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6 Best Roboworm Colors of 2022

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

The Roboworm Soft Plastic

Roboworm Soft Plastic Bass Worm Color Chart

The Roboworm is a classic soft plastic bait that's become a favorite among bass anglers. It's phenomenal to use on a drop shot rig and a small shakey head. This product is offered in many different colors, allowing anglers to match baitfish colors in their local bodies of water.

Roboworm has been winning tournaments on the West Coast of the United States for years. However, regions in the East Coast and the Southern United States have found this bait to be productive. There's a lot of competition in the Plastic Worm Industry.

We've previously discussed the Zoom Trick Worms, Gary Yamamoto Senkos, Yum Dingers, Strike King's Dream Shot Worms, and Popular Rubber Worms. While there are similarities between the brands, we'll discuss the unique qualities of Roboworms.

Roboworm Fishing: Where and When?

It performs the absolute best when drop-shotting in cleat water reservoirs, especially in colder temperatures. With this said, there are plenty of Roboworm colors that will perform extremely well in various fishing conditions.

This is a great worm for warm summer days when the bite starts to slow down. Often when it's hot, the fish will only hit baits once, but since Roboworms are salt-infused, they come back again and again for more.

Color Guide Introduction

Many beginner anglers aren't sure which Roboworms are right for them. When it comes to sizes, the 6" profiles are best for most situations. The one large exception to this is when using a drop shot rig, and the 4.5" size will be your best bet.

Colors choice is the most important factor when buying Roboworms. From shad to juvenile worm applications, these worms are highly versatile. In this guide, we'll discuss the six best colors of the Roboworm and which conditions each one should be fished in.

Hologram Shad

Hologram Shad Roboworm Color
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The Hologram Shad Roboworm has a translucent dark grey color on top and smokey white on the bottom. It's the best shad imitating plastic worm on the market with realistic profiling and reflection. Ideal fishing situations are clear water lakes with plenty of schooling shad or other baitfish. Use this worm color to target both smallmouth and largemouth bass.

Margarita Mutilator

Margarita Mutilator Roboworm Color
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Margarita Mutilator is a color of the Roboworm that has become extremely popular on the West Coast. The 6" worm has pink shading on top with red flake, a blue streak down the middle, and a brown colored belly. It works extremely well in the morning. Clearwater lakes and rivers are ideal, but this pattern works well in all water clarities.

This Roboworm glows in the water that makes it exceptionally appealing. It looks far more natural in the water than it does in your hand or pictures of it. When all the other Roboworm colors aren't working, Margarita Mutilator will usually turn your day around and hammer them.

Aarons Magic

Aarons Magic Roboworm Color
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The Roboworm pattern Aarons Magic has a watermelon-like green color on top, blue down the middle, and brown shading on the bottom. These are a combination of classic soft plastic colors that bass can't get enough of. Clearwater & semi-stained water conditions are best for this bait. In general, it's a very productive color that every angler should have in their tackle box.

Morning Dawn Red Flake

Roboworm with Morning Dawn Red Flake Pattern
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At first glance, the Morning Dawn Red Flake Roboworm appears too artificial to be a good bass fishing worm. It has translucent pink rubber on top, a blue and purple streak down the middle, and a lighter translucent pink on the bottom. For some reason, the bass can't get enough of this pattern. This is likely because it looks like the younger, lighter worms that bass will feed on. It's great for really clear water conditions at dawn and twilight.

Green Pumpkin Neon

Green Pumpkin Neon Roboworm Green Coloring
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The Green Pumpkin Neon Roboworm isn't neon at all, as the name suggests, but it's still a great bait. This is one of the patterns that has a better appearance in the water. With watermelon and red flake on top, blue coloring in the middle, and green pumpkin on the bottom, it's unstoppable. Like the Aarons Magic Roboworm, it's more of a traditional, natural color that catches fish year-round in every body of water across the country.

Bold Bluegill

Bold Bluegill Roboworm Pattern for Smallmouth
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If you're a smallmouth bass angler, you should consider getting a pack of Bold Bluegill Roboworms. This bait crushes smallmouth better than nearly all other lures available today. This color combines brown and green pumpkin on top, a black streak in the middle, and chartreuse on the bottom.

Baits that have an excessive amount of chartreuse are frequently less productive at catching fish. The opposite is true with the Bold Bluegill pattern since the chartreuse isn't as shockingly bright and still looks natural. Like other Roboworms, this bait looks better once it's in the water. If you're a largemouth bass fisherman, this works best on a shakey head setup.

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