Fishing Rod

5 Stars | 6 Angler Reviews | $200 - $270

GLoomis E6X Buzzbait Bass Fishing Rod Cork Handle

The G. Loomis E6X Bass Fishing Rod is an exceptional Buzzbait rod. An innovative design gives it the perfect balance between durability and performance. GLoomis uses more material on potential breakpoints and less everywhere else. This keeps it extraordinarily strong and lightweight.

We recommend the 7'1" Heavy action model for Buzzbait fishing. This model is designed for lures that weigh 5/16 to 1 ounce. The weight provided by GLoomis is fairly conservative, and we've seen great results casting lures that weigh more than an ounce.

You should pair this rod with a 14lb to 20lb test line. It casts a mile and has a strong backbone for powerful hooksets.


Daiwa Tatula Elite AGS

4.5 Stars | 28 Angler Reviews | $150 - $200

Daiwa Tatula Elite AGS Silver Buzzbait Bass Fishing Rod

Professional tournament angler Andy Montgomery designed the Daiwa Tatula Elite AGS. This Buzzbait rod features graphite blanks and an exclusive reel seat from Daiwa. We love the split EVA foam grip because it gives you better control and makes long days on the water far less straining.

This rod has the perfect balance for topwater Buzzbait fishing. It weighs less than competing products and has a satisfying feel in your hand. The Tatula Elite is one of the best fishing rods money can buy and meets all the standards professional anglers demand.


Abu Garcia Vengeance Casting Rod

4.4 Stars | 802 Angler Reviews | $45 - $85

Abu Garcia Vengeance Casting Rod

The Abu Garcia Vengeance Casting Rod has amazing durability. Usually, when you spend less than $50 on fishing equipment, you can't expect much. However, the Vengeance can withstand a beating and performs better than most rods that cost well over $100.

We recommend the 7' length Medium-Heavy action model for Buzzbait fishing. It will give you the best balance between sensitivity, casting distance, and strength. You can't go wrong with Abu Garcia's budget rods.

When we fished for the first time, we were surprised by the Vengeance's weight. Most specialized rods under $50 are bulky and cast awkwardly. This product has a lightweight and solid build that allows for remarkably smooth casting.


Favorite White Bird Buzzbait Rod

4.7 Stars | 102 Angler Reviews

Favorite White Bird Buzzbait Fishing Rod

One of the coolest rods on the market is Favorite's White Bird. It has an aggressive handle design and slim profile that gives it a professional appearance. This rod costs less than $100 but looks like it should cost 3x what it does.

If you're a Buzzbait enthusiast but need a more versatile option, the White Bird is what you need. The Medium-Heavy 7' model works well with Buzzbaits but is also suited for other types of bass lures. A soft tip gives it the sensitivity of a medium-action rod, while the strong backbone gives it the power of a heavy-action rod.

You can easily throw Buzzbaits under 1 ounce over 75 feet. The White Bird's fast action tip also withstands heavier weights better than comparable models. We guarantee the Favorite White Bird Baitcasting Rod won't disappoint.


Lew's Tournament TP-1 Black Speed Stick

4.5 Stars | 93 Angler Reviews | $130 - $250

Lew's Tournament TP-1 Black Speed Stick Buzzbait Rod

The best professional-grade buzzbait bass fishing rod is Lew's Tournament TP-1 Black Speed Stick. We recommend the 6'10" Medium-Heavy "Spinnerbait" model, even though its name is deceiving. You won't find a better quality rod that casts buzzbaits farther than the TP-1 Speed Stick.

Amateur rods are perfect for beginner to intermediate anglers. If you don't have enough fishing experience, an expensive rod like the Speed Stick isn't worth it. Aspiring professional anglers with refined techniques will fall in love with this product.

This rod has improved casting distance and accuracy over amateur models. The design has a sleek, competitive stance and feels extremely well balanced. It's comfortable in your hand and has the ideal combination of qualities for Buzzbait fishing.


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