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5 Best Zoom Fluke Colors of 2022

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Zoom Baits Fluke

best zoom fluke color

The Super Fluke by Zoom Baits stands out as one of the most affordable and effective bass baits ever created. If you can get yourself a few of the popular colors offered, you're guaranteed to find success. With only a few varieties of this lure, you can catch fish in any body of water around the globe.

In reality, people tend to make selecting zoom super fluke colors far more difficult than it needs to be. There are truly only five color patterns that you need to be carrying with you while you're out on the water. With this list of Zoom Super Flukes, you'll be able to fish year-round with great success.

Zoom Fluke vs. Competition

Soft Plastic Jerkbaits have certainly gained popularity in recent years. This is likely due to the innovation that's gone into designing and producing these baits. Lure manufacturers have perfected their designs for Jerkbait Fishing and can also sell them at a low price.

There are some serious competitors of the Zoom Super Fluke. Some of them include the Gary Yamamoto D-Shad Soft-Plastic Jerkbait, the Z-Man HeroZ Jerkbait, and the Berkeley Powerbait Jerk Shad.

There are far too many factors that go into judging soft plastic bass baits to mention them all in this article. With this said, Zoom Baits has incorporated the same legendary rubber formula from the Zoom Trick Worms into these Super Flukes. This material is soft to the touch, allows for realistic underwater movement, and is wear-resistant.

These baits are the superior soft plastic jerkbaits in the eyes of many professional anglers.


White Ice Zoom Fluke Color

White Ice Zoom Fluke Color Soft Plastic Bass Fishing Lure
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The White Ice Zoom Super Fluke is a phenomenal bait in most fishing situations. This bait features a white underbelly, a translucent backing, and is packed full of reflective flake. It's best always to use this color pattern first when you're out on the water, as it's likely to draw you're first aggressive strikes of the day.

It's worth mentioning that sometimes bass will follow this bait without striking. You'll notice bass trailing this Super Fluke all the way back to your rod tip without actually committing to the attack. While this is infrequent, you'll want a different color lined up to target the timid bass. When this happens, it's best to switch over to a darker and more natural presentation.


Smokin Shad Fluke

Zoom Smokin Shad Fluke Color Bass Soft Plastic Bait
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The Smokin' Shad is the best natural presentation Zoom Super Fluke to use when the bass bite is slow. This bait has a grey belly, a dark blue back, and less flake inside it than other Zoom Flukes.

What makes this bait better in slower conditions is its subtlety. It's a bit less intrusive than other patterns and is clearly more realistic than the White Ice Pattern Fluke. While you may not get as many fish following the Smokin' Shad on your retrievals, it's sure to produce many more aggressive strikes.


Zoom Fluke Arkansas Shiner

Arkansas Shiner Zoom Fluke Rubber Swimbait Bass Fishing Lure
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The Zoom Super Fluke Arkansas Shiner Pattern is the most realistic and natural bait in this series. When you're around schooling shiners or any baitfish in shallow waters, this bait is Ideal. You'll usually find these optimal conditions in the late spring and throughout the summer.

When baitfish become the primary food source of big bass, the Arkansas Shiner Fluke is hard to beat.

The fishing lure has a subtle presentation, which makes it perfect for flipping around cover. Consider skipping this Super Fluke under docks, around overhangs, and through the center of bluegill spawning grounds.


Zoom White Pearl Fluke

White Pearl Zoom Fluke Color Bass Fishing Bait
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While there's no exact data available, we're willing to bet the Zoom White Pearl Color is the most popular Zoom Super Fluke. These baits have a minimalist design, which is sometimes just what you need to draw a ton of strikes.

This Super Fluke performs the best in overcast conditions. The solid white color gives off a great silhouette effect against the water. You also don't have any flake in this soft plastic bait, which means the sun won't give this bait any additional reflection. The White Pearl Pattern is all about keeping it simple. You'd be surprised how well simple soft jerkbait designs can consistently put fish in the boat.


Zoom Fluke Baby Bass Color

 Baby Bass Zoom Fluke Color Bass Soft Plastic Lure
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Whereas all the other colors on this list have specific fishing conditions, this bait does not. The Baby Bass Color Pattern by Zoom Baits performs exceptionally in nearly all conditions. Whether you're fishing deeper water columns or along the shallow banks, this bait consistently draws strikes.

We attribute this to the realistic Baby Bass imitation. While there are seasons for other baitfish, bass are always surrounded by their own kind. This eliminates the need to "match the hatch" or work to identify what your bass are used to feeding on.

It's also important to mention that bass will frequently eat other smaller bass. These fish have natural territorial instincts that give them an added incentive to attack. Every large bass around will take the opportunity to show dominance by striking at annoying juveniles.

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