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Best Bass Lures for June: Professional Advice | BassTackleLures

Fishing For Bass In June

When the big bass come out and aggressively start to feed in June, our best advice is to move your baits quickly and give them a lot of action. It of course depends on where you're fishing, but there's a good chance that bass will be feeding and hunting down crayfish, shad, and other baitfish.

There are many lures that will work well in June, but if you're going for big fish, a few of the best bass lures that you can use for a consistent bite are buzzbaits, deep-diving crankbaits, rubber worms, frogs, and soft plastic crawfish. These lures will really trigger that big hunting or reaction strike from the fish and will outperform all other baits this time of year.

Now, one of our main goals here at BassTackleLures is to bring you fresh and new content in every post so we're not going to go into the specific lures here in this post. Instead, we're going to teach you how to fish, and you can check out our other articles for some great inside information into some insane fish catching lures.

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How The Fish Are Feeding

This time of year the bass will likely be feeding on crawfish and other things they'll find along the shoreline. The bass will also start to eat the other baitfish they find, but what you're doing here is fishing in between the bass cycles. Bass will behave much differently in the Spring when they're spawning than in the Summer. After they spawn, bass will become aggressive feeders and will optimistically snack on anything they like that drifts in front of them. Summertime is also unique because bass will concentrate in certain areas of a lake and become extremely predictable. To learn more about where they gather check out our guide on summer bass fishing.

If you're here because you want a quick recommendation for lures that will hammer the bass this time of year, we've got two great suggestions for you. Our top picks are buzzbaits and deep-diving crankbaits because with these two styles you can catch bass almost anywhere around a lake.

Which Lure Models Should I Get?

If you're asking yourself this, it's a good question. Not all lures come the same, and there are many out there now that are being slapped together in China and are a total scam. The buzzbait that we've fished for years and have had tremendous success with is the Booyah Buzz Buzzbait. This lure has great action, is well built, and won't let you down.

Our #1 June Lure Pick: Strike King KVD Deep Square Bill Crankbait

When it comes to deep diving crankbaits, and really just crankbaits in general, you can't beat Strike King's quality and action. The Strike King KVD Deep Square Bill Crankbait HAMMERS fish in June, and perfectly replicates the movements of an injured shad in June. This bait is a must-have during summer, but any angler will tell you that this is also a great year-round bait to be using. Whether you're fishing in the winter for sluggish largemouth, or in the spring during the spawn when bass are on their beds, this bait will absolutely destroy anything that comes in its path. If you're interested, you can find this lure on Amazon here.

Best of luck to you all!

Go get em!


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