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6 Best Buzzbaits for Bass (2022)

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

best buzzbait for bass

Buzzbaits are exceptional topwater bass lures. They're designed to be as annoying and disruptive as possible, promoting bass to strike impulsively when the lure's dragged over them. The louder and more obnoxious your Buzzbait, the better.

Not all Buzzbaits are built the same. Some are made from inexpensive materials that quickly break after a big strike. We tried and tested every Buzzbait on the market and have found the six best lures currently on the market.

These six buzzbaits are good at drawing reaction strikes, which means the fish don't even have to be hungry to strike. If we could catch fish with the lures on this list, we guarantee that you can too.

Best Buzzbaits


Booyah Counter Strike - Best Buzzbait Overall

4.5 Stars | 233 Angler Reviews

Booyah Counter Strike Buzzbait Bass Lure

The best buzzbait available today is the Booyah Counter Strike Buzzbait. This bait has a unique triangle-shaped head that allows the bait to plane on top of the water at slower speeds. You'll be able to keep this lure in the strike zone for much longer periods of time.

This sharp design also helps the bait slice through weeds and stay in a straight line. It's stable and produces a superb sound that convinces fish to strike.

High-quality baits such as the Counter-Strike won't get beaten up by fish, and their balanced properties allow for longer casts. The build quality of this lure is far better than the slightly less expensive Booyah Buzzbaits.


Strike King Premier Plus - Best Slow Retrieve Buzzbait

4.4 Stars | 156 Angler Reviews

Strike King Premier Plus Buzzbait Topwater Bass Fishing Lure

If you're searching for the slowest retrieval speeds, the Strike King Premier Plus Buzzbait is the best there is. This bait features two blades that spin in opposite directions of each other, creating extra lift and slowing everything down. The longer your bait stays above a fish's head, the more annoyed you'll make them.

Strike King designed this buzzbait so that it tracks perfectly straight. Water sprays out from the sides, which is a commotion-producing additional trait. No matter what model, you can always expect the best quality from a well-respected brand like Strike King.


Jshanmei Buzzbait Bundle - Best Package Deal

4.2 Stars | <50 Angler Reviews

Jshanmei Buzzbait Combo Package Bundle

The best buzzbait combo on the market is the Jshanmei Buzzbait Bundle. This package deal comes with six Buzzbaits, each with a unique pattern of colors. You won't find a better value anywhere else since this entire set costs as much as a single Z-Man lure.

With these colors, you'll be able to fish year-round in all water conditions. One of the main reasons this package has gained popularity is because the colors are extraordinarily vibrant. You'll always have a lure with you that the fish just can't help but bite.

Thousands of bass have already been caught with these lures, and some of the bass even broke existing records. It's clear to see why it's been outselling other topwater baits.


Jackall Lures Firecracker - Best Professional Buzzbait

Jackall Lures Firecracker Professional Topwater Bass Lure

If you're willing to go the extra mile and invest in a professional-grade tackle, the Jackall Lures Firecracker Buzzbait is the highest-quality Buzzbait ever made. This product outfished everything this year because the fish hadn't seen anything like it. However, this expensive lure isn't necessary for beginner anglers.

Hence the name, the Firecracker makes a "cracking" sound as it's dragged on top of the water. The props intentionally smash into each other, creating the loudest racket you've ever heard.

This Buzzbait produces reaction bites like nothing else on the market. Even when the fish aren't hungry, you'll see entire schools of bass drawn to the surface. We guarantee the Firecracker Buzzbait will put fish in the boat when all else fails.


Booyah Buzz Lure - Best Budget Buzzbait

Booyah Buzz Bass Fishing Lure

The Booyah Buzz Lure offers decent quality for an extremely affordable price. It costs half as much as others on this list and frequently pulls in just as many fish. This bait has unique 3D eyes that set it apart from Buzzbaits that your local fish have already seen.

With flared red gills, a red nose, and red eyes, everything about this bait gives off a "wounded" appearance. Whether it fools the bass into thinking it's a bleeding bird or fish, this Buzzbait will get hammered left and right.

Bass are more likely to attack prey that appears injured. Anything that looks like it's struggling in the water will make the fish think they've found an easy meal.


Strike King KVD Toad Buzz - Most Realistic Buzzbait

4.6 Stars | <50 Angler Reviews

Strike King KVD Toad Buzz Bass Fishing Topwater Buzzbait Lure

If the water's clear or the fish aren't biting vibrant colors, the Strike King KVD Toad Buzz will usually turn the day around. This frog-style Buzzbait is a new lure that combines two of the most successful topwater lures; the Buzzbait and the topwater frog.

The Buzzbait action draws fish in from long distances away, and the fish will notice the realistic frog kicking action when they swim up close. If the bass aren't committing to the strike, tying this bait on can help you catch them.

Tournament angler Kevin VanDam recently endorsed this bait and recommended it to his fans. This wasn't a buyout; the KVD Toad simply catches fish left and right.


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