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Best Rod for Zebco Bullet (2022)

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Zebco Bullet Fishing Rods

4.2 Stars | 113 Angler Reviews

Black Zebco Bullet Spincast Reel

The Zebco Bullet Spincast Reel is the fastest Zebco reel model there is. This model has a quicker retrieval speed than any other spincaster and is even faster than most high-end fishing reels.

With a line retrieval ratio of 29.6" for each handle rotation, it's faster than 6:1:1 baitcasters and size 20 spinning reels. Reinforced high-speed gears make it a tough piece of equipment as well. It effortlessly fights large fish species such as Walleye, Largemouth Bass, Catfish, and Saltwater Stripers.

See our guide to the best bass fishing rods for information on all types of setups.

Rod Qualities for Zebco Bullet

Many beginners who own a Zebco Bullet Reel aren't sure which rod to use it on. It's a frequently asked question that has multiple answers, depending on your situation.

The reel focuses on high-speed performance but won't show its full potential if paired with the wrong rod. A slightly longer spincasting rod is important, and a stronger blank will ensure you're prepared for any situation you encounter.

Zebco produces customized rods specifically designed for their various reel models. This is great for anglers who don't yet own the Zebco Bullet, but unfortunately, you can't buy the rods separately from the reels themselves.

We'll discuss multiple rod options for anglers in different positions.

Zebco Bullet Combo

Zebco Bullet Rod and Reel Combo

The Zebco Bullet Combo is a package that includes both the reel itself and a rod made by Zebco. The rod is 6'6" in length and has a medium power rating. It features two-piece construction for easy transportation and is made from IM8 graphite material.

This is a decent option to consider, but it isn't necessarily ideal. It's only sold through Zebco's online store and a few third-party retailers. With no options to choose from to customize your preferences, this is Zebco's attempt at a one-size-fits-all design.

There are multiple other options we'll discuss next. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses compared to this combo package.

Zebco Rhino Tough Fast Action Rod

4.5 Stars | 259 Angler Reviews

Zebco Rhino Tough Fast Action Rod

Zebco's Rhino Tough Fast Action Rod is the perfect match for the Zebco Bullet Reel. It's more durable, stronger, and longer than the rod in the combo package. With a length of 7', a two-piece design, medium power, and a fast action rating, it will enhance your setup's performance.

This fast action rod matches the speedy retrieval of the reel. You wouldn't want anything other than fast action as it would limit the Bullet's most appealing feature. The 7' length is also a better size that will allow for longer casts.

One-Piece or Two-Piece?

We're frequently asked whether one-piece or two-piece fishing rods perform differently. Two-piece rods are far more practical than one-piece designs but have a weaker blank and provide a bit less leverage.

Fortunately, spincast reels aren't impacted by this factor. One-piece rods only have benefits when combined with high-end spinning or baitcasting reels. It's better to pair a two-piece rod with the Zebco Bullet because it will reduce the headache and risk of damage that one-piece rods bring.

Cadence CR6B Extra Fast Rod

4.6 Stars | 161 Angler Reviews

Cadence CR6B Extra Fast Action Rod

If you're looking for something with even better performance, Cadence's CR6B Extra Fast fishing rod is a great product. Although it's slightly more, the 7' heavy rating rod is built tough.

This rod's blank (or body) is made from 30-ton carbon, the highest rating we've seen. SiC inserts give more rigidity, and the focus of the design is on speed. It's also a two-piece build for convenience, and the connection is reinforced to ensure it never wears down or breaks.

All three of the rods we've reviewed are great options for your Zebco Bullet. It comes down to quality preferences and your own budget allowance. We hope this guide helped you decide on a rod for your reel. The Bass Tackle Lures team wishes you luck out on the water!

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