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7 Best Telescopic Fishing Rod & Reel Combos (2022)

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

best telescopic fishing rod and reel combo

The collapsable fishing rod was invented years ago to solve the problem of traveling with fishing equipment. Before these designs, if you wanted to travel long distances to catch fish, you would need to focus all your attention on protecting your 6-10ft pole.

With the products available on today's market, you can collapse your fishing set up to make it fit easily in a backpack, suitcase, or the trunk of your car. This guide discusses the seven best telescopic fishing rod and reel combos on the market and why some products are more formidable than others.

Comparing Brands & Models

If you take a look online, you'll likely come across dozens of telescopic fishing rods being sold by various companies. This is because the actual design is not difficult to produce, and many foreign compies have developed cheap knock-off items.

We'll be discussing the products from brands that have built trustworthy reputations. The combos on this list will last you many years of use and don't break easily like the other flimsy and poorly-made rods on the market.

Telescopic Combo Reviews


Zebco 33 - Best Beginner Telescopic Combo

4.4 Stars | 79 Angler Reviews

Zebco 33 Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

The Zebco 33 Telescopic Combo is a "push-button" style collapsable fishing rod and reel. This type of fishing setup is ideal for beginners and kids as there's a much smaller learning curve involved. Simply push the button down, and release to cast.

Zebco is a trusted and time-tested fishing brand. It's one of the top reel producers globally and is known for making high-quality equipment that's also approachable. While other spincast reels are usually made from inexpensive components, Zebco reels are durable enough to handle largemouth bass, trout, panfish, catfish, pike, snook, and several saltwater species.

This telescopic rod is made from E-glass, making it surprisingly strong and sensitive for the price. Zebco includes a one-year warranty with this model, so you have the option to return this product with no questions asked.


Sougayilang Kit - Best Spinning Combo

Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Our favorite collapsable spinning kit is the Sougyilang Telescopic Combo. This setup includes a spinning reel, a better option for serious anglers who want better performance. The spinning reel included in this kit has exceptional casting distance and plenty of torque for battling larger fish species.

Unless you're learning how to fish, you'll want a spinning setup like this one. One of the reasons why we like this package so much is because it's packed full of features and bonus items. A spare spool, 110 yards of fishing line, 3 fishing lures, 12 fishing accessories, and a carrying case are included with the purchase.

The rod itself is as durable as it gets, and the reel has buttery smooth reeling. We recommend this setup to anglers that want a single rod to handle everything. From stripers, largemouth bass, catfish, and trout to any saltwater gamefish.


Plusinno Combo - Runner-Up Setup

Plusinno Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Another collapsable set up that caught our attention was the Plussino Telescopic Spinning Combo. After trying it out for ourselves, our team confirmed the rod's build quality. This kit includes multiple accessories that are specifically designed for this rod and reel combo.

A carrier bag, fishing line, lures, and the rod and reel itself are all included with every purchase. This rod is unique as it's rated for sea fishing, boat casting, and inshore saltwater applications.

The rod's blank comprises sensitive graphite, carbon fiber, and fiberglass, making it the ideal setup for everyone from novice anglers to technical bass fishermen. You'll be protected from harsh salt-deterioration as the rod and reel are coated in anti-seawater spray, preventing corrosion.


Plussino Youth Fishing Set

Plussino Youth Telescopic Fishing Combo

If you're traveling with your kids or want something easy to load into a backpack, the Plusinno Youth Fishing Set is perfect for the aspiring angler. This rod is the perfect size for children, making it much more manageable than the other telescopic poles on this list.

This combo includes everything a beginner needs to get out on the water and start catching fish. Hard baits, soft plastics, jig heads, swivels, bobbers, bullet weights, fishing line, and a carrying case are all included with the rod itself.

We recommend this telescopic rod and reel combo to younger anglers that fish for panfish, bluegill, sunfish, crappie, and small bass. Plusinno also has a hassle-free policy that protects you from receiving and having to deal with damaged equipment. Simply email the company for returns, and you won't be bombarded with questions.


Zebco Roam Telescopic Combo

4.7 Stars | 154 Angler Reviews

Zebco Roam Telescopic Fishing Combo

Anglers that want a spincast combo but want something that's slightly higher quality should consider the Zebco Roam Telescopic Combo, as it's a great value for the money. This "push-button" model has soft-touch handle nobs and a comfortable design.

This rod is easy to use, regardless of your age. Whether you're an adult that fishies occasionally or have children that enjoy the sport, the Roam Telescopic Combo is for you. The pole is six feet long and is constructed from durable fiberglass materials.

Like the 33 Combo, this product comes with Zebco's one-year warranty. Overall, the Roam Model is designed for comfort to ensure all ages enjoy their time out on the water.


Croch Carbon Fiber Rod Kit

Croch Carbon Fiber Rod Combo

The Croch Carbon Fiber Rod Kit is a professional-level telescopic rod and reel combo that's perfect for the advanced angler searching for a reliable travel setup. With multiple rod sizes available, there Croch team has something to suit your needs.

Since this rod is made from carbon fiber, it's super lightweight. This makes it ideal for backpacking, hiking, and overall performance. Croch includes an Oxford fabric carrying bag, fishing line, and a small fishing lure set with every purchase.

The reel that comes with this combo has more line capacity than other models on this list. This means you won't have to replace your line as often, and you can put a heavier line onto the spool. We recommend this product to adults and avid anglers looking for a high-quality rod and reel combo.


Lixada Collapsable Pen Combo

Lixada Collapsable Telescopic Pen Fishing Rod and Reel

This last product is more of a gimmick than an actual fishing pole. The Lixada Collapsable Pen Combo is a telescopic fishing rod and reel combo that folds up to fit in your pocket! Whether you're looking for a funny gift, an emergency rod to use in survival situations, or just want to impress your friends, this unit is super impressive.

The rod is made from glass steel, the whole unit is coated with corrosion-resistant spray, and as you can imagine, it's lightweight. Since the entire rod is housed in a discrete pen capsule, this is something you can pull out to impress your buddies!

For more awesome fishing gifts, check out our other review content. We've found items that will impress anyone, even if it seems like they've already seen everything. See our homepage for more info on what we're all about!


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