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Best Rod for Zebco Omega Pro (2022)

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Zebco Omega Pro Spincast Reel

Best Rod for Zebco Omega Pro Cover Art

When it comes to Spincast reels, it's hard to beat the value and the performance of the Zebco Omega Pro Spincast Reel. It's far more reliable and durable than traditional Spincast reels, making it ideal for anglers of all ages and experience levels.

Most Spincast reels are built to handle small fish such as panfish, but the Omega Pro is different. The reel is designed to handle species as large and powerful as Walleye, Bass, Catfish, and Striped Bass while keeping its beginner-friendly push-button design.

Rod Qualities for Zebco Omega Pro

Many beginners looking into the Zebco Omega Pro aren't sure what rod to use it on. It's a frequently asked question that has multiple answers, depending on your situation.

Since the reel is quality ensured and built to last for years, it's best to find yourself a durable rod as well. A traditional Baitcasting Rod or Spinning Rod isn't ideal, as they're designed to be used with traditional Baitcasting or Spinning Reels.

If your top priority is having high-performance, then it's best to purchase a rod made from the same manufacturer as your reel. Zebco has spent years refining their rods and making them the best for the reels they make.

Let's dive in and discuss the three fishing rods to consider.

Zebco Rhino Tough - Best Zebco Rod

4.5 Stars | 260 Angler Reviews

Zebco Rhino Tough Spinning Rod for Omega Pro Reel

The first and most popular option is the Zebco Rhino Tough Spinning Rod. It's nearly indestructible and was designed to be used with the brand's other products, such as the Omega Pro.

The Rhino Tough Series has built a reputation for affordable toughness, and Zebco guarantees this. A 10-year warranty backs this second-generation design, which is better than anything else on the market.

Nearly every component is reinforced, making it the perfect rod for the Zebco Omega Pro. The most common place for a rod to break is at the tip, so the guide on the rod's top is made from stainless steel. The blank or body of the rod features cross-wave constructed and isn't sanded, making it far tougher and more stable.

What length is best?

While some anglers may want a longer rod for slightly farther casts, the best rod length is 6 feet. This size is more durable than, say, a 7' model and offers the best versatility in the species you can fish for.

It casts extremely far with the Zebco Omega Pro and makes storage and transportation easier.

One-piece or Two-piece?

The two-piece model is great for anglers who want to effortlessly pack their rod in the trunk of their car or avoid poking someone's eye out while walking.

The one-piece option offers many benefits for Baitcasting or Spinning setups, but not for Spincast reels. We strongly recommend staying away from the one-piece option because it won't give you any additional performance when paired with the Zebco Omega Pro.

The Zebco Omega Combo - Best Rod & Reel Package

4.8 Stars | 51 Angler Reviews

The Zebco Omega Combo with Omega Pro Spincast Reel

If you haven't already purchased the Zebco Omega Pro reel, you should consider the Zebco Omega Combo. This package includes both the reel and a highly specialized rod designed to match the Omega Pro perfectly.

The rod is 2-pieces, 6.5 feet in length, and is constructed from IM7 Graphite. The handle is extremely comfortable, and the entire rod has a lightweight design. You'll really feel the benefits of a strain reduction approach after a full day of casting.

This entire setup has a 1-year warranty included with purchase, which is not quite as generous as the Rhino Tough warranty.

It's a go-to option if you haven't already purchased the reel. Zebco wants you to buy the full package, and, unfortunately, they don't sell the rod separate from the reel as well. However, our team researched and found a rod with nearly identical specs as a work-around for anglers already owning the Omega Pro.

QX36 Casting Rod - Best 3rd Party Rod

3.8 Stars | 53 Angler Reviews

QX36 Cast Rod for Zebco Omega Pro

While Zebco wants you to believe that the only way to get your hands on an IM7 Graphite Spincast rod is to buy it through their combo package, we found another option. The QX36 Cast Rod is the same 2-piece rod, with the same handle and black design, and constructed from IM7 Graphite.

The Spincast rod has positive ratings and is far more affordable than the Zebco Omega Combo. We recommend the 6 feet, 2-piece, Medium Action model to have the best results with your Zebco Omega Pro.


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