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6 Best Flip-Over Ice Fishing Shelters of 2022

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Flip-Over Shelters for Ice Fishing

best flip over ice fishing shelter

Flip-over ice fishing shelters are gaining popularity among anglers. They're practical and eliminate a lot of the problems traditional ice shelters tend to have. This tent style is housed in a single sled that has additional storage compartments for gear and accessories.

Whether towing behind an ATV, snowmobile, or by hand, flip-over shelters make the sport far more enjoyable. While not as portable as pop-up style ice fishing shelters, they're ideal for certain situations.

Once you get to your fishing spot, most models flip over and can be set up in a matter of seconds. Many have insulation that provides shelter from harsh winter conditions and allows ice fishing anglers to fish in comfort.

There are many types of flip shelters on the market today, but they're not all made with the same quality level. We've compiled a list of the best flip-over ice fishing shelters and discuss which ones best fit different anglers' needs.


Eskimo Evo Series Flip Style Ice Shelter

Red Eskimo Evo Series Flip Style Ice Shelter
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The Eskimo Evo Series is a flip-style shelter with complete insulation. Both the roof and back panels are insulated using IQ fabric covers that keep the tent warm in all fishing situations. Not only this, but these materials also reduce the condensation build-up that other shelters have.

This model has more interior space than any other sled shelter, meaning it's perfect for a larger group of people. Eskimo achieved this design by advancing the fiberglass poles and hub technology that the industry has previously used.

Two oversized side doors in the front and rear make it easy to manage your equipment. The self-tapping ice anchors are high-strength and won't bend or break even in extreme conditions.

Most importantly, the shelter is built with 300 Denier IceTight Fabric and has a 59% higher thread count than similar flip over shelters. These qualities are essential for both comfort and longevity. It's sure to last through many years out on the ice.


Clam Nanook XL Thermal

Grey Clam Nanook XL Thermal
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Clam Outdoors has been making ice fishing equipment for over 30 years. Their name came from their first shelter model that opened up from a portable suitcase, not unlike a clam.

When avid ice angler Dave Genz needed a better shelter solution, he went to work designing his own ice fishing tent concept. He created the first portable ice fishing house that would protect him from extreme weather conditions.

Dave Genz quickly realized how useful his technology was and formed a partnership with Clam Outdoors. With the two forces put together, they could produce enough units to meet the increasing demand for their product.

The first project, the Original Fish Trap, has since evolved into this high-quality, larger addition, the Nanook XL Thermal.

Every owner of the Clam Nanook XL Thermal that we've spoken to has only had good things to say about the product. We've heard many comments about the built-in tub, the high-strength fabric, and the exceptional insulation that keeps the interior warm and comfortable.


Frabill Aegis Insulated Flip-Over

Black Frabill Aegis Insulated Flip-Over Shelter
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Founded in 1938, Frabill is one of the original companies making modern ice fishing technology. They sell everything from ice shelters to bait management containers and have built a name for themselves as a reliable and customer-first organization.

Their most popular and affordable Flip-over style shelter is the Frabill Aegis. It can be modified to have one of 5 different seating options. It can also be adjusted between the 3 levels of insulation depending on the weather and conditions you're in.

This is a 2 person compact-style shelter that's effortless to transport to and from your fishing spot. While it may not appear spacious from the outside, you'll likely be surprised by how roomy it feels upon entering the unit.

It has 20 Square Feet of fishable space inside. Full insulation surrounds the entire flip over to keep you warm, even in sub-zero temperatures. Frabill says, "there's no coincidence the Aegis is named after the shield that protected the gods."


Eskimo Grizzly Flip Shed Shelter

Red and Black Eskimo Grizzly Flip Shed Shelter
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The Eskimo Grizzly Flip Shed Shelter's Oto-Molded Sled is reinforced to withstand the impact of all-terrain. Rarely, the sled will ever face damage or wear out due to extended use.

Stormshield Insulated Fabric is used and constructed from three layers of thick material. It's abrasion-resistant due to 80 grams of high-loft insulation spread throughout each unity. The Eskimo Grizzly is one of the best shelters for maximum warmth and protection against wind.

The interior design is well thought out. A gray coating color adds contrast against the snow and brightens the interior, making it easier to see and fish. The Versa Seating System allows seats to swivel and change location while also lifting to access a storage compartment. It makes it extremely easy to store your ice fishing rods, ice fishing reels, and hook setters all in one place.

Eskimo has used Aluminum square tubing to make the structure sturdy, included a full-length rear door, mesh storage pockets, and double-walled hinge brackets.


Shappell FX100 One Man Flip-Up Shelter

Blue Ice Fishing Shappell FX100 One Man Flip-Up Shelter
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The Shappell FX100 is a smaller flip-up shelter designed to house one person at a time. It's compact, easier to carry, and doesn't take as long to set up.

Since it's built around a one-piece frame, it quickly folds up and down from the built-in sled. It features two closeable windows, an extra-wide bench seat, and two zippered doors.

As expected, this is a well-built product. The walls are constructed using 600-denier polyester, which provides exceptional protection from the harsh elements. It's made in the USA and has an impressive interior fishing area of 26 Square Feet.


Frabill Citadel 3255 Insulated Flip-Over

Frabill Citadel 3255 Insulated Flip-Over
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The Frabill Citadel is ideal for anglers to want a bit more space to fish with their buddies. It can comfortably house up to 3 anglers and has a design focused on practicality. All models of the Citadel series provide easy in-and-out access and eliminate all hassles of traditional ice shelters.

This model features 2 doors and is built on a thermo-formed base. Not only does this make it warm, but the lightweight alloy frame keeps it sturdy and lightweight.

You won't find another 3 people flip over an ice fishing tent that's as strong and lightweight as the Citadel. It's without a doubt the best on the market.


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