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6 Best Buzzbait Colors of 2022

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Buzzbait Color Guide

best buzzbait colors

When considering Buzzbait colors, there are multiple important factors. You need to understand the brands, sizes, and patterns offered. In this guide, we discuss the best Buzzbait colors and the lure manufacturers that offer them.

The best Buzzbait fishing lures are designed to be as loud, annoying, and disruptive as possible. They aren't like worms or creature baits where the natural and realistic colors are ideal. Make sure to stay away from Green Pumpkin or Watermelon because they won't get as many strikes.

You should use solid-colored Buzzbaits. A few examples include black, white, chartreuse, and red. We'll dive into the best color combinations and outline the best conditions to fish each bass lure type.

We also have a guide to the best Buzzbait Rods, which discusses equipment and fishing techniques.

Bleeding White Buzzbait Color

Bleeding White Colored Buzzbait
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A white Buzzbait with a splash of red is a popular option. Bass seem to love this pattern as it imitates a wounded shad. When bass notice that a fish is struggling, they're unlikely to pass up the feeding opportunity and usually attack.

This bait has a ton of vibration and disrupts the surface of the water. There are some lakes where bass will only bite white and red color combinations. In general, bass are opportunistic feeders that pick off the weakest prey first. A convincing injured color pattern should be your go-to option.

Snow White Shad Pattern

Buzzbait with Snow White Shad Pattern
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The Snow White Shad Buzzbait is a fantastic option for dirty or muddy conditions. This design features a combination of black and white colors that shimmer on the surface. We like Booyah's Snow White Shad Buzzbait the best. Its appearance mimics schooling baitfish thrashing on the surface of the water.

This color is more controversial than others. Some anglers believe solid-colors are all you should use, and some disagree.

Your Buzzbait color really comes down to preference and the different lakes you fish. Bass fishing is all about trial and error until you find what works best for you.

Black Buzzbaits with Red Blades

Black Buzzbait with Red Blade Red Hook
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The most popular Buzzbait pattern is black with a red blade. Anglers around the world have found success throwing this lure as it draws impulse strikes from large fish. The black skirt casts a shadow that perfectly imitates an unknown shape struggling on the surface.

This Buzzbait's silhouette matches the annoying buzz sound well. We recommend this color combination for night fishing and stained water conditions. While these are the best situations, this color is known to outfish others in most conditions.

It's best to use a red blade with a black skirt. This added color improves visibility in extreme conditions and gives your Buzzbait an injured profile.

White Buzzbaits with Silver Blades

White and Silver Color Buzzbait Lure
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A Buzzbait with a white skirt and silver blade works well during the day in clear water conditions. When bass are feeding on silver baitfish such as shiners, this bait catches fish non-stop.

This is a simple presentation that rarely fails to catch fish. You should own two contrasting colors, such as white and black. Being prepared and adapting to different conditions and feeding patterns helps you put more fish in the boat.

When fish are acting timid, the white and silver combination can help you draw strikes. This design looks less foreign than other intrusive patterns.

Chartreuse Buzzbaits with Gold Blades

Chartreuse Body and Gold Blade Buzzbait Fishing Lure Colors
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The Chartreuse and Gold Buzzbait is best fished during the day in stained or tea-colored waters. These vibrant colors help fish spot your bait in low-visibility conditions.

It's handy when bass are foraging on golden shiners. The gold-colored blade is effective at mimicking the reflection of a darting baitfish. You shouldn't use this bait in lakes or rivers with better water clarity. The chartreuse skirt not only enhances the visibility but annoys the bass, prompting reaction bites.

Black Buzzbaits with Black Blades

Black Buzzbait Bass Lure
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If you've tried every other option and can't figure out how to get bites, this color combination is what you need. The black Buzzbait with a black blade is mysteriously effective at catching fish when all else fails.

There doesn't seem to be a pattern for when this bait works best. Sometimes, this Buzzbait will outfish other colors by 5:1. Booyah makes the best version of this bait as the 3D eyes add a discrete injured appearance.

While this bait is usually best in stained waters on overcast days, it will surprise you. If somebody thinks they known when black on black will catch, they're "full of it." We recommend casting this bait a few times whenever you're on the water because it just might fill your Livewell.


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