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Best Flipping Bait for Bass & Technique Guide

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Yamamoto Flappin Hog Flipping Bait

Best Flipping Bait
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The Yamamoto Flappin' Hog soft plastic lure is ideal for when the bass feed on crayfish or drawn to higher-action baits. This bait is extremely versatile.

You can attach this onto as a trailer on a Jig Head, or use it Texas Rig style for Flipping In Cover. This bait is undoubtedly the best soft plastic bait available in 2020. The Flappin' Hog Creature Bait has a great falling action and has the bulkiness that fish are drawn towards.

It's designed especially for great results in tournaments and is used by multiple professional anglers.

Flipping Baits Guidance

Roy Hawk is a Yamamoto Pro who's made a fortune fishing with the Flappin Hog. This is one of Hawk's all-time favorite lures.

Hawk will either use this as a jig trailer for a larger profile or will use the Texas Rig style to flip them as they are. His results are impressive, as he caught 53lbs 8oz worth of fish in only 4 days with the Flappin Hog.

Hawk also mentions that it's ideal when he can't use one of his favorite crankbaits because the cover he's fishing in is too heavy.

Hawk's Flipping Texas Rig Advice

When Hawk is flipping in "loose cover," such as grasses and tules, he uses a light tungsten sinker with, "20lb clear Sugoi Flippin' Line, and a 7'4" Taipan Power Roy Hawk Signature Series Rod" (Yamamoto Pro Roy Hawk).

When you're around laydowns, docks, or grass, this bait really shines. With 5 independently moving legs and arms, this soft plastic will create the vibration needed to attract large bass.

How To Flip For Spawning Bass

Hawk swears by the 4.5" Flappin' Hog when he's targeting spawning bass. During this time, if you know what you're doing, you can get onto some monster fish.

Bass will get extremely territorial and protective of their spawn.

Hawk recommends using "65lb braid, 3/8oz tungsten weight, a 5/0 hook, and a 4.5 Flippin Hog. Hawk says he's caught some giants, 11 and 12 pounders in FLW events with this setup ... There's no playing around, battle them in and get them in the boat" (Yamamoto Pro Roy Hawk).

Punching Heavy Vegetation Guide

When you start punching in heavier vegetation and matted weeds, you'll want to switch from your Texas Rig to a Jig Head with a Trailer.

This works especially well during the late spring, summer, and early fall when the fish cluster around shadows to escape the hot sun.

Hawk says, "I take a small Flappin' Hog and laminate a Hula Skirt onto the front of it, sometimes adding a contrasting colored skirt. Just take a 1 or 1.5oz Tungsten weight, tie your hook on and thread the modified Flappin' Hog on and go. It's so simple. I'll sit home before a tournament and bunch before I hit the road. I'll make a little bag of them, and I'm good to go"(Yamamoto Pro Roy Hawk).

Punching The Flappin' Hog Creature Bait

According to Hawk, post-spawn and summer are the best time to "punch" this jig. But even as good as post-spawn is for catching those large hungry bass, summer is the all-around best time.

"When the fish get set up, and they're lazy and get up underneath stuff, that is the best time for this bait. The Delta and clear lake are great places to punch. We get this stringy grass we call 'hay.' It will grow from 20 feet all the way to the surface, and we catch them good out of it" (Yamamoto Pro Roy Hawk).

Why The Flappin' Hog Is The Best Flipping Bait for 2020

The Yamamoto Flappin' Hog Creature Bait Flipping For Bass 2020 Lure Design Brown Colored
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Not only can you Texas Rig the Yamamoto Flappin' Hog, use it as a Jig Trailer, and punch it through heavy cover, but it also works offshore.

When fishing in cover such as rocks and brush piles in deeper water, you'll want to rig this up on a Carolina Jig. The hollow section that's built-in right next to this tail makes this lure super easy to rig.

This heavy-duty yet compact creature bait is great when the bass just aren't biting on softer presentations such as Yamamoto Senko Worms.

These will provide you more action and movement, but they're made from the same legendary soft plastic formula from Gary Yamamoto Baits.

This creature bait looks lifelike in the water, making it great for clearer water clarities and provides enough action and vibration that will attract fish even in murky waters.

The Bait's Angler Rating

It comes with no surprise that the best soft plastic for flippin' bass would also have amazing ratings. It currently has an average rating of 4.9 stars on Amazon, and 92% of customers gave this bait a 5-star rating!

Currently, the lowest rating it's got is only 4 stars. We definitely recommend checking this out if you're looking to step up your bass tackle game in 2020!


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