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Best Rod for Deep Diving Crankbaits (2022)

best rods for deep diving crankbaits

Deep diving crankbaits are one of the most effective summer bass lures when fish travel to deeper, cooler waters. These baits are fished similarly to traditional crankbaits, but they dive deeper and take longer to get to the strike zone.

A specialized rod will significantly improve your success with these lures. Deep diving crankbait rods need to be long and sensitive enough to distinguish bites from contact with obstacles.

This guide will cover the best rods for deep diving crankbaits in 2022 and discuss the best rod qualities for these baits.

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Rod Length

Deep diving crankbait rods are longer than traditional crankbait rods. These diving lures take more time to reach the strike zone. A longer rod will allow you to cast farther, helping you fish the target depth.

The most common deep-diving crankbait rod lengths are 7’6” to 7’11”. However, some anglers prefer longer 9’ poles for the extra casting distance.

7’6” rods cast 6-10 yards farther than a traditional 7’ rod, while 7’11” rods typically let you throw 10-15 yards farther than a 7’ rod.

7’4” rods are another popular alternative. While this shorter length sacrifices casting distance, it’s ideal for anglers that want a rod for multiple types of crankbaits. Rods shorter than 7’6” are also used for fishing shallow-diving crankbaits that dive less than 6’ under the surface.

Another factor to consider when deciding on rod length is your own height. Taller anglers have a height advantage that allows them to comfortably fish longer, 7’11” to 9’ poles, while shorter anglers will have an easier time controlling shorter rods.

Power & Action

The best power rating for a deep-diving crankbait rod is medium-heavy. These models are more flexible than heavy action rods, which makes casting easier, reducing fatigue.

When it comes to rod action, look for rods with a slower moderate or moderate-fast action rating. A slower action rod will help keep tension in the line and keep fish from getting off unnecessarily. Slow action rods also have a flex that launches deep diving crankbaits farther than fast action rods.

Rod Design

Fiberglass and graphite composite rods are best for fishing deep diving crankbaits. Since you will want a larger pole, this material will keep the weight down. Throwing deep diving crankbaits for hours can become tiring with a heavy rod.

Most anglers also prefer a full handle design. This handle can be easily tucked under your arm and is usually the most comfortable. However, some anglers enjoy using a split-grip style handle.

The last important quality of a good deep diving crankbait rod is heightened sensitivity. When fishing these lures, you want to be aware of everything that’s going on under the water. A sensitive rod will help you decipher between knocks against submerged obstacles and fish strikes.

A cheap rod lacking balanced sensitivity will make it challenging to feel bites and frequently causes anglers to mistake sticks and longs for fish. Setting your crankbait’s hook into a log is a quick way to lose money on fishing lures.

Deep Diving Crankbait Rods

1. Lew’s David Fritts Perfect Crankbait Rod

5 Stars | 2 Angler Reviews | $$

Lew's David Fritts Perfect Crankbait Rod

The Lew’s David Fritts Perfect Crankbait Rod is the best rod for fishing deep diving crankbaits. This pole was designed by professional bass angler David Fritts, who didn’t like any other crankbait rods on the market. David Fritts perfected this rod to have the ideal specifications for diving crankbaits.

This series includes plenty of rod lengths for anglers with different preferences. 6’8”, 7’, 7’6”, 7’11”, and 9’ rods are available. Our favorite model for deep-diving crankbaits is the 7’11” moderate action medium-heavy power rod.

Components & Details

A premium 42-million modulus graphite/fiberglass composite blank makes this rod incredibly strong. The material combination also keeps the David Fritts Perfect Crankbait Rod lightweight, even with the additional length.

Many anglers will enjoy the full-length cork handle, which comfortably fits under your arm while retrieving. The grip is made of non-slip materials that give you extra confidence and prevents slippage.

Other premium components include stainless steel guide frames, aluminum oxide inserts, and graphite reel seats. While the list of features is too long to discuss in this review thoroughly, a full-length product description is linked above.



  • Many rod lengths

  • Lightweight and strong

  • Graphite and glass composite

  • Full-length handle

  • Affordable

  • None

2. Dobyns Champion XP Casting Rod - 7’6” MH

5 Stars | 5 Angler Reviews | $$$

Dobyns Champion XP Casting Bass Fishing Rod

The best tournament-quality deep diving crankbait rod in 2022 is the Dobyns Champion XP Casting Rod. Dobyns created a beast of a rod that’s well-balanced and highly responsive. If you’re looking for the best tournament rod money can buy, the Campion XP is what you need.

Our favorite model is the 7’6” medium-heavy fast-action design. While fast action rods aren’t usually ideal for deep diving crankbaits, the Champion XP is one of the only rods to achieve this crankbait rod design.

Few rods can achieve a soft-tip design without sacrificing rigidity and pole action. The Champion XP has a sensitive tip that doesn’t compromise crankbait performance or rod power. It’s difficult to explain the satisfying feeling of the rod without trying it out for yourself!

Components & Details

Dobyns constructs the rod’s blank from a combination of graphite and fiberglass materials. The Champion XP has insane power for its top-tier performance, casting distance, and weight.

Other featured components include a 13.5” full-length cork handle, a Kigan stainless steel frame, SIC guides, and a tangle-free hook keeper. This model also features a top-of-the-line Fuji through-blank reel seat which efficiently transfers vibrations to your hand.

Dobyns backs up their claims of superb build quality with a lifetime warranty. The brand even has a “No Hassle Replacement Policy” to ensure your satisfaction with this high-end rod.



  • Tournament-quality

  • Only fast-action rod for diving crankbaits

  • Long casting distance

  • Lifetime warranty

  • “No Hassle Replacement Policy”

  • Expensive

3. Lew’s Custom Pro Mark Rose 7’11” Crankbait Rod

5 Stars | 2 Angler Reviews | $$$

Lew's Custom Pro Mark Rose Crankbait Fishing Rod

Another exceptional angler-designed Lew’s fishing rod is the Lew’s Custom Pro Mark Rose 7’11” Crankbait Rod. This beefy pole is designed for “magnum”-size baits and has the strength to cast the largest, deepest-diving crankbaits.

This rod has great casting distance and a ton of strength. Even though it excels in these areas, the Marl Rose rod has maximum sensitivity. Casting heavy deep-diving crankbaits is challenging for many anglers; however, this rod provides insane control.

Components & Details

An 85-modulus graphite blank is built into the Mark Rose and features an outer graphite core. The handle is constructed from A-grade cork, EVA foam, and a Duracork inlay for improved comfort.

Mark Rose nailed the design of his crankbait rod. After years of professional bass fishing, Rose could fine-tune the action, guide count, lengths, and blank diameters. While there are many phenomenal deep-diving crankbait rods in 2022, the Mark Rose won’t disappoint.



  • Designed for “magnum” crankbaits

  • Casting distance

  • Phenomenal sensitivity

  • Comfortable

  • Expensive

4. St. Croix Mojo Bass Glass

4.3 Stars | 85 Angler Reviews | $$

St. Croix Mojo Bass Glass Deep Diving Crankbait Rod

The St. Croix Mojo Bass Glass might not be the first rod that comes to mind for fishing deep diving crankbaits. This series has a maximum rod length of 7’4” and doesn’t have a full-handle design. However, there are several reasons why this is a high-performance and versatile deep-diving crankbait rod.

Many anglers don’t want to spend thousands of dollars building a complete set of technique-specific poles. The Mojo Bass Glass can adequately fish deep diving crankbaits but can also be used to fish jerkbaits, small swimbaits, topwaters, jigs, soft plastics, and more.

Components & Details

Linear fiberglass construction gives the Mojo bass a higher modulus while improving strength and reducing weight. This pole is more dynamic than most other fiberglass rods, and IPC tooling technology heightens the sensitivity.

Our favorite specification for deep-diving crankbaits is the 7’4” medium-heavy moderate action model. Without the unique design characteristics of St. Croix, this rod would typically be too short for deep diving crankbaits. However, the brand’s technological innovations allow the Mojo Bass to compete with the top rods of 2022.



  • 5-year warranty

  • Versatile design

  • Linear fiberglass construction

  • Sensitive & strong

  • Maximum 7’4” length

5. Bass Pro Shops Crankin' Stick Crankbait Casting Rod

4.4 Stars | 18 Angler Reviews | $

Crankin' Stick Crankbait Casting Bass Fishing Rod

The best budget rod for deep-diving lures is the Bass Pro Shops Crankin’ Stik Crankbait Casting Rod. This pole costs half the price of others on this list and is a great entry-level model for anglers who don’t want to break the bank.

Our preferred models for deep diving crankbaits are the 7’6” and 7’10” designs. If you’re comfortable fishing long rods, the 7’10” model will give you better casting distances and keep your presentation in the strike zone.

The 7’10” model has medium-heavy and magnum-heavy power rating options. We found the MagHeavy rating is exceptional for extra-large crankbaits and ones that dive farther than 15 feet deep.

Components & Details

While the handle has a unique design, it’s more comfortable in your hand than it looks. The grip takes a few days to get used to, but after fishing the Crankin’ Stik for a while, many anglers start to prefer a thicker handle.

This pole uses proprietary Shok Flex Technology to bring out the best aspects of fiberglass and graphite rods. While it’s constructed from a composite material, it has the sensitivity of a 100% graphite rod and the power of a glass pole.

Additional features include stainless steel tangle-free guides, EVA handles with X-wrap, and aluminum oxide guide rings designed for braided line.



  • Affordable

  • Graphite sensitivity with fiberglass strength

  • Heavy power ratings

  • Durable

  • Unique handle design

  • Not tournament-quality

6. St. Croix Legend Glass Casting Rod

4.7 Stars | 8 Angler Reviews | $$$

St. Croix Legend Glass Baitcasting Rod

A high-end and versatile rod we frequently recommend for deep-diving crankbaits is the St. Croix Legend Glass Casting Rod. This rod is a step-up from the Mojo Bass series, offering better tournament-ready performance. However, the specifications make it equally as versatile as the Mojo Bass.

This rod series also has a maximum length of 7’4”. While this would usually be too short for diving crankbaits, the St. Croix technology delivers long casts for the length. Compared to the Mojo Bass rod, the Legend Glass is lighter and has significantly more sensitivity.

Components & Details

St. Croix uses Fuji K-Series tangle-free guides, Fuji PSS-SD palming reel seats, and a Kigan hook-keeper. The grip on the Legend Glass is improved, as it’s constructed with super-grade cork.

The split-grip handle design doesn’t provide as much leverage for deep diving crankbaits. However, this grip is better for many other technique-specific applications, making St Coix rods highly versatile.

This is a trade-off many anglers are willing to make, especially if you would have purchased several low-end rods to keep costs lower. Fishing one high-quality rod can be more fun than buying several low-quality rods for different applications.



  • Versatile

  • Premium handle design

  • Lightweight

  • Dynamic performance

  • Maximum 7’4” length

  • Split-grip handle design


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