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5 Best Ice Fishing Automatic Hook Setters of 2022

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Automatic Hook Setters for Ice Fishing

Automatic Hook Setter for Ice Fishing

The invention of Automatic Hook Setters has changed the sport of Ice Fishing as we know it. No longer do anglers need to sit around a hole with a single rod and wait for fish to come to them. With a collection of Automatic Hook Setters, fishermen can deploy all of their rods at once and vastly increase their chances of catching fish.

To use an Auto Hook Setter, place your rod handle in the holder and bend the tip down to the trigger. Different models have different amounts of adjustability and are better suited for different ice fishing applications. This technology has become just as important as having a great ice fishing rod or the right ice fishing reel for your needs.

In this guide, we'll offer our advice on the five best Automatic Hook Setters available and discuss the ideal setups for different angler preferences.


Jaw Jacker Automatic Hook Setter - Best Overall

Jaw Jacker Automatic Hook Setter
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The most popular Automatic Hook Setter, the Jaw Jacker, is extremely effective at hooking fish and is fully adjustable to fit ice fishing rods of all sizes. It releases the flex of your ice fishing rod to powerfully set the hook, just as if you were there yourself.

Not only can you adjust the setup to fit different rods, but the hook set strength can also be modified. For smaller fish with thinner lips, such as trout, make sure you use a lower power setting so you don't pull the hook through the fish's lip.

The trigger on the Jaw Jacker is the most fine-tuned and sensitive system on the market. It's able to sense the lightest bites imaginable and is also an adjustable setting. There's nothing else like the Jaw Jacker for automated ice fishing situations.

Many anglers bring multiple automated systems with them out on the ice. Since the Jaw Jacker folds in on itself, transportation is extremely efficient. You can fit 10 to 15 of these rigs into a single 5-gallon bucket with ease.

If you purchase through Amazon, to product comes with 2 rod tip loops and 3 jigs, making it a tremendous value for the affordable price.


Quickset Automatic Hook Setters - Most Affordable (3 for $10)

Quickset Automatic Hook Setter Setup Example
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If you're looking for the best value, you can't beat the Quickset Automatic Hook Setters. This bundle comes with 3 Ice fishing Quicksets and costs only $10, meaning each one only costs you $3.

For anglers with multiple rods that need many automated hook setters, this is a great option. The image above shows how the Quickset is used, and it's a relatively simple rig to set up.

From our experience, the Quickset hooks the fish in the side of the mouth nearly every time. The plastic has a unique design and never freezes or breaks due to extreme conditions either. Whether you're fishing for powerful Northern Pike and Lake Trout or gentile Perch and Panfish, the Quickset is adjustable to meet your needs.

The one drawback of this system is that it doesn't have the same build-quality or ease of use as the Jaw Jacker. For anglers that are on a budget, we have always recommended getting yourself as many Jaw Jackers as you can afford and substituting the Quickset Hook Setters for the rest of your rods.


Krazywolf Auto Strike Kickback - Easy Transportation

Yellow Krazywolf Auto Strike Kickback System Model
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The largest benefit of the Krazywolf Auto Strike Kickback Hook Setters is how easy they are to transport. Although all the hook setters we recommend are foldable, this system does it the best. This can be very appealing for anglers who walk to their fishing spot or don't have a snowmobile.

When set to the maximum hook setting strength, the Krazywolf is also super powerful. If you're fishing for big fish with tough mouths such as Northern Pike, this is a great option. It allows anglers to hook more fish and use all the rods they own.


Pysod Double Spring Hook Setter - Fishing Year-Round

Pysod Double Spring Year-Round Hook Setter
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The Pysod Double Spring Hook Setter has a different design than the others on this list. While effective in snowy and icy conditions, this item works year-round. It fits fishing rods of all lengths and is effective for all species of freshwater gamefish. It even catches some saltwater species, as long as you don't exceed the maximum tension of 110 pounds.

This system never rusts due to its anti-corrosion constriction. Two strong springs in the rear are adjustable and lift the entire rod into the air to set the hook. It acts the same way as a person setting the hook on a fish.

Even if you're sitting by monitoring your rods for strikes, this can be beneficial to you. It greatly reduces the amount of missed strikes as it lowers the reaction time to under a second.


HT Enterprise Ice Fishing Rigger - The Original Rigger

HT Enterprise Ice Fishing Rigger - The Original Rigger Product
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Whenever you hear somebody mention "Ice Fishing Riggers", the HT Enterprise Ice Fishing Rigger is what they're talking about. This system is the original Ice Fishing Rigger that has been copied and ripped off dozens of times by other brands.

The bottom of the rig is constructed from Hardwood and has a traditional, time tested design. You can adjust the trip tension to your desired bite strength and then wait for the tell-tail signal. When a fish strikes, the red flag pops up, letting you know there's something on the end of your line!

If you're in doubt, we recommend trying the original first and then buying other models based on the special qualities you need.


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