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Best Ned Rig Bait of 2021

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Finesse Fishing a Ned Rig Bait

Using a Finesse style of fishing is one of the best methods for catching bass year-round. Whether your flipping into shadows in the summer or going after slow-moving fish in the winter, a finesse presentation is often extremely effective. While this style takes a lot of patience and slow-twitch lure action, and it's not necessarily as exciting, sometimes it's necessary to put fish in the boat.

The best way to ensure a finesse presentation is to use a Ned Rig. To rig this you need a small plastic or rubber worm style lure attached to a 1/4oz Jig Head. This is one of the most common ways to rig baits for bass and is especially effective for slow jigging and keeping a finesse approach.

How A Finesse Presentation Works

If you're a beginner bass angler and aren't sure what finesse fishing is, we'll briefly explain it to you. Finesse fishing requires lightweight tackle and is all about creating a natural, slow-moving presentation to entice the fish. Try to imagine and replicate how slowly a crawdad crawls across the bottom of a lake, or how a worm would twitch on the bottom. If you want to learn more Wide Open Spaces has a good article about finesse fishing.

The Best Bass Bait For Ned Rig Fishing

Rattlin' Ned by Googan Baits Ned Rig Fishing Finesse Style Green Gold Red Colors
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The best small bait for this approach is the Googan Baits Rattlin' Ned. This lure comes in at 2.75", and stands out from the competition as a well-built rattling Ned Rig Bait. It has a rattler hidden inside the worm which provides a perfect, subtle noise that draws the fish's attention. In our opinion, combining the Ned Worm with a soft rattle is absolutely genius, and we've en definitely seen how well this bait performs. In the past, we had to rely on bass noticing such a small profiled bait by seeing it alone, but this adds a second sense to your lure.

Why Anglers Love The Rattlin' Ned

This bait has 4.7-stars on Amazon with over 30 customer reviews. It's also impressive that 84% of reviewers gave this lure a 5-star review. You also can't help but appreciate the attention to detail Googan Baits gives to their lures. This bait is the same size and has the same grooves as any larvae.

Bass are used to seeing this profile, and the added red, gold, and black flakes give this bait great reflection. It's up to the angler which Jig Head they use, but this lure will work in combination with anything available on the market.

Other Finesse Fishing Methods

If you aren't a fan of Ned Rigs but still find the finesse approach effective, then this bait shouldn't be your first choice. There are lots of other soft plastics made by popular brands such as Zoom, Gary Yamamoto, and Googan Baits. We've got a great article that will fill you in on everything you need to know about fishing plastic or rubber worms.

Here at Bass Tackle Lures, we hope you found this guide useful. If you enjoyed this post and want to learn about anything else related to Bass Fishing and Bass Fishing Lures, you can head over to our home page, or use the menu selection at the top of your screen.


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