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Best Jerkbait Rod - Top 8 Rods for 2022

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

best jerkbait rod

Since jerkbaits are such effective bass fishing lures, many experienced anglers build technique-specific setups for these baits. In this guide, we'll discuss the best jerkbait rods on the market and talk about the types of fishing rods that perform best with jerkbaits.

If you're just starting to collect technique-specific rods, you should prioritize investing in a jerkbait rod. This is because the rod you use changes the action of jerkbaits much more than other types of lures.

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Jerkbait Rod Qualities

1. KastKing Perigee II - Best Overall Jerkbait Rod

2. St Croix Bass X - Most Technical Jerkbait Rod

3. KastKing Royale Select - Best Value Tournament Rod

4. Dobyns Fury Series - Best Rated Jerkbait Rod

5. St Croix Legend Tournament - Best High-End Rod

6. Ugly Stik GX2 - Best Budget Jerkbait Rod

7. Okuma Serrano - Best Technique Specific Series

8. Favorite White Bird - Most Versatile Rod

Jerkbait Rod FAQ's

Jerkbait Rod Qualities

You can't just straight-retrieve a jerkbait like you can other lures. To properly fish these baits, you must twitch your rod tip to make the lure weave back and forth in the water. You won't effectively mimic a darting baitfish with the wrong type of rod.


The best jerkbait rods have either fast or moderate/fast action ratings. Rod action is the most essential factor when looking for a jerkbait rod, as it dramatically affects how your lure will act in the water.

When fishing jerkbaits, you want to repeatedly snap the tip of your rod, causing the lure to dart back and forth. A fast-action rod bends farther up the blank and has the perfect amount of flexibility for this technique.


The second most important factor to consider is the length of your rod. Jerkbait rods are shorter than most and should be between 6'6" and 6'10" long.

When fishing jerkbaits, your rod will be angled down with the tip near the surface of the water. If your rod is too long, you'll likely end up hitting the water every time you jerk your lure.

Not only will this cause you to lose control of your presentation, but the added resistance can leave you exhausted after a few hours of casting. While a shorter rod does sacrifice casting distance, it's a tradeoff you must take.

You should also consider purchasing a rod with a shorter handle. Fishing a jerkbait on a rod with a longer handle takes much more effort than one with a shortened grip.


When looking for a fishing rod, make sure it has a medium to medium-heavy power rating.

While strength isn't as important as action ratings and length, these power ratings will give you the best balance between strength and sensitivity. If you're using a weaker rod with light or medium-light power, you'll have trouble fighting larger fish.

When considering the actual construction of the rod, look for a stiffer model with enough backbone strength. It's also essential to use a rod with a softer tip to get the best darting action from your jerkbait.


Many anglers are intimidated to invest in technique-specific equipment because of the high cost. While you can spend hundreds of dollars on tournament-quality equipment, you can also find exceptional jerkbait rods that won't break the bank.

In this guide, we'll review the best jerkbait rods in each price range and discuss multiple options for anglers on a budget. You don't need expensive equipment to successfully fish jerkbaits and have fun on the water!

Our team is dedicated to changing the marketing culture and supplying our angler community with 100% unbiased reviews and recommendations. We test products and hunt for the best value bass fishing rods on the market.

Best Jerkbait Rods


1. KastKing Perigee II - Best Overall Jerkbait Rod

4.5 Stars | 2,431 Angler Reviews | $50 - $70

KastKing Perigee II Jerkbait Fishing Rod

The KastKing Perigee II is the best all-around jerkbait fishing rod, especially if you're looking for a two-piece design. We recommend the 6'7" medium power model for a one-piece design or the 6'6" medium two-piece rod.

Other brands make two-piece rods that sacrifice build quality, strength, and performance. KastKing's joints are designed with technology that makes their two-piece rods perform just as well as one-piece rods.

Rod Features

This rod only costs around $50, which is incredible. The 24-ton carbon fiber blank, Fuji line guides, graphite reel seats, and EVA grips alone make it worth over $200.

The Perigee II is comfortable in your hand and feels well-balanced. It doesn't take much effort to pull jerkbaits along, which helps for longer days on the water.

KastKing also uses unique power transition technology in their joints, making the power from your hand flow smoothly throughout the blank. This technology makes your movements much more efficient and increases your confidence.

This rod series has 40 different models with varying specifications. If you're starting to collect multiple types of technique-specific rods, KastKing has something for every kind of lure. Whether you prefer a one-piece or two-piece construction, the Perigee II line has it all.



  • Affordable

  • Sturdy two-piece construction

  • Carbon fiber blank

  • Hassle-free returns

  • Power transition technology

  • No cork grips

  • Reel seat could be better


2. St Croix Bass X - Most Technical Jerkbait Rod

4.6 Stars | 140 Angler Reviews | $95 - $110

St Croix Bass X Jerkbait Rod

If you're willing to spend a bit more, the St Croix Bass X rod with extra-fast action is an exceptional jerkbait rod. We recommend the 6'8" medium power model for the perfect darting action.

Other brands have sacrificed strength and balance in their extra-fast rod models. Even though the Bass X is one of the least expensive rods from St Croix, we've found the blank is surprisingly well-balanced with a sturdy backbone.

Bass X vs. Perigee II

You'll get the same amount of power, strength, balance, and control that one would expect from a fast-action rod. We also love the split-grip handle, which is even more comfortable than the one used on the Perigee II.

While the Bass X is slightly more expensive than the Perigee II, it's a phenomenal product. This is St. Croix's entry-level model, making it a great value for the money.

The SCII carbon blank is very lightweight and has a more professional feel than the Perigee II. We also like the cork grip and the Fuji ECS reel seat on the Bass X much more.

You also can't beat St. Croix's 5-year warranty. If you're looking for an affordable jerkbait rod from the most highly-regarded fishing rod brand in the world, the Bass X is your best option.



  • Lightweight

  • Strong backbone

  • Soft rod tip

  • Tournament-quality design

  • 5-year transferable warranty

  • None


3. KastKing Royale Select - Best Value Tournament Rod

4.6 Stars | 1,131 Angler Reviews

KastKing Royale Select Jerkbait Rod

The Royale Select Jerkbait Rod is a great bass fishing rod that's a close contender with the top two rods on our list. It's slightly more expensive than the Perigee II model but doesn't cost as much as the St Croix Bass X.

KastKing produces high-quality fishing equipment that doesn't break the bank. This series has many technique-specific models, specifically rated for individual types of lures. The 6'6" and 7'0" Medium-Fast designs are exceptional for casting jerkbaits.

Rod Features

KastKing's Royale Select Series has more sensitivity and power than the Perigee II. This increase in performance makes it a great value tournament fishing rod for more competitive anglers.

The rod is constructed from Toray 24-ton carbon, making it lightweight and durable. While it doesn't have the same professional quality as the Bass X, it doesn't feel like a cheap product.

The Fuji O-ring guides also provide excellent casting distance, helping you cover water quickly, even with a shorter rod. These guides also disperse heat, making your line last longer and preventing annoying break-offs. Fuji O-ring guides are compatible with both monofilament and braided line.

Our favorite part of the Royale Select Rod is its aggressive styling. It simply looks like it belongs to a tournament angler on the FLW tour, even though it costs well under $100.



  • Affordable tournament rod

  • Increased sensitivity

  • Premium spigot joints in two-piece models

  • Cool styling

  • No cork handle

  • Not as balanced as high-end rods


4. Dobyns Fury Series - Best Rated Jerkbait Rod

4.8 Stars | 129 Angler Reviews | $100 - $150

Dobyns Fury Series Jerkbait Rod

If you're looking for the highest-rated jerkbait rod, look no farther than the Dobyns Fury Series. It's a terrific value rod for advanced anglers with a larger budget. The Fury Series proves you don't have to spend $200 - $300 to start fishing with top-notch gear.

We recommend the 6'6" Medium-Fast model for jerkbaits. This model is rated for 10lb to 17lb line and throws lures that weigh between 1/4 and 3/4 ounces.

This rod was designed by professional anglers, and its premium components make it very enjoyable to use. We casted jerkbaits effortlessly for hours, even though they're one of the most labor-intensive lures to fish.

Rod Features

The rod features a high-modulus graphite blank, an excellent material for jerkbait fishing. It allows the tip to be soft and sensitive while keeping the body strong and durable. You'll feel every tap and quickly identify strikes.

A Fuji reel seat is firmly attached to blank and does a great job keeping your reel secure. You won't have to worry about your expensive jerkbait reel coming loose and messing up the accuracy of your casts.

This rod is wrapped in Kevlar, making it exceptionally durable, and the handle is made from Portuguese cork. It's likely the most comfortable and satisfying rod we've ever fished jerkbaits on.

While Dobyns puts a lot of attention into quality control and packaging, they offer reassurance against defects. When you're spending a larger amount of money on high-tech equipment, it's comforting to know the brand offers a lifetime warranty on the equipment.



  • High-modulus graphite blank

  • Balanced weight

  • Extremely comfortable

  • Satisfying to cast

  • Lifetime warranty

  • None


5. St Croix Legend Tournament - Best High-End Rod

4.7 Stars | 18 Angler Reviews | $270 - $310

St Croix Legend Tournament Bass Fishing Rod

Anglers looking for the best-of-the-best should strongly consider the St Croix Legend Tournament. It may cost twice as much as other models, but it's the best high-end fishing rod for jerkbaits on the market.

The 6'6" medium-fast model has won jerkbait tournaments and bass fishing competitions across the country. Many professionals regard this premium rod as the best to use when you start collecting technique-specific setups.

Rod Features

St Croix uses exotic carbon fiber and advanced reinforcing technology to make the Legend Tournament Rod far stronger than it appears. This design doesn't add any weight or thickness to the blank, which makes the rod feel agile and dynamic in your hand.

The rod features St Croix's proprietary IPC tooling technology, eliminating any transition points where power and sensitivity are usually lost. You'll get more power for your hooksets and a stronger backbone for fighting big fish.