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Best Spinnerbait Trailers - Top 7 for 2022

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Spinnerbait Trailer Reviews

best spinnerbait trailer

Spinnerbait trailers are soft plastic baits that typically have baitfish or grub profiles. They can help you catch larger bass and will make it easier to cover bodies of water. In this guide, we review the best spinnerbait trailers of 2021 and discuss each lure's qualities.

Refer to our guides to the best spinnerbaits and best spinnerbait rods for more information. We love this type of bass lure as much as you do!

Should you use Spinnerbait Trailers?

Anglers thread these soft plastics onto the hook of their spinnerbait. Some love them, some criticize them, and others are on the fence about using trailers. In general, it's best to use a trailer when targeting bigger bass.

Trailers give your presentation a much larger profile and entice larger fish. Big bass like big baits and are more willing to attack prey that will fill them up. You'll catch some monster fish with the spinnerbait trailers we recommend.

Z-Man Split Tail Spinnerbait Trailer

Z-Man Split Tail Trailer Green Pumpkin
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If you're on the fence about using a spinnerbait trailer, the Z-Man Split Tail Trailer is the best option. This is a great middle-ground between using a trailer and not using one at all.

This bait has a minimal profile that doesn't interfere with the natural spinnerbait action. However, it does make your bait longer and helps you catch bigger fish.

The Z-Man Split Tail is incredibly durable. It's used and recommended by professional tournament anglers and is a great value for the money. Green pumpkin and white color patterns are the best options because they match the low-profile design.

Big Bite Baits Jerk Minnow

Big Bite Baits Jerk Minnow Spinnerbait Trailer
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The Big Bite Baits Jerk Minnow is a paddle tail spinnerbait trailer that's phenomenal in the spring. Big Bite Baits infuses this soft plastic with their "Bite Juice" fish attractant, scientifically proven to draw strikes.

This bait is made from high-quality materials that give it realistic action in the water. It's the best alternative to other popular fluke-style baits, such as the Zoom Fluke.

A 100-pack of these lures costs less than some high-end spinnerbait models. This is the best spinnerbait trailer for the money, especially since it dominates bass in the spring.

Zoom Fat Albert Spinnerbait Trailer

Zoom Fat Albert Grub Spinnerbait Bass Fishing Soft Plastic Trailer
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Since spinnerbaits aren't all that realistic, adding a Zoom Fat Albert Grub to your presentation is a good idea. This monster soft plastic grub is 5" long and has a ton of action. More delicate materials are used to keep the flapping motions appearing natural.

This spinnerbait trailer helps anglers get less aggressive bass to bite year-round. If you're fishing dirty or tea-colored waters, the Chartreuse Pearl color is your best bet. Anglers fishing in clear water lakes and reservoirs should consider the more realistic Watermelon Seed and Green Pumpkin colors.

Strike King Twin Tail Menace Grub

Strike King Twin Tail Menace Grub Soft Plastic Lure
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The Strike King Twin Tail Menace Grub has immense action. Multiple professional anglers have said this soft plastic is the perfect length to use on spinnerbaits. It has awesome flipper action and is fairly durable as well.

Strike King's lifelike kicking action gets even the biggest largemouth bass excited. This trailer is our favorite bait to use on sunny days or when fishing in clear water environments. When the fish have better visibility, using a natural and well-designed bait can turn your day around.

Strike King Blade Minnow Trailer

Strike King Blade Minnow Spinnerbait Trailer
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While the Strike King Blade Minnow was designed to be used on a bladebait, it's also a phenomenal spinnerbait trailer. The slim profile and segments at the rear give it the appearance of a fish darting away from a predator. This type of motion is ideal for drawing impulse strikes from largemouth and smallmouth bass.

Not as many anglers use the Blade Minnow, so you'll have an advantage out on the water. Unique profiles help you get more bites and catch the fish off-guard. We recommend the Green Pumpkin Pearl Belly and KVD Magic color patterns.

Zoom Super Fluke Pumpkin Spice

Zoom Super Fluke Pumpkin Spice Color Spinnerbait Trailer
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When fishing in overcast weather conditions, the Zoom Super Fluke Pumpkin Spice is often the only trailer that gets bit. Many anglers think this is the best fluke style trailer of all time. It's not too wide, so you won't have to worry about altering your spinnerbait's action too much.

If you're going after big fish, the 5" long model is the best option. This larger profile helps you hammer big fish, especially in the spring and summer months. We recommend various colors since you never really know what Zoom designs the fish are going to like best.

Z-Man Diezel Spinnerbait Trailer

Z-Man Diezel MinnowZ Bass Fishing Soft Plastic Trailer for Spinnerbaits
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The Z-Man Diezel 4" MinnowZ Spinnerbait Trailer is an ultra-soft paddle-tail swimbait trailer. It's a perfect size and far more durable than any other soft plastic bait on the market. We've seen how much tougher it is than Kietec swimbaits, which are another popular option.

Since you can catch multiple fish on the same MinnowZ, you'll save a lot of money. Fish won't tear this bait apart like other rubber trailers. The best colors that work year-round are Redfish Toad, Green Pumpkin, and Black Blue Laminate.


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