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3 Best Spotted Bass Lures for 2022

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Targeting Spotted Bass

Whether you're targeting big spawning spotted bass, or you're fishing for them after their spawn, it's important to understand the difference between these fish and other species of bass.

When it comes to catching spotted bass, you want to turn your attention away from the bank and avoid fishing in shallow and weedy areas as much as possible.

Spotted Bass Seasons

Even when spotted bass are spawning, you'll have the best luck fishing in deeper waters. In this post, we're going to provide our insights and guide you in finding the best lures to catch big spotted bass.

In many lakes, the best time to catch big spotted bass can be in the early spring when the fish are spawning. Sometimes you'll run into them in shallow water, but the larger, wiser ones will be out deeper.

Using jerk baits can be effective, but we recommend using something with a little more reflection to it that can be combined with a slower retrieve.

Booyah Shad Bladebait (Best for Spotted Bass)

White Booyah Shad Bladebait Spotted Bass

Bladebaits work well for spotted bass because you can fish them in deeper waters along ledges and bluffs, and they have a great slow-moving action that will even entice sluggish fish. This bait does a great job of mimicking the natural baitfish such as shiners, and we've found that a white color pattern has a great natural presentation.

The Booyah Shad Bladebait is unique because it has 4 blades instead of just one like other traditional bladebaits. This lure can also be set up to be weedless if you're worried about snagging on rocks and logs underwater. This bait works great to catch cold-water fish and the weight of 0.64 oz is ideal for spotted bass. You can find this lure on Amazon here.

Spotted Bass Fishing at Night

Nightfall can be a very productive time of day to catch larger spotted bass. If you're targeting these fish at night, we recommend that you use a bladebait, or spinnerbait with a soft plastic attached to it. A Senko rubber worm is a great choice, as well as a tube bait that matches your hair/rubber color.

Nicer-S Wacky Worm Kit

Nicer-S Wacky Worm Kit for Spotted Bass
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Getting yourself something like this Nicer-S Wacky Worm Kit would be a good idea. Sometimes you won't be able to predict what color the spotted bass will prefer, so it's better to have a variety of options when fishing at night. This approach works well when fishing the bluffs and drop-offs where the trophy bass will spend their time. You have a good chance of running into largemouth and smallmouth bass as well, but with practice, you'll be able to dial into species you're after.

Fall Spotted Bass Baits

When fall comes along one of our favorite techniques is to use tube baits and plastic worms without the bladebait.

You should still fish in deeper waters, but the fish shouldn't be any deeper than 35 feet. If you're fishing down in the 40 and 50 foot range, a silver or gold jigging spoon will work best.

Strike King Coffee Tube Bait

Purple Strike King Coffee Tube Bait for Spotted Bass
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The Strike King Coffee Tube Bait is one we've recommended before for targeting smallmouth bass. This bait has an excellent coffee scent that attracts fish better than anything else, and its durable design means you can reuse each tube multiple times.

The White Purple with Gold Flake can be an especially effective lure color for spotted bass, but it's better to have a variety. When using this tube bait or other rubber lures in the fall, drift it slowly along ledges or bluffs that you find to get the best results.


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