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Best Texas Rig Rods 2022 - [Buyer's Guide]

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

best texas rig rods

More tournament money has been won on Texas Rigs than any other rig. This is because these rigs are extremely versatile and can catch fish when all else fails. From punching deep and shallow grass to flipping, casting, and skipping baits, the Texas Rig will help you put fish in the boat.

Texas Rig Rod Qualities

When it comes to technique-specific Texas Rig rods, there are multiple options. You'll usually want heavy power. However, medium-heavy can be effective as well.

Texas Rigs aren't a finesse technique. You'll want to get the bait back to you quickly and be able to pull fish back to the boat without any delay. A good Texas Rig rod is almost always between 7' and 7'6" long.

While many reels will do the job, we've found the 5:1 Lew's Tournament Pro to be the best overall for this presentation style. It will give you a competitive advantage, whether you're fishing local competitions or just trying to catch more fish than your buddy.

For related tackle reviews, see our guide to the best Texas rig hooks and best rods for soft plastics.

Best Texas Rig Rods


Favorite Emperor - Best Texas Rig Rod Overall

Favorite Emperor Texas Rig Rod

The best overall Texas Rig pole is the Favorite Emperor Rod. We fish the 7'4" heavy power model with moderate/fast action. The unique carbon-fiber layering technique that Favorite Rods uses gives the Emperor an ultra-strong backbone that weighs less than every other competing product.

With Fuji SiC guides for improved casting distance and a customer reel seat for precise balance, this is truly a high-performance bass rod. The 4D color-changing hydrographic paint also gives the Emperor a wicked cool look.

You certainly don't have to break the bank on any rod in order to catch fish. However, if you can afford at least one technique-specific rod, investing in a high-end Texas Rig rod will help you enjoy the sport and catch more fish.


Speed Demon Pro Flippin' - Best Specialized Series

4.6 Stars | 700 Angler Reviews

Speed Demon Pro Flippin' Stick

One of our favorite specialized rod series is the KastKing Speed Demon Pro. This is a great value for the money, especially when considering all the features packed into the design. The Flippin' Model is the best for Texas Rigs and is available through the button above.

KastKing is known for its exceptional carbon fiber blanks, which feature Nano-Tube technology. This design increases your breaking and lifting strength by 30%, making it ideal for Texas Rig fishing in thick grasses and weeds.

While the Fuji LN guides won't offer the same line management as the Favorite Emperor, the Speed Demon Pro is just as sensitive. For the price, it's hard to find more performance from any other brand.

If you're just starting a specialized-rod collection, there are 15 technique-specific models of the Speed Demon Pro. We recommend this series to any angler on a budget who wants a professional-grade bass fishing rod arsenal.


Okuma Serrano 731MH - Best Medium-Heavy Rod

New Product

Okuma Serrano Texas Rig Rod

If you're looking for a more versatile, medium-heavy design, the Okuma Serrano 731MH Rod is the only pole worth considering. This series by Okuma changed the fishing industry as we know it, enabling non-competitive anglers to fish competition-grade rods for a fraction of the price.

The 731MH model is specifically designed for Texas Rig fishing but also works well with light Carolina Rigs, Rubber Worms, Spinnerbaits, and Vibrating Jigs. Many would consider this a great all-purpose rod since it's so versatile.

This rod features extra-fast action, ten guides in total, and only weighs 5 ounces. We pair this Serrano model with a 10-20lb braided line for the longest casts and most control over your presentation.


Favorite Absolute - Best Budget Texas Rig Rod

4.7 Stars | 46 Angler Reviews

Favorite Absolute Texas Rig Rod Red Color

A few years ago, there weren't any budget fishing rods with decent enough quality for Texas Rig fishing. Things have changed now, and the best example is the Favorite Absolute Rod. While the Absolute isn't as technical as the Emperor model, this is expected for the price.

The Absolute is still made using Favorite Rod's innovative carbon fiber layering process. This brand does a great job balancing its qualities, which is essential for Texas Rig fishing. Find the 7'2" heavy power model through the button above.

Other features include super-soft EVA grip handles and a sleek design with elegant paintwork. This product certainly looks like it costs more than it does.


Lew's Mach 2 - Most Sensitive Rod

Lew's Mach 2 Baitcasting Bass Fishing Rod

The Lew's Mach 2 is the newest innovative and affordable rod on the market. It's a prime example of the advancements we've seen in rod technology over the past few years. Constructed from a premium IM8 carbon fiber blank, the Mach 2 is incredibly sensitive for its strength.

Lew's fused the G. Clutch Handle directly to the blank of the Mach 2. This made it ultra-sensitive, allowing for the ideal transfer of vibrations through to your hand. It's also more compact, which makes it agile and dynamic.

The final unique quality worth mentioning is the rod's Winn Dri-Tac advanced polymer split-grip that gives you great dexterity and control over your rod at all times.


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