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10 Best Spinnerbaits of 2022

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Bass Fishing Spinnerbait Reviews

best spinnerbaits for bass

The first rule to choosing one of the best spinnerbaits is you want a unique blade combination. Ideally, try to throw something that not many others are throwing in your area. Having a different thump and vibration can be the deciding factor in whether you catch fish or not.

In this guide, Bass Tackle Lures discusses the best spinnerbaits of 2022 and why they're effective. Our team provides ideal conditions for each bait, as well as qualities we've witnessed first-hand during our trial reviews.

Anglers should stay away from the $1 Walmart spinnerbaits. They're built from cheap components that break easily and often scare fish away. Budget spinnerbaits have terrible ball-bearings that don't let the blades spin freely on the drop.

What Size Spinnerbait?

90% of the time, you'll want to throw a 1/2 ounce spinnerbait. It's the most common because it creates the type of vibrations that fish like the most. If you're only after trophy-sized bass, you could go up to 1 ounce, but you're likely to catch less fish.

The only significant exception is when fishing in deeper waters. A 3/4 ounce spinnerbait can help your presentation sink faster and stay in the strike zone longer. These heavier baits also have larger blades, which are better at reflecting light in a lake's depths.

(#1) War Eagle Double Willow Firecracker

War Eagle Double Willow Firecracker Spinnerbait Bass Fishing
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The War Eagle Double Willow Firecracker is a phenomenal spinnerbait for bass. A smaller diameter wire makes this bait give off more vibrations than traditional lures. Even though it's a popular spinnerbait, it will still catch a ton of fish. You'll find success in every lake across the country, from Florida to California.

This bait has a unique wobble, which is attributed to the head design. It's blunt and shorter than the heads on most spinnerbaits.

War Eagle's model with the red kicker is especially effective. Red spinnerbaits were first adopted in Oklahoma, but since then, the secret has gotten out. We recommend pairing this lure with a Kamikaze Swimon trailer to produce the most aggressive bites.

(#2) Strike King KVD Finesse Spinnerbait

Bass Fishing Strike King KVD Finesse Spinnerbait
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If you're looking for a durable lure, the Strike King KVD Finesse Spinnerbait is a great option. This is a high-quality bait that's fished by professional tournament anglers. You haven't witnessed a good spinnerbait fishing day until you've fished the KVD.

The bait's profile and hook size are attributed to its success. Many anglers claim their hookup ratios are near perfect when throwing this bait. For whatever reason, the bass absolutely destroys this spinnerbait.

We recommend the white color if you're buying a finesse spinner for the first time. It smokes fish in a wide range of conditions and is the most dependable color. You can also use a paddle tail trailer to enhance the vibration on slower days.

(#3) Nichols Lures Pulsator Double Willow

Nichols Lures Pulsator Double Willow Spinnerbait
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The Nichols Lures Pulsator Double Willow Spinnerbait runs true and straight. This bass lure has gorgeous paintwork that's coated for durability. It gives off more flash than other double willow spinnerbaits and is a must-have for avid anglers.

We like running this lure in deeper waters. The larger blades help the bait sink faster, so you spend more time fishing your target water column. This design also gives off enough reflection to get the attention of fish in the depths.

Nichols' Pulsator Spinnerbait holds up to years of use. Fish won't rip this lure apart like cheaper products. This added durability also makes it one of the best pike fishing spinnerbaits, so it catches multiple species.

(#4) Tour Grade Painted Blade SB

Red Tour Grade Painted Blade SB Spinnerbait Bass Fishing
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Another exceptional spinnerbait from Strike King is the Tour Grade Painted Blade SB. This lure has a super realistic swimming action for a spinnerbait, and the skirt looks incredible underwater.

If you're looking to upgrade your tackle and spend the extra money on professional-grade gear, this is a great option. The hooks are the sharpest we've ever seen, and the build quality is exceptional.

While there are colors for every type of lake, the detailed paintwork is great for clear water fishing. We recommend bright chartreuse patterns for dirty or stained waters, as they'll be more visible to fish.

(#5) Hack Attack Heavy Cover Spinnerbait

Gold Hack Attack Heavy Cover Spinnerbait
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The Hack Attack Heavy Cover Spinnerbait is the best spinner lure for extreme cover situations. A durable Gamakatsu Siwash hook helps the bait get through even the thickest weeds. This is the strongest, most durable spinnerbait on the market.

You can knock this bait as hard as you want against underwater obstacles. Even after years of brutal collisions, you won't see any wear and tear on the Hack Attack.

This lure has larger blades than traditional spinnerbaits. These benefit the angler as they enhance the lift and keep the bait higher in the water column. You should fish the Hack Attack along weed lines, and the bluegill pattern is phenomenal.

(#6) Booyah Pond Magic Small-Water

Booyah Pond Magic Small-Water Bass Fishing Spinnerbait
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Over the past year or two, the Booyah Pond Magic Small-Water has become the world's most popular spinnerbait. You won't find any other lure of this quality for such a low price. This bait is slightly smaller than your traditional spinnerbait, but this can be a useful quality.

With a smaller profile, this bait usually outfishes other models. If you're struggling to get action, throw the Booyah Spinnerbait on your line and let the fish come to you.

Overall, this is the best value spinnerbait for anglers who don't need professional-grade lures. Over two thousand satisfied customers have vouched for this product's quality on Amazon.

(#7) Rick Clunn Trickster

Rick Clunn Trickster Silver Brown Bass Spinnerbait
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The Luck E Strike Rick Clunn Trickster is a unique item on this list. As you can see in the image above, the blades are shaped differently. This lure sends louder vibrations through the water. You should only use the Rick Clunn Trickster in certain situations.

When the fish are feeding aggressively, this spinnerbait hammers bass. The heavy blades and strong wires cause fish to attack this lure instinctively. However, when bass are showing timid behavior, use a different bait. These qualities will scare away bass that aren't committing to strikes.

(#8) Lunkerhunt Impact Thump Spinnerbait

Lunkerhunt Impact Thump Bass Spinnerbait
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The best spinnerbait for dirty waters is the Lunkerhunt Impact Thump Spinnerbait. This Colorado blade bait moves slower through the waters and stays in the strike zone longer. We use the Impact Thump for technical flipping into cover and other precision applications.

You'll find success fishing the Lunkerhunt Spinnerbait on windy days. While other lures are difficult to use, this bait slices through the wind. The Impact Thump casts super long distances no matter the conditions.

We recommend choosing three different colors of this spinnerbait. If you have light, dark, and vibrant colors, you'll be set to tackle all conditions.

(#9) Jshanmei Spinnerbait Lure Kit

Jshanmei Spinnerbait Lure Kit Bass Fishing
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The Jshanmei Spinnerbait Lure Kit includes six spinners of different colors. It's an incredible bargain, as this entire bundle costs the same amount as some high-end lures. Jshanmei uses copper components to construct its double willow leaf blades.

You'll get a good amount of vibration from these lures. With this tackle combo, you'll be prepared for year-round fishing in all weather conditions. Anglers who don't need FLW-quality equipment will save a ton of money with this spinnerbait lure kit.

(#10) Mini-King Spinnerbait

Strike King White Mini-King Bass Fishing Spinnerbait
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Our final recommendation is to get yourself a Mini-King Spinnerbait. This is a lure made by Strike King with an incredibly small profile. It's a fun, productive, and beginner-friendly spinnerbait that catches fish all day.

This is the best multi-species lure on this list. You can catch bass, crappie, pickerel, and bluegill, all without retying your baits. We've found that bass of all sizes attack the Mini-King, which means you get more action in a day of fishing.

Even if you usually target larger fish, this little guy is good to have as a spare. It can put fish in the boat and completely turn your day around.


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