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Baby Bull Shad Swimbait Review

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Mike Bucca Baby Bull Shad

Green Catch Co Mike Bucca Baby Bull Shad Swimbait
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The Baby Bull Shad Swimbait measures 3 3/4” in length and 1/2oz in weight. It’s a slow sinking jointed swimbait that has been gaining recent popularity. Since the lure is split into 4 individual segments, this bait has an extremely lifelike action.

Each segment is connected in two places to ensure rigidity and durability. From the first time holding the Mike Bucca Baby Bull Shad, it’s clear that the product's strength and build-quality are never going to be an issue.

Catch Co's Color Options

It’s offered in 6 unique colors that are all-natural and mimic baitfish. You won’t see anything that cheaper brands offer like crazy, overly artificial patterns.

The tailpiece is not made from wood like a traditional swimbait but actually has a paintbrush style design. This only increases the realism and flutter of the lure.

Swimbait "S" Action

This bait is a joy to use even when you’re not catching fish. As it moves through the water, it swims in great “S” shapes that draw fish in from long distances away.

Baby Bull Shad Packaging Table Display

You can burn it or rip it along the surface, or you can fish it slow to get that nice “S” wavering action that we all love. When fish become more lethargic, the Baby Bull Shad performs well because it sinks faster, the slower you retrieve it.

What does it catch?

Its versatility is great and can be fished in both ponds and lakes. Hooking up to monster pond largemouth with the Baby Bull Shad is super exciting.

Other jointed baits can be frustrating to fish with because they only catch big fish. Often, this can result in long slow periods with little action. The Baby Bull Shad is exciting because it’s a jointed swimbait that appeals to smaller fish and larger fish. This makes it far more practical, especially for beginners.

Backside of Baby Bull Shad Packaging on Wood Table

We’ve had days out on the water where Smallmouth will jet up from 15 feet underwater to attack this bait. It works great in multiple environments, including shallow watertight against cover, grass lines, and overtop ledges.

Our Dislikes

Our one complaint is that the 4-joint build causes it to tumble a bit during casts. This is to be expected, though, as we’ve yet to see a jointed swimbait that casts straight without rolling around.

For the price, this swimbait is absolutely unbeatable. You can use it in so many different conditions and almost every depth of water.

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