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7 Best Pop-Up Ice Fishing Shelters of 2022

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Pop-Up Style Shelters

Pop-Up Style Insulated Ice Fishing Shelter Snow Tent

Ice-fishing is an intense sport where anglers often face extreme conditions and temperatures. The most common way to make this type of fishing more enjoyable is by using an ice fishing shelter or tent to protect against the cold, strong winds, snow, and other elements.

The pop-up style ice fishing shelter isn't a new invention, but it has certainly been improved over the years. With better fabric technology, easier setup processes, and thorough insulation, these designs are now better than ever. They're a great alternative to flip-over style ice fish shelters or for anglers in need of a more portable solution.

While the overall quality of these shelters has increased, they're not all built the same. Unfortunately, some companies use cheap materials in their production and don't design their products with the angler's needs in mind.

Whether you're a first-time buyer of a pop-up ice fishing shelter or looking for an upgrade, we're here to help. We've compiled a list of the 7 best pop-up style ice fishing shelters available and discuss each one's strengths and weaknesses.


Eskimo FatFish Series

Red Eskimo FatFish Series Pop-Up Ice Fishing Shelter Snow Tent
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This is the world's first and original model of the wide-bottom pop-up. This flared design of the Eskimo FatFish Series provides more fishable area inside the tent than most other comparable shelters. Eskimo is known for building their units with a 59% higher thread count, which increases durability tremendously.

A quality-first build process results in a tighter weave and better wind protection. The design is also watertight, like all of Eskimo's shelters. Even with all these features, the FatFish Series is 19% lighter than other pop-up shelters currently available.

Everything in this package fits into a single duffle bag, included in your purchase, that's easily carried on one's back.


Thunderbay Ice Cube 3-Man

3 Person Thunderbay Ice Cube Ice Fishing Pop-Up Tent
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The dimensions of the Thunderbay Ice Cube are impressive. When laid flat, the base measures 90" by 90", and when opened, the unit has a height of 80". This provides ample interior space for 3 anglers to comfortably fish at once.

Windows on the Ice Cube have a "blackout coating" to keep all light out when closed. When opened, they let a decent amount of light in to make the interior bright and welcoming. The Windows are also easily adjustable and replaceable for customization preferences.

You'll notice the skirt on the parameter of the shelter is wider than usual. This design helps to keep unwanted drafts out. The package includes 6 self-tapping ice anchors and a carry bag for other ice fishing accessories if purchased through Amazon.


Pexmor Ice Fishing Shelter

Large Orange Pexmor Pop-Up Ice Fishing Shelter
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The Pexmor Ice Fishing Shelter is a monster unit meant to accommodate large groups of anglers. 9 people can easily fit inside the tent, making it the largest pop-up style ice fishing tent on the market.

It measures 142" by 71" when laid flat and 81" in height when popped up. A proprietary pop-up design makes the unit take less than 2 minutes to set up, even by yourself. Two doors are offered with sturdy zippers for easier in and out. Zippers can be operated without taking off your gloves for ease of use.

This shelter is constructed from 300D Oxford Fabric, making the tent waterproof and suitable for temperatures as low as Minus 22 Degrees Ferenheight. The fabric is laid around solid fiberglass rods, and the tent is equipped with 8 anchors, ensuring stability.

Fast Shipping is a huge bonus. The product's delivered in as little as 2 business days and comes with an impressive 12-month warranty. It's always reassuring to see companies show confidence in their quality by including an extended warranty.

Additional/Included Items

  • Carrying bag

  • 4 ventilation holes

  • 6 detachable windows (For aeration)

  • Transparent window option (Keep interior warm & let in light)


Eskimo QuickFish 3

Red Eskimo QuickFish 3 Pop-Up Ice Fishing Shelter
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The fastest shelter to set up and take down is the Eskimo Quickfish 3. In as little as 60 seconds, you can be ready to fish inside the tent. Like the FatFish Series, this tent has a 59% higher thread count, resulting in better wind resistance and watertight performance.

Many features of this tent are similar to other Eskimo products, except the interior size. This unit is smaller, meant for only a few anglers to fish at once.

Another unique feature is the in-skirt ice anchor grommets. This technology makes it easier for anglers to secure their tent to the ice. Place your ice anchors through grommets in the skirt material, and never have to worry about having separate grommet tabs.


Clam Corporation Thermal Hub

Blue Clam Corporation Thermal Hub Pop-Up Ice Fishing Shelter Snow Tent
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The Clam Corporation Thermal Hub is ideal for cooler night-time temperatures. All characteristics, such as setup, takedown, and privacy, are build to the expected quality.

During the summer months, the interior temperature can get a bit warm, but this generally not an issue that will detour most ice fishing anglers.

This shelter is best for one time, set up situations. It's portable but not as easy to carry as other options. It's spacious and uses the highest-quality 900 Denier Fabric for premium insulation.

4 anglers comfortably fit inside the Thermal Hub. While the Clam Corporation claims it fits a maximum of 6 people, this isn't too realistic. Positive reviews have reinforced the exceptional quality and attention to detail of this pop-up style shelter.


Outsunny 8 Person Waterproof Pop-Up

Black Outsunny 8 Person Waterproof Portable Pop-Up Ice Fishing Shelter
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Setups and tears-downs of the Outsunny 8 Person Waterproof Portable Pop-Up are extremely efficient. Pull on the roof and all four sides, and the shelter breaks down with ease. The unique geometric design is almost futuristic and provides many enticing benefits.

Two zippered doors are featured on opposite ends of the tent. 4 transparent triangular windows provide a well-ventilated environment. The Outsunny Pop-up is constructed from 300D Oxford fabric, durable, waterproof, resistant to cold, wind, and rain.

Additional/Included Items

  • Carrying bag

  • Ground nail

  • Wind rope


Eskimo Outbreak 450I

Red and Black Eskimo Outbreak 450I Ice Fishing Pop-Up Tent

Eskimo makes many ice fishing shelters, but the Outbreak 450I is the only model with an oversized, trip-proof door that fully zips down to the ice. This feature eliminates the annoying flaw most shelters have of easily trapping your foot in the door framework.

The dark gray interior provides unexpected benefits. It brightens the interior making it easier to see and fish, but also has a light-blocking backing that still allows the angler to eliminate outside light interference.

Like the Eskimo FatFish Series, a flared wide-bottom design provides a significantly more fishable area than other shelters on the market. The Outbreak 450I is fully-insulated with IQ insulated fabric, making it 35% warmer than comparable shelters. An all-metal ball-and-socket design is used well as larger fiberglass poles for more rigidity.

Additional/Included Items

  • Oversized cinch duffle bag

  • Removable window panels

  • Mesh storage pockets

  • Deluxe tie-downs and In-skirt grommets

  • YKK Zippers (Durable, Industry-preferred zippers)

  • Ice Anchors


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