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What bass lures for summer pond fishing?

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

So you want to know the best Bass Fishing Lures for pond fishing in the summer? Fishing for Bass in a pond is unique as their food is usually limited and they can sometimes be pickier. In this Q & A post, I'll share some specific information on Summer Time Pond Bass Fishing Lures and great techniques.

Fishing in the right pond is important. Look around for good fish habitat with plenty of weeds and try to identify spots where you think bass will be clustering. The pond you find should be fairly clear, but it's important that there's ample aquatic vegetation. Now onto the great bass lures for summer pond fishing. For each lure type recommendation, I'll also include a professional recommendation of specific lures to have. Take it or leave it, but it often comes down to the quality of your setup and the action that your presentation has.

Bass Lure Number One: Spinnerbait

Spinnerbaits work really well for catching summer pond bass. When you're doing this, take a much slower approach with your spinnerbait. When retrieving, you want to make sure you can feel the chop of the blade in your rod. You really can never be going too slow with these. While you're doing this, make sure you're retrieving with an erratic approach. You don't want it to be a constant retrieve, but instead, throw in some random twitches with your rod.

Here's my recommendation, get yourself a Booyah Double Willow 1/2 oz Blade off of Amazon. This is a fish catching machine for summer pond bass fishing. You can always check out the ratings with an average of 4.4 stars on Amazon, and hear from all the anglers who vouch for this spinnerbait as well. Check it out:

Bass Lure Number Two: Deep Diving Square Bill CrankBait

This might be your best option for catching summertime pond bass. They are extremely easy to use and tend to catch loads of fish. I could tell you to retrieve this fast or slow depending on the time of the year, but pond fishing is really a different ball game. You want to utilize the same erratic retrieve style I mentioned before. Try an inconsistent slower retrieve at first with twitching and short pauses, but if that's not grabbing their attention you should try speeding it up. In my experience, slower is better when you're out pond fishing, especially if the pond is filled with decent-sized fish!

Here's my recommendation, get yourself a Strike King KVD Deep Square Bill Crankbait and run it on the bottom just along the weed line you're fishing. You should get some action with this thing in a matter of casts. This crankbait is smoother, casts longer, has better action, and catches more fish than whatever you've been using. Check it out on Amazon and thank me later! Here's the lure on Amazon:

Bass Lure Number Three: Topwater Frog

A Topwater Frog is probably the most exciting lure to use when pond fishing for bass during the summer. You really can't go wrong with this, and those of you who know me probably already assumed that I'd be throwing this one on the list. The excitement that comes from having a monster bass explode out of the water when you're trowing this is just unmatched. If you're fishing a pond with lily pads, throw the frog up by the shore and onto the pads that are closest to the waterline, and then flick it off and into the water. Sometimes you'll get a big largemouth attack it as soon as it hits the water, but if not, just pop it slowly along the water's edge. If there's a fountain in the pond you're fishing definitely give it a few casts into there.

Here's my recommendation, get yourself a Supertrip Topwater Frog 6 Piece Set. I'm usually skeptical when I hear about an amazing packaged deal like this, but it's the best topwater frog bargain out there. For the same price of most individual lures, you'll get a set of 6 multicolored frogs that will outperform whatever you're currently fishing with. High quality, durable, superb action, these things are worth every penny. Even if you don't check out the spinnerbait or the deep-diving crankbait, I urge you to at least take a look at these topwater frogs. You wanted to know the best bass lures for summer pond fishing, and you got your answer. Get yourself a set of these suckers Amazon:

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Most importantly, get out on the water, have a great time, and catch yourself some monster pond bass this summer! Go Get Em!



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