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The Best Bass & Pike Spoon - Johnson Minnow Lure Review

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Fishing With Spoons For Bass and Pike

Berkley Johnson Silver Spoon Bass Pike Fishing Lure

Spoons have proved to be an effective lure for catching big bass and pike. If you know you're fishing in a lake or river with both species, this is one of those baits that can catch both fish. If the bass are smaller and the pike are larger, you may need to change your lure weight for each, but in general, using one lure will work fine.

One of the best qualities of spoons is that they're versatile. The right spoon can be trolled, jigged, used on the bottom with the finesse technique, and flipped into cover. Spoons are undoubtedly the most reflective bass lure as they're made from solid metal. While we mostly fish for Bass and Pike, you can catch almost anything that swims with a spoon. In freshwater fisheries, you'll frequently also catch Trout, Perch, and Crappie.

Johnson Silver Minnow Spoon by Berkley Lures

Johnson Silver Minnow Spoon Berkley Lures Bait For Bass Pike Gold Trout Colored
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To set the tone about the Johnson Silver Minnow Spoon, let's check out the Amazon reviews. This lure has racked up over 300 customer reviews and has an average rating of 4.7-stars! With these incredible numbers and its affordable price, this lure has earned the spot as Amazon's Choice Product for all "weedless lures." This bait is made by the famous lure manufacturer Berkley, which never sacrifices its quality when producing lures.

The Johnson Minnow Spoon Casts Extremely Far

First, this lure casts for "miles." When choosing the best spoons, you need to look for good weight ratios. Even the smaller sizes have enough balanced weight that you're able to make long and precise casts. Casting distance is one of the most important factors to anglers, as it means you're able to cover water much faster, and it will take less time to find fish.

The Lure Has The Best Weedless Design

Second, this lure has a weedless design, which is unique from most other spoons. This design makes it possible for fishermen to flip this spoon into the grass, heavy cover, muck, and lily pads. While Berkley isn't the only one doing this with their spoons, oftentimes, the competition struggles in making weedless spoons that also perform well. Berkley has integrated its weed guard into this bait perfectly so that it doesn't alter the wobbling action of the spoon.

Plated With Silver & 24-Karat Gold

Third, this lure is actually plated with real silver and 24-karat gold. These high-quality metals create amazing reflection and definitely shine brighter than traditional chrome-plated spoons. This enhancement will only attract more fish and increase the amount of bass or pike you'll catch while out on the water.

Fourth, this lure is perfectly proportional. The spoon has a 35-degree curve, which means it won't spin around and around upon retrieval and twist your line. The weed guard fits tightly against the spoon's inside, which helps the bait retain its action.

The Best Color Patterns For Johnson Minnow Spoons

Johnson Silver Minnow Spoon Rainbow Color Pattern Weedless Design
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While you may have a different spoon size in mind, we recommend going with the 2.5" 0.5oz Johnson Silver Minnow Spoon model for the best results. We highly recommend that you don't choose anything smaller than this unless you're a trout or crappie fisherman, in which case a smaller profile might be best. But if you're going after largemouth, smallmouth, or spotted bass, this is the size you want.

If you're experienced in catching big Northern Pike, you may want to increase your size. The 0.75oz or 1.125oz models are outstanding spoons for pike fishing.

Specific Variety Recommendations

How about the color? Well, it's really up to the angler. Every color pattern that Berkley has released is proven to catch fish, but it's best to do your research still. Try to pick a spoon that closely matches the baitfish in your lake or river. It doesn't have to be an identical design, but if there are lots of silver shad, go with a silver bait, for example. If there are plenty of bluegill and sunfish, the gold patterns can often be effective.

For more equipment recommendations, check out our guides to the best pike fishing rods and the best pike fishing reels.


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