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6 Best Megabass Dark Sleeper Colors of 2022

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

The Megabass Dark Sleeper Swimbait

Best Megabass Dark Sleeper Colors Cover Art

The Megabass Dark Sleeper is a phenomenal soft plastic swimbait that hammers bass year-round. With a unique profile, this bait is designed to be fished along the bottom. Two fin covers protect the hook on the top of the lure to make it weedless as well.

While it destroys smallmouth bass, it's also a great option for targeting largemouth. From thick grasses to sandy bottoms, the Dark Sleeper outperforms the competition.

This bait is offered in a variety of different weights and sizes. In general, most sizes and weights will get bit. There isn't one ideal size or weight, but any model around 3 inches long with a weight between 3/8 and 3/4 ounces is best.

Fishing This Swimbait

One of the lure's best qualities is its versatility. Megabass designed it to perform well with multiple fishing styles and retrieval types.

If you're looking for a place to start, fish the Dark Sleeper like you're fishing a Texas Rig or Jig. Alternate between slow and fast retrievals during different seasons and gauge the aggression of the bass.

When the waters warm up and the bass become more aggressive during the summer, speed up your retrieval and make the bait swim erratically. When it gets cooler during the winter months, slow down your retrieval and use various finesse presentations.

No matter the season, this bait is designed to target fish holding close to the bottom. Make sure the Dark Sleeper is always coming in contact with the bottom of your lake or river.

Donko Color Pattern

Megabass Dark Sleeper Donko color pattern brown body tan spots red eye
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The Megabass Dark Sleeper Donko is the most popular color pattern. The Dark Sleeper comes in various natural colors, which are all best for clear water fishing. Specifically, the Donko color is darker and more simplistic than the rest.

If you're looking for a versatile bait that can be used in most conditions, there's no better option. The main body doesn't have an aggressive fade, and the lighter spots are matched nicely. We also like the contrast the prominent red eye has with the subtle background.

Haze Color Pattern

Megabass Dark Sleeper Haze color with orange blue brown and white patterning
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The Megabass Dark Sleeper Haze Color is the perfect follow-up bait after the Donko swimbait. With orange gill highlights, a blue belly, and a slightly translucent tail, the pattern is vibrant while still being realistic.

This is another pattern that best performs in clear waters. When the bass have better visibility, they tend to become more decerning on what they attack.

If the body of water you're fishing in has Bluegill or Sunfish, this is a must-have color. The hints of blue and orange best mimic these types of baitfish. Fish this bait slowly through grasses or under docks along the bank, and twitch your rod tip now and then to trigger impulse strikes.

Clear Chartreuse Dark Sleeper

Megabass Chartreuse Dark Sleeper bass fishing swimbait
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If you're fishing dirty waters, the Megabass Dark Sleeper Clear Chartreuse can be a bass catching machine. Whether you're scouting for bites or having difficulty getting the fishes' attention, a bright chartreuse color is a great choice.

Megabass did a great job making the Clear Chartreuse vibrant but not too intrusive at the same time. This bait's see-through nature lowers the chance of scaring off fish and makes the bright color far more effective.

Shirauo Design

Megabass translucent white and yellow dark sleeper swimbait
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The Megabass Dark Sleeper Shirauo is great for catching summer bass. You'll have the most success targeting fish along the bank in waters up to 8 feet deep. The Shirauo is mostly white with a yellow fade towards the nose. It's also the most translucent pattern available.

These qualities make it ideal for warm and sunny days when largemouth are feeding in the shallows. The translucent "shimmering" effect only shows its full potential when exposed to sunlight in clear waters. Nothing compares to the Shirauo when largemouth are hunting for juvenile summer baitfish such as Minnows or Shad.

Dark Shad Color

Megabass Dark Sleeper red and orange belly with black fins swimbait
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The Dark Shad Color Pattern is not as versatile as the other patterns on this list but performs extremely well in certain areas. Specifically, this color is ideal for deeper water columns or anything under depths of 10 feet.

The dark shading is better with less light penetration, and the orange or red belly is designed to be visible at these depths. Usually, bass can't see red colors in deeper waters, but Megabass added an orange and gold tinge to make it visible.

Dark Sleeper Motsugorou

Megabass Dark Sleeper Mutsugorou with blue dots and blue eye swimbait
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The Megabass Dark Sleeper Motsugorou performs best in cold waters with medium visibility. While versatile and able to be fished in many conditions, it's best to work this bait slowly along the bottom.

Use the same retrieve style you would use with a Jig or Finesse Rig. The blue spots give the bait more appeal and contrast in the water. If you're working the bait slowly and fishing during the winter or in colder waters, expect the bass to hammer this lure!

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