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7 Best Strike King Dream Shot Colors of 2022

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Strike King's Dream Shot Bass Worm

Professional bass angler holding strike king kvd dream shot brown worm

The new line of drop shot baits by Strike King KVD is phenomenal. The manufacturer Strike King has always been known for its quality in production, and the Perfect Plastics Dream Shot collection certainly follows this trend.

The Dream Shot worm was designed for the main purpose of being fished on a drop shot rig. The plastic is much softer and far more flexible than other baits, which is a great feature. This makes the bait have superb action under the water and allows the angler to keep the bait moving even if it's fished in deeper water columns.

Strike King has produced an entire line of these baits, which has lead anglers to question which styles and color patterns are the most effective. In this guide, we'll outline the best Strike King dream shot available colors.


Strike King Prizm Shad Dream Shot

Strike King Dream Shot in the Prizm Shad color pattern
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The Prizm Shad Strike King Dream Shot is the best option for clear waters. Whether it's spotted bass, smallmouth, or largemouth bass this color will catch them all. It's always a good idea to start with a natural presentation like this bait when you're out on the water.

When you're fishing clear waters, it's so important to have something clear and realistic in your tackle arsenal. Darker colors tend not to work, as the water clarity gives the fish better eyesight abilities. The Prism Shad Strike King Dream Shot is a must-have for every angler.


Watermelon Red Flake Color Pattern

Watermelon Red Flake colored Dream Shot Bass Worm
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The Watermelon Red Flake Strike King Dream Shot is the go-to bait for dirty or murky waters. This bait has a darker color to it, which blends well with the water. The red flake also makes it ideal for these conditions.

When there's less water clarity, you'll see a lot more impulse strikes from bass. This is important as it means you'll want something that has at least a little bit of reflection to it. The red flake, combined with the watermelon color, gives you the reflection you'll need.

We also recommend the larger sized KVD Dream Shots if you're going to get the Watermelon Red Flake color. This is because bigger bass are especially attracted to this color pattern, and the larger profile will benefit you.


Green Pumpkin Purple and Gold Flake

Green Pumpkin Purple and Gold Flake colored Strike King Perfect Plastics Dream Shot Bass Worm
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The Green Pumpkin Purple and Gold Flake Dream Shot is another great color that will have a similar effect to the Watermelon Dream Shot. This one, however, is even darker than the other baits on this list.

Since this is an extremely dark lure, you'll have the best results in overcast conditions. Ideally, you'll have a combination of heavy cloud cover and dirty waters. The gold flake included in this Dream Shot was a great design decision by Strike King. Gold is extremely reflective, so you still get a bait that shines even though it's so dark.


Strike King Dream Shot Magic

Magic colored Strike King KVD Perfect Plastics Dream Shot
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The Magic Strike King Dream Shot is one of the unique soft plastic baits on the market today. Since it has such wild colors, you'll find anglers who love this bait and some who absolutely hate it.

Our team loves the Magic's unique patterns. We've found that it stands out from other lures that are thrown at fish all the time. When it comes down to it, you must fish this bait when there are baitfish in the area with similar patterns. As with all baits, being aware of your environment is crucial.


Bold Bluegill Dream Shot Worm

Bold Bluegill colored Strike King Dream Shot bass fishing soft plastic bait
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The Strike King Bold Bluegill Perfect Plastics Dream Shot is arguably the most popular Strike King Dream Shot available today. This bait has a great arrangement of brown and chartreuse colors. This bait matches bluegill colors better than almost any other bait you'll find.

The most outstanding feature on this bait is the mild-chartreuse color. While other chartreuse baits are extremely bright and look totally unrealistic, Strike King toned it down slightly. The Bold Bluegill will give you the contrasting benefits of chartreuse, but the natural yellow color will give the bass more confidence in striking.


Strike King Morning Dawn Dream Shot

Morning Dawn color pattern of the Strike King Dream Shot bass fishing drop shot worm
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The Morning Dawn Strike King Dream Shot is the ideal bait for less aggressively-feeding fish. The faded pink color stands out in the water. The patterning style in this Dream Shot also makes it the illusion of wiggling more than it actually is.

Work the Morning Dawn slowly along the bottom on a drop shot rig. It's especially important to give the bait as much vertical jigging action as you can with this color. Also, in deeper waters, the color action won't be as effective. Try to stay up in the shallows along the bank.


Ghost Shad Colored Dream Shot

Ghost Shad color pattern of the Strike King Dream Shot white bass fishing worm
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The Ghost Shad Dream Shot Color Pattern is the closest you'll get to a clear Strike King Dream Shot. This bait works exceptionally well in bodies of water where shad are schooling. Combining this bait with a good drop shot presentation will give the appearance of a wounded juvenile baitfish.

The slight silver flake gives this Dream Shot mild reflection that you won't get with other transparent baits. It's also important to "match the hatch" as best you can and fish the ghost shad around silver baitfish.

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