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5 Best Crappie Jig Heads (2022)

best crappie jig heads

People usually focus on the bait design when they think about their crappie presentation. However, jig heads are equally important and have a significant effect on your lure’s action and appearance.

There are many jig heads on the market, with different sizes, weights, shapes, patterning, eye-position, hook design, and other unique elements. As jig heads are essentially the “backbone” of a jig, fishing the best crappie jig heads will help you catch more fish.

This guide reviews the best jig heads for crappie and discusses the best qualities to look for. Our team has years of experience studying fishing tackle, and we’re confident this article will help you put more fish in the boat.

Jig Weight

The weight of your jig head significantly affects the swimming depth of your presentation.

Heavy jig heads have better casting distance and are better for vertical jigging. On the other hand, light jig heads will give you a more natural appearance, and they don’t sink as quickly.

Fishing a lighter jig head is especially effective when fish are moving slowly through cold water and feeding less aggressively.

As far as specific weights go, 1/16-ounce heads are the most common and versatile. When fishing in deeper waters, use a 1/8 ounce or even 1/4 ounce head to keep your jig from drifting. Alternatively, 1/32 and 1/64 heads are best for finesse applications and shallow waters.

Head Color

The most common jig head colors are pink, orange, yellow, black, white, and uncolored. When it comes to color selection, you should have multiple patterns with you.

Sometimes, crappie respond better to bright colors on overcast days. However, this will depend on their aggressiveness. At a minimum, you should bring one bright jig head color that contrasts with the water and one that blends in.

Glow-in-the-dark jig heads have gained popularity and are proven to catch more fish in certain conditions. These baits improve visibility in deeper waters and lakes or rivers with low water clarity. Glowing jig heads also work well during dusk and dawn.

Hook Size

Another crucial factor to consider is the size of your hook. While many anglers use tiny hooks for crappie fishing, slightly larger hooks are gaining popularity.

Even small crappie have deceivingly large mouths, which can easily fit a No. 8 to 10 hook. Crappie also have soft skin towards the front of their mouths, so a larger hook will have more to grab onto and increase your hook-up ratio.

1. Jiatai Crappie Jig Head Kit - Best Jig Set

4.5 Stars | 521 Angler Reviews

jiatai crappie jig head kit

The Jiatai Crappie Jig Head Kit is the best set of crappie jig heads. This package of 25 comes with a variety of five colors and two different sizes. With a petite reflective spinner, large eyes, and sharp hook, these jig heads have all the best qualities for crappie fishing.

Crappie love the willow leaf spinner and vibrant color patterns. The kit has a white head for natural appearances and vibrant orange, yellow, pink, and blue heads for contrast. These jig heads also have a realistic 3D eye that encourages timid fish to strike.

While these aren’t the cheapest jig heads on the market, they’re worth the money. The paint job is powder-coated and lasts forever.

Jiatai’s hook is super durable, with an ultra-sharp needle point. You also don’t have to worry about getting hung up, as the hook will bend before your line breaks. However, this jig head is designed only to bend when it gets stuck, not when a fish bites.

2. Strike King Mr. Crappie Jig Head - Tournament Grade

4.6 Stars | 145 Angler Reviews

strike king mr. crappie jig head

The best tournament-grade jig head for crappie fishing is the Strike King Mr. Crappie Jig Head. Created by the legendary lure manufacturer Strike King, these heads have a fine-tuned design that will put more fish in the boat.

Strike King uses a patented barb design that keeps your bait secured and gives your presentation a better weight balance. This jig head also has the thinnest hook on the market while being strong enough to fight the biggest crappie.

We found the simple eye design does a phenomenal job attracting fish. The vibrant colors provide better visibility for unfavorable conditions, while the simple two-tone pattern doesn’t intimidate fish. This makes the Mr. Crappie Jig Head exceptionally versatile for all fishing conditions.

3. Crappie Pro Mo' Glo - Best Glowing Jig Head

4.6 Stars | 20 Angler Reviews

crappie pro mo' glo yellow glow-in-the-dark jig head

The Crappie Pro Mo’ Glo is the best glow-in-the-dark jig head ever made. This bait has a fluorescent coating that gives it an extra layer of visibility. With a sharp hook and durable construction, this jig head will easily land any bass or catfish you may accidentally catch.

This head is better than other glow-in-the-dark designs because the phosphorus vinyl lasts longer than other models. Whether Crappie Pro used a secret coating or a double-application process, Mo’ Glo heads glow longer than any other jig heads.

Color options include orange, yellow, pink, and white designs. This model is sold in 1/8, 1/16, and 1/24 ounce weights for all crappie fishing situations.

4. Charlie Brewer's Crappie Slider - Best Weedless Jig Head

4.6 Stars | 42 Angler Reviews

charlie brewer's crappie slider black weedless jig head

A weedless jig head will prevent hang-ups if you’re fishing along the shoreline around vegetation. Charlie Brewer's Crappie Slider Jig Head has a unique weedless design ideal for Texas rigging. This head is versatile, pairing well with grubs as small as 1”, up to 4” worms.

The head slides effortlessly through branches and grasses. While the bait doesn’t have a full weed guard, the jig head’s shape is enough to prevent snags. Several professional anglers have used this exact model to set state crappie records.

This jig head comes in orange, black, and yellow color options. Sizes include 1/8, 1/16, and 1/32 designs.

5. Quikset Weedless Crappie Jighead - Highest Ratings

4.9 Stars | 11 Angler Reviews

unpainted quikset weedless crappie fishing jighead red hook

The crappie with the highest angler ratings also has a built-in weed guard. Quikset’s Weedless Crappie Jighead has a flexible, fiber weed guard that prevents the jig from snagging on cover. This design is necessary to fish thick grasses and areas with dense vegetation.

A prominent barb keeps your bait secured and balances out the head's weight. While this model has no color options, the hook is coated in red paint for added visibility. This red hook has been proven to trigger a natural feeding response from crappie because it makes your presentation appear injured.

Since this jig head is designed for dense vegetation, the hook is exceptionally strong and sharp. Quikset didn’t need to feature a flexible hook because there’s little chance of getting snagged.


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