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Facikono Soft Swimbait Jigs Review

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Facikono Swimbait Jigs
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Soft Swimbait Jigs Overview

Soft plastic swimbaits are a great year-round choice for bass fishing. The main purpose of swimbaits is to imitate baitfish such as shad and small minnows. No matter the design, it's your job as an angler to give that swimbait a natural, injured baitfish presentation to get a reaction from the bass.

You probably know about the old-style lures such as hollow & solid paddle tail swimbaits, line-thru swimbaits, and top-hook swimbaits. You can catch bass on these, but new swimbait varieties have become more effective as technology has advanced.

Targeted Freshwater Fish Species

✓ Pike

✓ Perch

✓ Crappie

✓ Saltwater Gamefish

Facikono Soft Swimbait Jigs

A perfect example of evolving technology can be seen in the outstanding Facikono Soft Swimbait Jigs. These lures are the best soft plastic swimbaits, and they do a great job combining realistic action, ideal weighting, and high build quality at an affordable price.

These jigs are scented with a "baitfish smell," which really separates them from the competition. The 3D eyes are carefully designed and really show a forward-thinking approach to lure innovations.

Swimbait Tail Action

The curling tail action is our favorite part about this swimbait. As we mentioned, anglers usually have to perfect their technique to make their presentation appear to be wounded. But, with the Facikono Jig, the twisting tail action catches the big bass's attention as it's an unusual swimming action.

It has a perfect combination of realism and odd qualities, which is likely why it outperforms almost all other soft swimbaits. Each lure is 3 1/2" long and weighs 0.31oz. Performance with these is worth every penny, and typically you're charged a high dollar for a good set of swimbaits.

Facikono Swimbait Purchasing Options

They're even featured on Amazon! You will receive a package of 6 unique bass catching machines for less than the cost of many costly individual swimbaits. Many branded lures are over-priced and don't actually catch more fish as people believe.

Facikono is a clear example of a small lure company that listens to anglers and provides them with everything they need in one product. These swimbaits are Amazon's Choice Product for the entire "bass lures" category and have an average rating of 4.4-stars from 200 customers. You can find Facikono Soft Swimbait Jigs on Amazon here.


✓ Affordable

✓ High Quality

✓ Durable

✓ Natural Movement

✓ Hangup Resistant

✓ Balanced Weight


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