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5 Best Bass Fishing Lure Kits of 2021

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

#1 Plussino Bass Tackle Kit

Plussino Bass Tackle Kit all items

The Plussino Bass Fishing Tackle Kit is a great option if you're looking to buy a bass fishing kit that has everything you need. From beginners to more advanced anglers, this kit has all of the essentials for catching bass. What we like about this kit is the wide variety of tackle that it comes with.

Product Details

This kit includes different sized hooks, leaders, swivels, different sized and colored grubs, weighted jig heads, silver and gold spinners, a large assortment of hard lures, rubber worms, spinners, beads, and frogs.

The variety of hard lures is a great feature. This box has everything ranging from deep diving crankbaits to topwater popper lures. It promises some exciting surface action.

The frogs are a favorite of many anglers. This entire package is an incredible value for the amount of tackle receive. If you wanted to buy all of these things separately, it could cost you hundreds of dollars. You're getting the best out of your money with this deal.

The quality of the equipment is excellent as well. The hard baits are long-lasting and water-resistant, and the plastic and rubber baits have the ideal balance of flexibility and durability.

#2 PortableFun Fishing Set

PortableFun Fishing Set Birds Eye View

The PortableFun Fishing Set is one of the best deals out there if you're looking for a wide variety of fishing equipment. The image included above shows what this box comes with, and it's almost too much for us to outline in this post. However, as experienced fishermen, one thing stands out the most when we look at this set.

Product Details

There're many grubs and soft baits that come with most standard kits, but we see many lures that could be used to catch many different kinds of fish. Without a doubt, if we were given this box, we would be able to head out on about any body of water and target the local fish.

This box is a great option for anglers targeting saltwater gamefish as well. Fish species frequently caught on these lures include Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Striped Bass, Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout, Jack, Rock Cod, Ling Cod, Salmon, and Pike.

Additionally, the tackle comes in a premium tackle box for safekeeping. The baits are well made and are designed with exceptional attention to detail.

#3 Plussino 210 Piece Bass Box

Plussino 210 Piece Bass Box all items shown in tackle box

The Plussino, 210 Piece Bass Box, is another really great option if you're looking for a deal on a large amount of equipment, and also a functional and sturdy tackle box to go with it.

In this kit, you're really getting a bang for your buck, but you aren't losing any of the quality you would expect. The lures and accessories are durable and highly functional.

Product Details

The hard baits especially have incredible detail and great action in the water! One of the great things about buying a bass kit is that you'll have everything you need for different fishing environments.

Even if you want to try a new fishing spot, you won't be limited with your gear and what you're used to fishing with.

Also, judging by how many minor accessories such as hooks and weights come with this box, you should be set for a while. This box would last you countless fishing trips, and the variety of tackle should keep it exciting for a long time.

We would definitely recommend getting a box like this that includes frog lures. Frogs are a favorite of all anglers and all ages.

#4 Tailored Tackle 77 Piece Bass Fishing Kit

4.5 Stars | 150 Angler Reviews

Tailored Tackle 77 Piece Fishing Kit with Quick Guide

The Tailored Tackle 77 Piece Bass Fishing Kit is a really great option for all anglers. This box really prioritizes the quality and gives you just what you need to hook up to some big bass!

Product Details

One unique feature of this box is that it comes with a guide that shares some great secrets of bass fishing and will help you use your tackle correctly.

Many beginners don't have a great understanding of how to use the fishing gear that they buy. That's why we think Tailored Tackle made a great decision to include this guide with your order.

Whether you're a complete beginner or have been fishing for a while but want to step up your game, this would be a great deal for you! This box is even an Amazon's Choice Product!

#5 Gimland Soft Fishing Lure Kit

4.4 Stars | 536 Angler Reviews

Gimland Soft Fishing Lure Kit soft plastic baits laid out

The Gimland Soft Fishing Lure Kit is the last on this list, but definitely not the least. The only reason why we have this kit at the end of this list is that we wouldn't use all of the lures to target bass. Many of them work very well for targeting bass, but the squid and the shrimp style lures would be better suited for ocean fishing.

Product Details

For many people, however, this wouldn't be a drawback at all. This is definitely the most versatile kit on this list, especially if you intend to target both freshwater and saltwater species.

If you're just into bass fishing, this kit is still for you! We love all the different colors that the rubber worms come in. This can really help ensure a successful fishing trip through any weather conditions.

The pieces in this kit are all high quality and built to last. Soft plastics are extremely efficient baits and can be all that you need to hook up to some big fish.

With an average of 4.4 stars on Amazon, this set is a favorite of many anglers. There's no need to complicate fishing, especially for beginners, which is one of the many reasons why we love this box.


Overall, all of these kits are on this list because they won't disappoint! Some anglers who know the waters they fish would rather buy individual baits, but we would rather have more options.

One of the exciting parts of fishing is trying out new lures and presentations to outsmart the fish, and buying a kit allows this. If you were looking for a great bass fishing kit or just stopping by to check us out, we hope you found this information useful!

Fish Caught on Kit Lures

Below we've added some of the pictures that were included in reviews of these products. All of these kits will catch fish! Here's proof:

Stringer of trout caught with soft plastic bait kit tailored tackle
Smallmouth Bass caught with tackle kit

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