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10 Best Walleye Jigging Rods of 2022

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

best walleye jigging rod

There's no freshwater fishing situation where rod selection is more important than jigging for walleyes. Walleye jigs are small lures, and they're often suspended in the water column. These fish don't smash lures like largemouth bass, so you'll have to be able to sense lighter strikes.

You'll want to use a spinning set up as it will give you the most sensitivity. Certain rod blanks are more sensitive than others, and Zirconium or Aluminum Oxide inserts will help transfer vibrations.

Best Walleye Jigging Rods


TFO Professional Walleye Rod - Best Overall

4.6 Stars | 6 Angler Reviews

TFO Professional Walleye Fishing Rod

The TFO Professional Walleye Rod is our favorite jigging rod for walleye. It was specifically designed for walleye fishing and is focused on being as sensitive as possible. When you're in pursuit of a notoriously finicky fish species, this rod will help you fill your livewells.

With a split graphite reel seat, modulus carbon fiber blank, and super-fast action rating, this rod is the lightest and most technical on the market. TFO develops their rod actions to pair perfectly with the most successful walleye fishing techniques.

Everybody who's owned a TFO rod knows how durable they are. This brand simply has the unmatched build quality and attention to detail. However, you'll be protected by TFO's no-fault lifetime warranty if you break your rod or any of the components do happen to fail.


Shimano Compre Walleye - Best Value Rod

Shimano Compre Walleye Jigging Rod

If you're not looking for anything too flashy and just want a quality piece of equipment to get the job done, we love the Shimano Compre Walleye Rod. This pole doesn't come with an inflated price tag or fancy looks; it's simply a refined walleye jigging rod from Shimano.

Shimano is known for designing their rods with the help of competitive anglers. This series is no different as it underwent intensive scrutiny from some of the world's best walleye anglers.

The sensitive tip is light enough to detect gentle bites, while the rod's backbone is strong enough to deliver powerful hooksets. We love the SeaGuide Zirconia guides featured as they transfer the vibrations from the line to the blank and all the way to your hand.

This walleye rod is rated for lures between 1/16 and 1/4 ounces, which is ideal for your typical walleye jigging situations. The Fuji reel seat is a bonus, as it helps the vibrations make their final jump to your hand.


13 Fishing Fate Black - Best Budget Rod

5 Stars | New Model

13 Fishing Fate Black Jigging Fishing Rod

You certainly don't have to spend a ton of money on a decent quality walleye jigging rod. The 13 Fishing Fate Black is an exceptional product that delivers remarkable performance for the price. We recommend the 6'7" medium power model for the ideal balance of qualities.

If you've ever fished with a rod from 13 Fishing, you'll know how sensitive their blanks are. The Fate Black features the highly reactive PVG30T model blank, ideal for all walleye jigging situations.

Alconite guides, high-density EVA grips, a ported reel seat, and a snaggle tooth hook keeper are all high-end components you wouldn't expect for the price. The Alconite guides are custom-wrapped to harness as much energy as possible and transfer vibrations to your palm.

We enjoy this newer generation far more than the previous models as the weight has been reduced, making it ultra-comfortable and extraordinarily agile.


St Croix Eyecon Walleye - Best Value St Croix Rod

4.6 Stars | 116 Angler Reviews

St Croix Eyecon Walleye Jigging Rod

We know that many of our readers are loyal customers of the St Croix brand. If you're looking to expand your collection of these rods or want to experience top-tier quality, the St Croix Eyecon Walleye Rod model offers the most value for the money.

The medium and medium-light power ratings are best for walleye, especially in lengths between 6'3" and 6'8". St Croix offers every type of rod known to man, so no worries if you're looking for a unique build.

This rod is constructed from multiple carbon fiber types, each purposefully placed in unique areas to improve performance. Maximum-power carbon is used in the lower section, while high-modulus carbon fiber is strewn elsewhere for increased sensitivity and durability.

Walleye rods need to have premium guides and dense reel seats. The Eyecon features 3D guides, slim aluminum-oxide rings, and the top-of-the-line Fuji IPS reel seat. On top of all these qualities, St Croix includes a 5-year warranty with every purchase.


St Croix Legend Tournament Walleye - Best High-End Rod

4.3 Stars | 11 Angler Reviews

St Croix Legend Tournament Walleye Fishing Rod

Some anglers are looking to make a long-term investment and aren't deterred by higher price tags. While the St Croix Legend Tournament Walleye Rod may have a steep price tag, it doesn't sacrifice a thing in terms of performance and balanced qualities.

St Croix uses advanced reinforcing technology in their top-tier models. This system uses exotic carbon fiver materials that drastically increase the blank's strength without increasing the rod's weight or thickness.

Integrated Poly Curve technology is to thank for the incredible amount of sensitivity this rod offers. All transition points are eliminated through this process, allowing for a near-perfect transfer of vibrations that the world has never seen.

On top of this, the Legend Tournament Walleye Rod includes the high-end features you'd expect from St Croix. Fuji K guides, Alconite rings, matte finish frames, a Kigan hook-keeper, and two flex-coat coats to protect from nicks and dings.

Stick to either medium-light or medium power ratings for walleye jigging. We also recommend the 6'3" and 6'6" lengths for the ideal balance. The final selling point that show's the Legend Tournament's true value is the generous 15-year transferrable warranty included, showing just how much confidence the brand has in its design.


Lew's Speed Stick Jigging Rod - Honorable Mention

Lew's Speed Stick Jigging Fishing Rod

The Lew's Speed Stick Walleye Jigging Rod is a product specifically designed for jigging situations. While other models on this list are made for universal walleye fishing, this one is intended to be fished a single way.

With medium power and a length of 6'7", the ratings are ideal for walleye jigging. A uniquely-designed IM8 graphite blank is featured, and the full-length cork handle increases the leverage you'll get from your hook-set.

Every inch of this rod was specialized for walleye jigging. From the tip's sensitivity to how the extended grip rests in your hands, the performance is flawless. We can't get enough of the graphite skeletal reel seat, which is ideal for transmitting feedback and is exclusive to Lew's rods.


13 Fishing Archangel - Best Jigging Ice Rod

4.8 Stars | 16 Angler Reviews

13 Fishing Archangel Jigging Ice Fishing Rod

If you're an avid ice fisherman who frequently jigs for walleye, you should experience the 13 Fishing Archangel ice fishing rod. While we were skeptical when it first came out, this innovative rod truly feels like a leap into the future.

13 Fishing developed a new manufacturing approach involving unique heating patterns and carbon fiber forging processes. The result is the Archangel rod, which has a seamless fuse between the blank and the handle.

The handle and blank aren't just tightly aligned; they're actually merged and form a continuous, single-piece rod. This makes the Archangel multiple times more sensitive than any other rod on the market.

You'll also get the benefits of a high-vis tip, and durable Double Diamond coated guides, and a Fox Hole hook keeper. This rod deserves to be stocked on shelves around the country, as it offers unparalleled performance and responsiveness.


Widow Maker - Top Budget Walleye Ice Jigging Rod

4.7 Stars | 17 Angler Reviews

Widow Maker Walleye Ice Jigging Rod

The Widow Maker Walleye Jigging Rod is the best ice fishing rod that won't cost you an arm and a leg. Many anglers don't need the best-of-the-best; they're simply searching for a reliable rod to put fish in the cooler. This model has all the features you need to catch walleye for the lowest price.

While aesthetics aren't usually one of our top ranking factors, the Widow Maker has a bold design that turns heads. 13 Fishing has one of the top craftsmanship teams in the industry, which is why their rods look far more expensive than they are.

A Japanese 36-ton graphite body provides exceptional durability and sensitivity. You simply cannot find a more sensitive rod with the same amount of strength that costs less than the Widow Maker. From jigging for walleye to finesse panfish fishing, this ice fishing rod has you covered all winter.


St Croix Custom - Best High-End Ice Jigging Rod

4.6 Stars | 19 Angler Reviews

St Croix Custom Ice Fishing Walleye Jigging Rod

The final ice fishing rod we'll discuss is the St Croix Custom Ice Jigging Rod. While St Croix has been featured numerous times on this list, they've earned their attention by consistently releasing high-quality walleye fishing rods.

If you're looking for a more traditional build than the Archangel, and want a premium product, look no further. Precision materials and innovative engineering make this St Croix fishing rod well worth the money.

Durable carbon fiber blanks, a high-visibility tip, recoil guides, and a split grip handle set this model apart from others. However, the real value of a St Croix rod, no matter the model, is the durable and ultra-sensitive blanks that competing brands have yet to replicate.

With a warranty period of 5-years and a modest price tag compared to other St Croix rods, this Custom Ice Fishing model is the best high-end ice jigging rod for walleye.


Penn Passion - Best Walleye Jigging Combo

4.5 Stars | 151 Angler Reviews

Penn Passion Rod and Reel Combo

Last on this list, but certainly, not least is the Penn Passion Walleye Jigging Combo. There are multiple benefits of purchasing a rod and reel combo rather than building your own setup, but the most significant factor is that the rod and reel were designed for each other.

This walleye rod and reel combo is ideal for jigging. The reel has a full metal body, techno-balanced rotor, and six stainless steel ball-bearings. Penn's rod is made from a graphite composite blank and features Winn grips and oxide guides.

However, it's the balanced properties that make the Penn Passion stand out. The rod and reel aren't just compatible; they've been refined to have the perfect weights.

Vibrations flow seamlessly down the blank, through the reel seat, into the reel, and to your palm. This is a versatile setup as well, as it's capable of much more than jigging for walleye.


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