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Best ChatterBaits for Bass (2021)

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Largemouth Bass Chatterbaits

Z-man Original Chatterbait Orange Pink Black Bass Fishing Lure

Chatterbaits are one of those lures that every angler loves to use. It doesn't matter whether you fish in ponds, lakes, reservoirs, or slow-moving rivers, these baits consistently prove to be effective. The battering blade on top of the lure enables fishermen to use these to create a noisy topwater. These baits can even be fished slower, under the surface of the water, where it has a similar action to spinnerbaits.

You mainly want to use this style lure to target aggressively feeding largemouth bass when the water warms up and to promote reaction strikes when the bite slows down. We'll keep this introduction short because we've already created a guide on how to fish the best noisy topwater baits.

Z-man Original Chatterbait

Z-man Original Chatterbait Green Silver Black Bass Fishing Lure
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The official model name for this bait is the Z-man CB12-73 Chatterbait Carolina. This is a bladed swim jig developed by the Z-man Lure Production Company, which was specifically designed as an effective bass tournament bait. This lure has shown its potential and will help fill your livewells and cash those big tournament checks. If you're not on a professional level but still enjoy catching bass, well... using the same lures the pros do is a good idea.

Plenty of novice anglers use the Z-man Chatterbait as well. You can now purchase this bait on Amazon, and it's already earned over 200 positive customer reviews. With an average rating of 4.6-stars and 77% of customers giving this bait 5-stars, it's clear that this is a favorite chatterbait of anglers around the world.

What makes this bait so effective?

This bladed swim jig has a patented design and a special trademark or specifically for the hex-shaped blade. If you want the most effective chatterbait, you have to get it from Z-man. This combination creates intense vibration, flash, and action that you just won't find in other chatterbaits. Z-man has taken the action of a crankbait, jig, and spinnerbait, and combined all the best qualities of each into this single presentation.

Our favorite colors patterns that catch the most bass are Candy Craw, Bad Shad Gold, Carolina Craw, and especially Green Pumpkin Purple. Anybody who fishes with Yamamoto Senkos (which is almost everybody) knows how effective Green Pumpkin lures can be. This color works in all weather conditions, in any water clarity, and during every season.

Where do you fish Z-man Chatterbaits?

Z-man Original Chatterbait Orange Green Gold Black Bass Fishing Lure
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Now, these chatterbaits can catch fish anywhere. This is one of those lure designs that don't see many limitations. With this being said, the best conditions to use these is when there's heavy cover that bass will be hiding under, and when fishing stained, low-visibility waters. This is because bass will struggle to sense other lure types when their visibility is limited, and it makes the noisy, squeaky chatterbait outperform anything else.

With the Z-man, we find that it pairs exceptionally well with a Yum Craw Chunk. Keep in mind that choosing the right Chatterbait Trailer is extremely important. It's also almost always a good idea to match your trailers to your skirt color, just like when you're jigging for big bass. Run the Z-man along the top of the water near hardcover, or keep it just below the surface when fishing shallow waters.


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