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6 Best Whopper Plopper Colors of 2022

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

River2Sea Whopper Plopper Lures

best wopper plopper colors

When River2Sea released their Whopper Plopper topwater lures it was obvious that they would become super popular. While originally designed for bigger fish species, muskie anglers found out they were exceptional for bass.

This realization came when anglers started to catch more bass than the species they were targeting with these lures.

Needless to say, the Whopper Plopper is the most popular topwater lure the world has ever seen. The bait's twirling tail does all the work for you making it super beginner-friendly. All you need to fish this bait is a rod, a reel, preferably braided line, and a steady, slow retrieve.

Guide to Whopper Plopper Fishing

The Whopper Plopper catches the most fish in the early morning but still consistently gets bit throughout the day. It draws fish in from long distances so that you don't have to cover as much water to find bass in new lakes and rivers.

Depending on the size and color choice, the bait is fished in different water depths. It's phenomenal both over deep waters or in shallow water situations because it creates so much noise.

We'll dive right in and discuss the best Whopper Plopper colors that River2Sea offers. Many anglers think that you need a ton of colors to be a great bass fisherman, but this is not true. If you choose 1-3 baits on this list, you're sure to catch tons of fish the next time you're out on the water.

Whopper Plopper Loon (Black Color)

Black Color River2Sea Whopper Plopper Loon Pattern

The black Whopper Plopper Loon topwater bait is a must-have for bass fishermen. It's the most popular Whopper Plopper color because the design has a natural look that catches a ton of fish. The dark paint color casts a realistic shadow in the water, bring fish in from long distances.

In the early morning or low light conditions, this lure is unstoppable. Whether bass are feeding on bluegill, bugs, baitfish, or birds, this bait gets bit. It's best to fish the Loon Whopper Plopper around heavy vegetation when targeting larger bass.

Overall, the dark profile it has on the surface of the water is super realistic. It has the perfect imitation of an animal struggling and trying to stay afloat.

Monkey Butt Color

Transparent Whopper Plopper River2Sea Monkey Butt Clear Water Fishing Lure

If you can afford multiple bait styles, the Whopper Plopper Monkey Butt Color is a phenomenal bait. The color scheme is similar to a Ghost Minnow pattern, and the bottom is partially translucent. These qualities allow it to perform extremely well in clearwater lakes and rivers.

The natural patterns on the Monkey But Whopper Plopper are essential for clear water conditions. When fish have better visibility, they're often better at discerning between real and fake presentations. The attention to detail in the paintwork gives it a near-identical appearance to many baitfish.

When bass are surface feeding on schooling shad, this is a go-to color. It's especially productive in sunny conditions when there's little wind or chop on the water. The subtle profile looks just like a baitfish trying to escape a bass on the surface.

Whopper Plopper Bone Color

Bone colored River2Sea Whopper Plopper Topwater Bait Colors

This Whopper Plopper Bone Color is the third-best pattern of this popular topwater lure. If you can afford the Whopper Plopper Bone, Monkey Butt, and Loon, you'll be ready for any fishing situation.

When you're fishing in lakes or rivers with lower water clarity, this bait catches much more fish than the first two colors on this list. It also outperforms other styles on overcast days because the body's lighter color has better contrast against dark skies.

It provides the same type of baitfish imitation as the Loon color in these situations. When bass are aggressively feeding on shad or bluegill, this bait can catch an absurd number of fish and make for a great day out on the water.

Powder White Color

River2Sea Whopper Plopper Power White Color for Smallmouth Bass Fishing

While not as versatile, the Powder White Color Whopper Plopper is a necessity for smallmouth bass anglers. When you know you'll be targeting smallies, fishing any other color on this list will be a waste of your time.

It has a simplistic presentation that works well in dirtier waters. For river smallies, the Powder White 90 is the best size Whopper Plopper. Smallmouth Bass are known to prefer smaller profile baits, especially in the fall when they feed on juvenile baitfish such as shad.

While there isn't a white and chartreuse color combination of the Whopper Plopper, adding vibrant colors to this bait can lead to great results. If you have a chartreuse magic marker, try adding a few streaks to the underside of the bait's tail.

Bluegill Whopper Plopper Pattern

Bluegill Whopper Plopper Pattern for Largemouth Bass Topwater Fishing

If you're serious about having a topwater bait for all seasons of the year, the Bluegill Whopper Plopper is a great addition to your tackle collection. The red and orange highlights on the underside of the lure are fantastic in stained or milky waters.

This color is also a perfect follow-up bait that you can leave tied onto a separate rod while fishing. If you ever come across floating grass mats and hear a distinct popping sound, throwing this bait will surely catch a huge fish.

The popping sound is made by small bluegill feeding on the aquatic plants, and where there are baitfish, there are sure to be large bass. In the spring, bluegill have the same colors as this bait. This makes it a great time to throw the Bluegill Whopper Plopper.

Delta Craw Whopper Plopper

Red Colored Delta Craw River2Sea Whopper Plopper Bait

Every angler should have a red topwater bait in their tackle box. The Delta Craw Whopper Plopper is a great option for anglers who don't yet have this type of lure.

It's one of the best red-colored bass baits because of its floating topwater design. When red lures are fished in deep waters, they often don't work well because bass can't see the color red in low-light environments.

The ideal time to fish the Delta Craw color is in the early spring. While it can catch fish year-round in every body of water across the country, there are some situations where it performs better. Muddy lakes with low visibility are ideal when water and air temperatures drop.

If you take our advice on this one, you're sure to catch a ton of fish on your next fishing trip. The red and black combination is a deadly bass fishing pattern.


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