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Best Crankbait Rod - Top 8 Rods for 2022

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

best crankbait rod

The crankbait lure is without a doubt the most popular bass lure ever made. It's an action-packed bait and catches a ton of fish. If you're looking to improve your skills, investing in one of the best crankbait rods is a great idea.

Our team unpacks the best crankbait rods on the market and discusses the qualities of each item. For information on all types of rods, check out our guide to the best bass fishing rods.

We differentiate ourselves from other review organizations by providing 100% unbiased feedback on products. For more equipment information, check out our guide to the best crankbait reels.

Ideal Crankbait Rod Qualities

When choosing a crankbait rod, it's best to find something with moderate action. This will give your baits the most realistic swimming motion and help you control your lure.

Another important consideration is the rod material. Ideally, you should find a rod constructed from Composite S-Glass. This design allows for a "parabolic bend," and the rod will bend farther down the blank.

Specialized Rod Importance

Without a parabolic bend, you'll have trouble setting your treble hooks into the fish's mouth.

When you're fishing other baits like soft plastics, you only have to pull one hook through a fish's lip. However, crankbait hooks have three points, so it usually takes specialized equipment to get the ideal hookset.

Best Crankbait Rods


8. Speed Demon Pro - Best Crankbait Series

4.6 Stars | 683 Angler Reviews

KastKing Speed Demon Pro Crankbait Rod

The KastKing Speed Demon Pro is the best crankbait rod series. This collection includes rods designed for different lure types, including the Lipless Crankbait Rod, Square Bill Model, Deep-Diving Crankbait Rod, and the Standard Crankbait Spinning Rod.

KastKing delivers true tournament performance and amazing value. In our opinion, no other brand offers the same affordability and premium quality as KastKing.

This model is constructed from carbon fiber and Composite S-Glass, which was specifically designed for crankbait applications. It's lightweight, well-balanced, and 30% stronger than traditional graphite blanks.


If you're looking for a do-it-all crankbait rod, the Square Bill Speed Demon Pro rod is phenomenal. The pole is 6'8" long with Moderate Action and is perfect for "close quarters" casting.

When making short casts around laydowns, docks, and bridges, you'll be unstoppable.

Rod Performance

KastKing knows that a good crankbait rod has to have a soft tip. The biggest problem with most rods is that they don't have enough "give" when fish strike.

This Speed Demon Pro series offers the perfect amount of sensitivity. The soft tip gives the fish enough time to fully swallow the crankbait so you can get a good hookset with your treble hooks.

For a fantastic crankbait setup, try pairing the Speed Demon Pro with the Bassinator Elite Baitcaster reel.


7. Lew's David Fritts - Best Lipless Crankbait Rod

4.8 Stars | 10 Angler Reviews

Lew's David Fritts Perfect Crankbait Rod

A new product that has yet to gain the popularity it deserves is Lew's David Fritts Perfect Crankbait Rod. This is our top choice for Lipless Crankbaits and larger baits, especially in the 7'6" Medium-Heavy model.

For under $100, the Perfect Crankbait Rod offers the same quality you expect from high-end products. If you don't already own a crankbait reel, Lew's Custom Pro and Lew's Tournament Pro LFS are the ideal models for this rod.

Rod Qualities

We all know that the best place to throw lipless crankbaits is in shallow waters. This longer rod really helps you keep your bait off the bottom. We've caught monster bass using the Perfect Crankbait Rod in less than a foot of water.

This rod's medium-heavy power allows you to throw bigger crankbaits, such as the Strike King 5XD. This is also essential when throwing heavier lipless crankbaits, like the 3/4oz Rat-L-Trap.

Exclusive Benefits

Lew's gives anglers the sensitivity to detect strikes and the power to fight big fish. The rod's guides are made from a blend of stainless steel and aluminum oxide. This helps to achieve smooth line flow and makes it so you can launch crankbaits absurdly long distances.

You'll catch more fish if you use a rod that casts farther. The longer your casts, the more time your crankbait will spend in the strike zone or your desired depth.


6. 7' Speed Demon Pro - Best for Medium-Diving Crankbaits

4.6 Stars | 683 Angler Reviews

Speed Demon Pro Medium-Diving Crankbait Rod

KastKing produces multiple models of their best-selling bass rods. Our favorite design for fishing medium-diving crankbaits is the Speed Demon Pro 7' Moderate/Medium. It was named the "Lipless Crankbait Model," which misleads many anglers.

In recent years, KastKing has built a reputation as the most popular specialized rod producer. The brand builds technique-specific equipment that's fine-tuned for training and tournament use.

Most importantly, the Speed Demon Pro has exceptional sensitivity, which is ideal for fishing medium-diving crankbaits.

Rod Features

This rod is built for 8lb to 17lb test fishing line and 1/4oz to 3/4oz lures. It throws medium-diving crankbaits incredibly far and has the perfect dimensions for fishing this lure type.

You don't want a Medium-Heavy rod for medium-diving crankbaits, and you certainly don't want anything too long.


5. Mojo Bass Glass - Best Deep-Diving Crankbait Rod

4.5 Stars | 48 Angler Reviews

St Croix Mojo Bass Glass Deep-Diving Crankbait Bass Rod

St Croix's Mojo Bass Glass Rod is the best deep-diving crankbait rod on the market. Measuring 7'4" in length with Medium-Heavy power and Moderate Action, it's ideal for fishing powerful baits in deeper waters.

Deep-diving crankbaits are more difficult to fish than other crankbaits. Fishing these lures on the wrong setup will wear you out quickly. The model's length and powerful backbone make it easier to control your bait.

If you're looking for reel-pairing advice, we recommend the Elite 300 Baitcaster. These two products make for a phenomenal combo that can handle any situation you encounter.

St Croix Quality

This is a premium crankbait rod constructed from 100% S-Glass. While it's more expensive than other models, this high-end material drastically increases sensitivity and performance. The Mojo Bass Glass is incredibly dynamic, and you can truly feel everything that goes on under the surface.

Last but not least is St Croix's remarkable warranty offer. Every Mojo Bass Glass comes with an extended 5-Year Transferrable Warranty. St Croix is known to have the best customer service in the industry.


4. Dobyns Fury Series - Most Versatile Rod

4.7 Stars | 128 Angler Reviews

Dobyns Fury Series Bass Fishing Rod

We couldn't write a guide to crankbait rods without including a product from Dobyns. They're a brand that's loved by the bass fishing community. The Dobyns Fury Series is without a doubt their most versatile and highest quality crankbait fishing pole.

This rod measures 7' in length and features Medium-Heavy power and Moderate-Fast action. Dobyns specifically designed this rod for crankbaits; however, it has many uses. You can fish Jerkbaits, Lipless Rattlebaits, and most other lures within the weight limit.

Professional Trial Results

Our team didn't want to put this rod down. It's comfortable, and the balanced design makes it satisfying to cast. Dobyns wrapped this model with Kevlar and included high-performance guides.

For the money, this is by far the most sensitive rod. Premium Fuji Reel Seats and cork handles help to transfer vibrations efficiently. You can't go wrong with a Dobyns rod, regardless of your experience level.


3. TP1 Speed Stick - Best Multi-Species Rod

4.5 Stars | 73 Angler Reviews

Lew's TP1 Speed Stick Fishing Rod

Not all crankbait enthusiasts are bass fishermen. You can use these lures to catch a variety of species, including saltwater fish and striped bass. The Lew's TP1 Speed Stick is the best rod for anglers targeting big largemouth, striped bass, and other powerful fish species.

The TP1 Speed Stick is obviously a phenomenal crankbait rod, but it's also suited for other disciplines. Lew's specialized guides help you cast farther, and the parabolic curve gives this rod a super-strong backbone.

Unique Rod Design

This is also a fantastic rod for less than ideal weather conditions. The all-weather split-grips have textured technology, giving you more friction and control. Whether you're fishing in the rain or battling sea monsters, you'll get a confidence boost from an increase in dexterity.

You'll notice that the guide design is different on the TP1. The first guide, closest to the reel seat, has a smaller ring in the middle. This profile helps line "shoot" out quickly and increases efficiency around the board.

Overall, this rod's strength and performance make it ideal for serious anglers. Some gigantic fish have been landed on the TP1 Speed Stick.


2. Perigee II - Best Budget Crankbait Rod

KastKing Perigee II Crankbait Rod

If you can't afford a high-end rod, that doesn't mean you're out of luck. A clear example of an affordable and high-quality crankbait rod is the KastKing Perigee II. While it's not produced from expensive glass composite materials, it has many promising qualities. This is certainly a decent starting place for novice anglers.

Perigee II Length Options

For crankbait fishing, makes sure your rod is between 6'7" and 7'6" long. Most anglers like 7'0" rods best, as they're exceptionally versatile for fishing all styles of crankbaits.

If you tend to find yourself in short-range situations, such as dock fishing, you might prefer the 6'7" Perigee II model. On the other hand, if you want ultra-long casts and a rod that can fish deep-diving crankbaits, it's worthwhile considering their 7'6" design.

Professional Beginners Advice

You'll save hundreds of dollars by choosing the Perigee II, and you're sure to get decent performance. In fact, KastKing uses a carbon fiber blank, which in some respects is even more technical than glass composite.

Beginner anglers looking for a versatile rod should consider the Perigee II. It will handle everything from crankbaits to some soft plastics. Thousands of positive reviews on Amazon have proved the capabilities of this affordable product.


1. E6X Crankbait - Best High-End Rod

G. Loomis E6X Crankbait Rod

If you're searching for the best-of-the-best, look no further than the G. Loomis E6X Crankbait Rod. This is the world's best crankbait fishing rod and measures 7' in length with a Medium action rating. We'll unpack the various features that make this pricey item worth your money.

G. Loomis is at the forefront of innovation. By using micro-taper technology, the E6X rod has more material around potential breakpoints and less everywhere else. Not only does this drastically improve the rod's strength, but the technology also makes it lightweight.

Premium Rod Qualities

This rod has a slower and softer flex design, which is ideal for crankbait fishing. It takes a while to get used to the weight. The E6X is so sleek that it's hard to imagine the rod could be all that strong. Once you build up your confidence, it's the most enjoyable bass rod on this list and drastically reduces strain and fatigue.

The E6X has a mild "line slapping" effect that will amaze you. At the end of your cast, the line is propelled in such a straight line that you can hear the crisp sound that's made through the air.

Our team bit the bullet and invested in this futuristic bass fishing rod. We can confidently say we're satisfied with our purchase, and the E6X is worth every penny.


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