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6 Best Yum Dinger Colors of 2022

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

The Yum Dinger Rubber Worm

Best Yum Dinger Colors Package

Soft plastic stick baits are a staple among bass anglers. They catch fish year-round and frequently out-fish all other bass lures. Many brands are now making stick baits, but they're not all made with the same quality level.

The Yum Dinger is one of the best rubber worms on the market. Many professional anglers argue it's even better than the Gary Yamamoto Senko and the Zoom Trick Worm, but this is debatable. It's an extremely versatile lure and can be used on a split shot, drop shot, or a wacky rig.

Regardless, the Yum Dinger has proven to be a fish-catching machine over the past few years. As with all stick baits, some Yum Dinger colors catch far more fish than other colors.

There are 44 different colors of the Yum Dinger, and we'll help narrow it down to the 6 best Yum Dinger Colors for catching bass.

Green Pumpkin Yum Dinger

Green Pumpkin colored Yum Dinger Worm
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If there's one color you need to have, it's the Green Pumpkin Yum Dinger. Like the Senko Worm, this is the most popular color because it never fails to catch fish. Green Pumpkin will work year-round in all bodies of water across the country.

The shade of Green Pumpkin that Yum uses on their baits is especially effective because it's slightly darker. This makes the presentation more realistic and more likely to get strikes from fish. It's highly likely that you already have soft plastics in this same color, but there's one main reason why they aren't as good as the Yum Dinger.

Both the Yum Dinger and the Gary Yamamoto Senko are made from durable materials. This allows them to be fished all day without tearing or breaking. The Yum Dinger is an affordable worm option that catches even more fish than the expensive brands.

June Bug Color Pattern

Blue Yum Dinger June Bug Color Pattern Bass Fishing Soft Plastic Worm
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The Yum Dinger June Bug Color Pattern is the second-best variety of this bait. It's a natural color like Green Pumpkin but has a different contrast with the water. The blue highlights in the bait make it especially effective in dark, tannic waters.

If you're an angler from Florida or the Southern United States, you need the Yum Dinger June Bug. Most of the lakes in Florida have dark and tannic waters, which make this worm so effective. The June Bug color in Florida is like the Green Pumpkin in the north; It never fails to get bit.

Watermelon Red Flake Color

Yum Dinger Watermelon Color with Red Flake
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When you've tried fishing with Green Pumpkin and June Bug with little success, the Yum Dinger Watermelon Red Flake Color is what you should turn to next.

The main body is a lighter shade of green, which is great for clear waters, but the reflection from the red flake makes it effective in dirty waters as well.

Sometimes it's hard to figure out why some lures outperform more than others. This is the case with the Yum Dinger in Watermelon Red Flake. It doesn't appear to be all that unique, but for some reason, this color paired with Yum's patented plastic material catches a ton of fish.

Green Pumpkin Chartreuse

Green Pumpkin Colored Yum Dinger Worm with Chartreuse Tail
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The Green Pumpkin Chartreuse Yum Dinger is almost identical to the Green Pumpkin model, except it has a vibrant pattern on its tail. This small detail can sometimes be the difference between having a great day on the water and getting skunked.

If you're fishing in dirty waters, the Green Pumpkin Chartreuse should be your go-to bait. The Chartreuse tail adds visibility to the bait, helping bass track it down in low visibility conditions. It also helps to reduce short-strikes since the fish can clearly see where the worm ends.

Yum Dinger Cali Craw Gold Flake

Yum Dinger Soft Plastic Bass Stick Bait Cali Craw Color with Gold Flake
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The Cali Craw Gold Flake is a special color that's effective on the West Coast of the United States. It's meant to imitate the crawfish colors in this region, which are different from East Coast crawfish.

As you can see in the image above, the main body is dark green with little to no translucence. In all varieties of the Cali Craw Yum Dinger, there's red flake infused into the plastic to imitate the green and red crawfish on the West Coast. The variety with gold flake catches even more fish than the standard worm because it increases the bait's reflection.

Yum Dinger Pearl Silver Flake

Yum Dinger Soft Plastic Worm Pearl Color with Silver Flake
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On cloudy or rainy days, nothing catches more fish than the Yum Dinger Pearl Silver Flake. It's not as versatile as other colors, such as June Bug and Green Pumpkin, but it outperforms when the weather is less than ideal.

This is the case because the white body, combined with the silver flake, makes it easy for the fish to spot. Overcast conditions lead to less reflection in the water, and bass aren't able to find prey as well. This prominent bait will catch the attention of both Largemouth and Smallmouth bass and will frequently trigger a reaction strike.

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