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Best Rod for Zebco 33 (2022)

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

The Zebco 33 Series

The fishing rod and reel producer, Zebco, is known for its easy to use, high-quality spincast reel designs. These are often also referred to as "push-button" fishing reels. Zebco's signature series, the 33 models, have been referred to as "America's most trusted, easy to use fishing reels."

Two models stand out in this collection, the Zebco 33 Original and the Zebco 33 Platinum. Both are affordable options for beginner anglers of all ages and are the industry's highest-quality push-button reels.

Zebco 33 Original - Standard Spincast Model

4.7 Stars | 23 Angler Reviews

Zebco 33 Original Spincast Reel

The Zebco 33 Original Spincast Reel is the most popular spincast reel ever made. It only costs a fraction of what other fishing reels cost and is produced with high quality and performance standards. The first edition of this reel had a decent retrieval speed, but Zebco has made some major upgrades since then. This current second edition model reels in line 20% faster and has the same low price tag.

If you're in doubt about which spincast reel is right for you, this original, highly popular model is a safe bet.

Zebco 33 Platinum - Premium Spincast Model

4.5 Stars | 442 Angler Reviews

Zebco 33 Platinum Spincast Reel

If you're willing to pay the higher price, the Zebco 33 Platinum has the same profile as the original model but is a higher-quality, more durable product. Many anglers have seen the benefits of this and have been purchasing this reel more frequently since it costs only $10 more.

The added strength comes from a metal body and gears, 4 stainless steel bearings, and an anti-reverse feature. Not only is the housing less likely to crack, but the anti-reverse prevents backlash and line from tangling in the spool.

Rod Qualities for Zebco 33 Models

Many beginner anglers aren't sure which rod to pair with Zebco's 33 models. Spincast reels are unlike any traditional spinning or baitcasting reel, and there aren't many guides or informative content around them.

When considering different rods, a few important criteria are price, strength, size, and piece count. Ideally, a good rod for the 33 original will be inexpensive, strong, and between 6ft and 7ft long.

Brand Differences

First and foremost, you mustn't use a rod designed for a different reel type. It may be hard to find "spincast compatible" product labels. Many brands don't make rods designed for push-button reels, and if they do, they're frequently low quality.

The way to get the most performance at the best price is to fish with Zebco brand rods specially designed for their products. While you can try to use third-party spinning rods with similar specifications, you'll likely end up paying more for a less-than-ideal combination.

Zebco sells multiple fishing rods and gear packages to meet different needs. We'll begin our review of the various great rod options for the Zebco 33 Original.

Zebco 33 Original Combo - Best Value Rod & Reel Package

Zebco 33 Original Spincast Combo

If you've decided the original spincast model is right for you and haven't yet purchased the reel by itself, the Zebco 33 Original Spincast Combo is a bang for your buck. This kit includes the reel itself, a set of spincast tackle and lures, and a custom-made rod.

The rod measures 5'6" in length with a moderate action and medium power rating. Strong fiberglass material is used to construct the blank, and it has a two-piece design for easy transportation.

To keep this review concise, more details can be read in the product description. The price is jaw-dropping, and this is the best bet for anglers who don't already own the Zebco 33 Original Spincast reel.

Unfortunately, Zebco does not sell any of the rods in their combo packages separate from the reel itself. This is true for both the Original and Platinum models. Our third recommended rod is a great option for anglers who need just the rod itself. We discuss this further at the end of this guide.

Zebco 33 Platinum Combo - Highest Quality Setup

4.6 Stars | 14 Angler Reviews

Zebco Platinum Spincast Combo

For the more serious anglers, the Zebco 33 Platinum Combo is right up your alley. Both the reel itself and a custom rod are sold, and together they're capable of landing some giant fish.

The custom rod for the 33 Platinum is made with IM6 Graphite, which is even stronger than fiberglass. Usually, you only find this material used on super expensive professional-level rods. Since it's so strong, you'll have no problem landing anything from panfish and trout to walleye, bass, catfish, and even pike.

Zebco Rhino Tough Casting Rod - Best Stand-Alone Rod

4.5 Stars | 115 Angler Reviews

Zebco Rhino Tough Casting Rod

The Zebco Rhino Tough Casting Rod is a fish-catching beast. Compatible with the Zebco 33 Original, 33 Platinum, 33 Pistol, 33 MAX, Omega, Omega Pro, and nearly all spincast reels, it's a truly versatile product.

Tips are usually the first thing to break on a fishing rod, but not on the Rhino Tough. Its tip is reinforced with a steel guide. The rod is appropriately named as it's achieved awards for its long-lasting capabilities and "brute-tough blank." There's nothing this setup can't handle.

Zebco offers a 10-year warrant to back-up their bold claims. With an average 4.8 Star rating from satisfied customers, this fishing rod won't disappoint.


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